Paragon of Sin

Chapter 73: Cai Dus Estate

The young girl was shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s arrival. When he descended, revealing himself in a black martial outfit, his well-toned body, abnormally handsome countenance, and unfathomable aura was all alluring and attractive. She was merely a young girl still experiencing the blossom of springtime, so her heart went aflutter.

Wei Wuyin ignored her as she swooned on the side. Instead, he talked to Su Mei. ”Then, we ’ll help. It ’s only a small matter. ” To him, a Godlord, what was a Mortal God? It was like comparing a noble to peasants. His confidence only inflated rightfully so because even while he was at the Fifth Stage of Qi Condensation, he had killed two Mortal Gods.

To the current him, they were truly inconsequential.

Su Mei felt her heart warm as she knew that Wei Wuyin was only willing to help because she wanted to. When she was young, her life was calm and peaceful until an envoy of the Scarlet Solaris Sect arrived in her town. He was merely an outer disciple, but that enough exceeded her horizon.

He arrived like a dashing prince, and snatched her away against her will with strength, forcing her to be a part of his harem. This was her story. It was only when Wei Wuyin arrived that she regained a sense of herself, but her moral compass was biased towards those who snatched young girls.

This was why she couldn ’t hold herself back to kill and save this young girl, projecting herself to her. It was unfortunate that she unintentionally foiled her plan, but she wasn ’t idiotic enough to fight against a Mortal God.

If Wei Wuyin offered to help, then the matter was settled. In fact, a single wave of his hand could kill Cai Du with ease. She knew he was a legitimate Godlord, one with enough power to force one of the five grand sects to acquiesce.

Wei Wuyin nodded, turning to the young girl and asked, ”What ’s your name? ”

Startled, the young girl was pulled out of her fantasies as she blushed for a moment. She was a stark difference to the cold-hearted girl that stabbed a dagger into a man ’s eye and exploded his head without a hint of hesitation. Now, she seemed like a vulnerable girl that was flustered by a crush. This image was too different.

She blushingly said, ”Ming Li. ”

”Ming Li, Su Mei will take Bai Lin with you to save your sister. This can be considered making up for spoiling your plans. It was us who meddled, so we ’ll correct it. ” Wei Wuyin calmly stated.

Su Mei was taken aback for a moment. She glanced at Bai Lin. She didn ’t expect Wei Wuyin would give her Bai Lin and tell her to handle this matter. However, when she recalled that fiery beam of golden light that penetrated God Lei ’s chest without being able to respond, she nodded.

”What? ” Ming Li was confused. But before she could ask any questions, Wei Wuyin retrieved an orb of white mist from his storage ring and sent it towards Ming Li. It started to rapidly morph into a bracelet that wrapped tightly around her right wrist.

Then, Wei Wuyin abruptly vanished. Only his lingering voice remained, ”I still have some matters to handle, so I ’ll leave this to you. ”

”… ” Ming Li was baffled. He arrived and left just like that. She couldn ’t even say more than her name to him. Furthermore, she couldn ’t take off this wrist bracelet. Who knew what this was?

Su Mei wasn ’t as affected. She walked to Bai Lin who made small sounds of acceptance. In fact, her eyes flashed with a fierce intent. Her desire to exert her newfound power was filling her heart and she needed a vent.

”Let ’s go and save your sister, ” Su Mei said to Ming Li as she got on Bai Lin ’s broad back. Ming Li still wasn ’t sure what had happened, but she was still smart. Why would she arrive at Cai Du ’s estate at these people ’s urgings? The experts in that estate were powerful, rivaling a second-rate sect. Not only was their Cai Du a Mortal God level expert, but he definitely had Fourth Phase experts protecting it.

This was why she wanted to insert herself in under a false premise to find her sister. Openingly engaging was a suicidal act. Even though Su Mei was unwilling to help before and had decided to now, she wasn ’t a fool to simply join someone on a mission she believed to be reckless without a solid plan going forward.

Su Mei frowned. ”I ’m willing to help you save your sister, and Lord Wei has already said what needed to be said. If you don ’t want our help, then I ’ll leave. ” She didn ’t want to waste time on nonsense. Sometimes, being too cautious and intelligent can cause one to lose opportunities.

If she didn ’t want their help, then she would retreat and let her fate be her fate.

Ming Li bit her lower lip. She was unsure if she should accept their help, but she didn ’t have any real choice? At the moment, they were her only option without having to wait for who knew how long. However, she still didn ’t want to risk her life and place it into other people ’s hands without assurances.

