Paragon of Sin

Chapter 75: Rage

If the rumor was true, wasn ’t history repeating itself? If so, was his life in danger? Normally, he would form some heart to resist, but against a Godlord, an Eighth Phase expert, he had no confidence or hope. They were literal lords of Mortal Gods.

Even with his Qi Array, he was merely waiting for death. Furthermore, the Jade Lotus Sect would not interfere. Since he had already paid a visit to the sect, the sect that he lived under, how could they intervene and offend a Godlord for him?

He had an uneasy feeling in his heart.

Ming Li could see the various shifts in emotions within Cai Du ’s heart. This also placed her heart in a state of unease and fear. Could something had happened to her sister? However, considering they hadn ’t even mentioned how she looked or her name, how could Cai Du know?

Su Mei didn ’t care. The oppression from the spiritual formation was fierce and she still had to maintain her mental concentration to even regulate her breathing or else she might already be laying flat, covered in sweat, and heaving.

”Cancel your formation! ” She demanded. This was incredibly uncomfortable, so she shouted with power.

Cai Du ’s eyes narrowed. He was still a Mortal God and to be shouted by an insignificant and weak woman caused his eyes to flashed with anger. He had reigned for two hundred years as a Mortal God, so when had he ever been demanded of in such a way?

If it wasn ’t for his apprehension against this mysterious Godlord Wei, he would ’ve taught her a lesson she would never forget, in mind, soul, and definitely body. The name Waterfall Savage God was not for show.

However, he calmed his ego and waved his hand. The spiritual formation was slowly shut down, but very slowly. He wanted the discomfort to last a little bit longer.

Su Mei felt the crushing pressure on her spirit reduce itself gradually and felt relieved. Even if it was a slow release, it was better than withstanding the crushing pressure, so she didn ’t have any qualms with this.

After a while, when the pressure vanished, Su Mei regained her calm composure. She signaled Ming Li to speak.

Ming Li gathered her courage, ”God Cai, my sister was brought here three years ago. She ’s sixteen this year, and her name is Ming Yi. ” Shockingly, this information caused Su Mei to understand some things.

Ming Li and Ming Yi were likely twins, both with the life signature of sixteen years. However, if so, then Cai Du ’s eyes of ignorance meant he had little to do with her capture.

Cai Du frowned. Ming Yi? The name sounded familiar, but he couldn ’t recall. However, this made his heart throb even more. ”I ’ll… ”

However, before he could speak, a figure called for him with urgency and fear. ”Father! Help! ”

Cai Du snapped his head to the ground, seeing his son restrained by ropes of qi, carried in mid-air by a young man in black. He was stupendously handsome, even causing him to question his orientation, and had gorgeous silver eyes that seemed to carry the very essence of the spirit.

His eyes flashed with anger, his aura roiling as he instinctually readied himself to save his son. But, he didn ’t dare act recklessly as this person could likely kill his son before he could gather enough strength to attack.

”Lord Wei! ” Su Mei was startled by Wei Wuyin ’s appearance. However, something felt off when she saw him.

”Lord Wei? ” Cai Du ’s heart shook violently. Godlord Wei?!

When Ming Li saw Wei Wuyin, she unconsciously tried to rub her bracelet, but realized it was missing. Her shock was pulled away as she observed her wrist, baffled by how it vanished.

Wei Wuyin opened his mouth, but no words came out. This wasn ’t Wei Wuyin ’s true body, but his Avatar. It still hadn ’t grasped control over its vocal cords and lacked the ability of speech. So when he spoke, alien-like sounds emitted like the rumbling of thunder and sizzling of fire.

”…? ” Su Mei, Ming Li, Cai Jin, and Cai Du.

They were all taken aback by those odd sounds.

Realizing this, Wei Wuyin ’s avatar resorted to transmitting his voice through his qi, but when it reached their ears, it was like a booming drum, causing them all to cover their ears. Not just them, but everyone in ten miles.

Only then did he realize there were quite a few flaws when it came to this avatar. As it was a self-created art, with little to no reference, these were bound to happen. Unfortunately, this severely weakened its ability to communicate.