”I ’m not saying I don ’t want your help, but I don ’t trust you. Or him, ” she brandished the white bracelet that Wei Wuyin placed on her. ”I don ’t know what this does, nor do I know whether you guys can fight Cai Du or his goons. If something happened and I lost my life, am I supposed to weep with grievance in hell? ” Ming Li had always been a straight forward girl, and she pointed out her honest feelings.

Su Mei calmly said, ”Lord Wei is the Saber Ascendant, a Godlord. That bracelet he gave you is your greatest assurance. ”

”…! ” Ming Li ’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief. ”G-Godlord? ” What was a Godlord? A figure that stood at an incredible height in the continent as an indisputable powerhouse. They ’ve transcended the status of simply Mortal Gods, but reached a point where they towered over all Mortal Gods.

To hear that man, that incredibly handsome and young-looking man, was a figure of literal legend caused her heart to throb. In a country of innumerable people, only nineteen Godlords existed in Wu Country.

”Are you coming or not? ” Su Mei asked once more.

Ming Li bit her soft, pink lips in thought. She didn ’t know if she should believe Su Mei, but considering how she was unwilling to face Cai Du before but fully willing the moment Wei Wuyin arrived, she had to take this risk…she just had to pray it wouldn ’t cost her everything.

She walked towards Bai Lin and said, ”Okay! ”


The Cai Du Estate was a location within the Jade Lotus Domain with an area of two hundred kilometers of territory. It was wide and expansive, being more so a small city or fortress than a normal estate. The citizens of the Jade Lotus Domain regarded it as a sturdy safe haven and renowned as being protected by a Mortal God.

However, it had a dark reputation amidst its good name and that was due to sex trafficking. It was whispered in corners and shadows that Cai Du, the Waterfall Savage God, was an underworld boss that had many illegal dealings that went against the Jade Lotus Sect ’s laws. Yet, because of the severe lack of evidence, and likely for more nefarious reasons, the Cai Du Estate was never held accountable.

Without charges being levied against them by the authority of the domain, the members of the estate continued to act as they wished. Young daughters, strapping young lads, and beautiful wives were often reported to have gone missing and later sold.

In the Cai Du Estate, in a grand hall of the central palace, Cai Du was seated on a throne. He had greying temples with his slicked-back black hair, a wickedly handsome visage, a strong physical body and presence, all while towering nearly six feet and six inches.

Before him was a series of men and women of all sorts of ages. They were respectful and orderly before Cai Du.

A young man, no more than twenty years old, had a striking resemblance to Cai Du and wore a calm, confident smile. He stood at Cai Du ’s right and regarded the men and women before him with his nose slightly upwards.

He was Cai Jin, Cai Du ’s youngest and most talented son. Despite being nineteen this year, he had already reached the initial-stages of the Elemental Birth Phase, birthing only fire qi. Only when one births all four base elemental qi—Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire—can one be considered to truly enter the Elemental Birth Phase.

However, this level of cultivation already exceeded a vast majority of youths, revealing his outstanding natural talent. He was likely on par with Wu Chen, a child of a Godlord.

”Father, ” Cai Jin spoke, interrupting the previous speaker.

Cai Du didn ’t find fault with his interruption as he looked at this prideful gem of his. ”Yes, son? ”

Cai Jin then proceeded to smile as he talked about the topics on his mind, such as how to handle clan affairs. Their current meeting was an annual clan meeting to determine resources and all sorts of important matters, so he didn ’t hesitate to involve himself.

However, when he spoke, the expressions of many within the audience, especially those affected by his suggestions had ugly expressions. However, they didn ’t dare reveal it for too long and stifled it behind a passive expression.

”Fine, we ’ll do as you say. ” Cai Du clearly doted on this son of his, giving him free reign over clan decisions. As he was groomed to be the next Estate Master and Clan Lord of the Cai Clan, it was fine to allow him to exert some authority early, especially since he showed initiative.

”Dismissed. ” Cai Du waved his hand after and everyone, whether willing or not, left.

Cai Jin smiled with pure arrogance, ”Thank you, father. ” He bowed with the utmost respect.

Cai Du waved him off with a smile, ”It is yours anyhow. What if I let you enjoy it a few years early? Go, I need to rest. ”

”Yes, father. ” He bowed once more before leaving, excitement and confidence written all over his smile. Cai Jin had it all, and in the future, he ’ll have more. When he recalled the young beauties waiting for him in his bed, and another beauty about to be delivered to his lap, he couldn ’t help but feel even more smug.

Women, wealth, status, power, talent, and backing. Did he truly lack any?

Just as he was about to return to his home, a piercing avian cry resounded in the sky above the estate.


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