With a wave of its hand, the avatar jumped into the air while Cai Jin was in tow. He was exceptionally fast, arriving on Bai Lin in a blink.

Bai Lin cried in excitement. She knew that Wei Wuyin had an avatar. She had tested its limitations a little, so she wasn ’t startled. When it arrived, the avatar restrained Cai Jin ’s cultivation and threw him to Ming Li ’s feet.

It turned to Su Mei, and then to Ming Li. A flash of sympathy in his eyes. It had searched the entire estate and scoured Cai Jin ’s memories, and came upon a dark, devastating discovery. There was a hint of pity, but sometimes, wanting to save someone didn ’t mean they could be saved.

Cai Du was startled by Wei Wuyin ’s speed and oddity,so he restrained himself from recklessly attacking. That being said, he couldn ’t help but shout: ”What are you planning to do with my son!? ” He felt useless, and this was all he could do.

Ming Li looked at the wickedly handsome Cai Jin whose cultivation was sealed with confusion. Why did Wei Wuyin bring Cai Jin here? The feeling of unease was starting to grow in the depths of her heart.

Su Mei looked at Wei Wuyin, a frown on her face.

Wei Wuyin lifted his arms and used his two fingers to point at Su Mei and Ming Li ’s glabellas. A strand of Eden Qi that carried images, audio, and emotions was sent into their minds. These memories revealed the truth.


Cai Jin ’s Memories.

Three years ago, Cai Jin was still an up-and-coming cultivator who had yet to gain his father ’s recognition. However, he didn ’t care. He didn ’t have a good talent and despite being seventeen with resources, he still hadn ’t entered the Qi Condensation Realm.

As the son of a Mortal God, this was a disgrace.

One must know that Wei Wuyin, regarded as a talent, had reached the Qi Condensation Realm before seventeen years, even without the support of a Mortal God.

Because of his lack of talent yet possession of a high status, he started to indulge himself in drink and women. During this, he started to even pluck young women off the streets using his allowance to buy thugs.

They were criminals without any qualms of kidnapping. With his luck, he came across a young woman. Those who took her to please him had soon discovered that she had a unique physique: the Core Essence Physique.

It was a unique physique like the three-point Yin Physique. Those who possessed this physique could absorb the essence of heaven and earth about five to ten times faster than average. This was an ungodly useful ability, capable of turning a single day of cultivation into five or ten.

A single year can equate to ten years of cultivation.

While there was still a need for comprehension, it was minor in the Qi Condensation Realm, also known as the Realm of Accumulation.

When he discovered this, Cai Jin had done everything he could to acquire this talent. And there wasn ’t one. Well, not really. His cultivation or ability wasn ’t at the level where he could steal someone ’s physique.

As for dual cultivation, this still required the woman to be stronger or as strong for any tangible benefits. And that was a deadly line to risk when forcing yourself on someone.

However, a shady doctor had advised him of a solution. He was told to use a one-sided dark art, often used by Evil Cultivators. This art would slowly devour her physical, mental, spiritual energies, lifeforce, and cultivation base until they were refined into his own. With that, he would be able to obtain what was hers. While it might not be everything, it would be enough to gain a weaker version of her Core Essence Physique.

He took this option without a trace of hesitation in his heart.

Slowly, the young woman was forced again and again, and every time, a piece of her everything was painfully taken.

No matter how she cried.

No matter how she begged.

Or who she called for in her agony.

Cai Jin ruthlessly took everything. And when he was done, her corpse was casually tossed into a furnace and turned into ash, forgotten and alone.

Cai Jin ’s rise was now as his cultivation speed tripled, and he became regarded as a talent and given his father ’s love.

He later learned that she had a twin sister and sent his trained goons after her. The moment she was brought to him, she would be crippled and slowly help propel his talent even further, maybe even giving him the full Core Essence Physique.

He was waiting with wet lips and a fiery heart, waiting for that twin beauty to arrive on his doorsteps.


Su Mei ’s face blanched. An untold sadness leaked from her pupils, ”She was only thirteen… ”

Ming Li ’s reaction was even greater. Her tears fell endlessly as her entire body shivered in despair. She saw her sister repeatedly taken and even calling her name. How heartbreaking was this?

The cultivation world was truly too cruel.

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