Paragon of Sin

Chapter 785 - Shocking Discovery

gave a wry smile and then vanished in a flash of golden light. 

Not too far away from this, two figures shimmered into existence after a translucent veil of crystalline design was torn away. One of them was a veiled woman garbed in silver-colored robes with a glistening crescent moon necklace hanging around her neck. She had a lithe and willowy figure, yet carried a proud and high-lifted twin peaks. 

The other was an extremely handsome and regal figure dressed in white imperial robes that had numerous stars of various colors on its surface. He had a smooth face, sharp chin, and sword-like eyebrows, and atop his head was a partial crown that hoisted an amethyst gem at its center.

”He ’s not one of yours? ” The handsome man asked with a raised eyebrow. 

”No, ” the woman ’s voice was extremely indifferent, as if emotions had been siphoned thoroughly from existence. It would instill a sense of discomfort in anyone ’s heart.

The handsome man rubbed his chin contemplatively for a moment before asking, ”Don ’t want to find out his origins? ” 

”… ” The woman didn ’t respond, her thoughts unfathomable. 

The handsome man gave a faint smile, ”If he ’s not yours, then why did he arrive with your sect ’s Rainbow Bridge? ” Clearly, there was a wisp of disbelief in his tone. 

”…I ’ll be sure to find out. ” The woman said, her voice carrying a hint of coldness within, causing a glacial sensation to permeate throughout space. Then, she just vanished without warning. 

The handsome man rubbed his chin some more, unbothered by the woman ’s disappearance. He murmured: ”Not theirs, not Trueborn ’s, and not ours. That strange Soul of Mysticism expert, and now this even stranger Earthly Saint. Could it really be? Has he sent his descendant here… ” A figure emerged in his thoughts and his expression instantly became sullen. A long time passed before he shook his head, regaining his faint smile and regal disposition. 

He vanished in a burst of starry lights.


Within the Ninestar Starfield, the Soul Rising Domain. 

A large Voidship docked in the Dark Void, concealed by a quasi-mystic array. At the edge of this array, a figure rode atop a phoenix. They floated calmly through the Dark Void, just staying in close proximity to the Voidship. 

This was none other than the Vanishing Colossus, Wei Wuyin, and Bai Lin. 

”He ’s dissipated, ” Wei Wuyin frowningly said through mental transmissions. When they left, the Legion Commander had only four minutes remaining to stay manifested. The issue wasn ’t a matter of refueling, because supposedly, his essential soul power had been expended fighting three Earthly Saints.

This type of injury required Soul Light to restore, the Legion Commander couldn ’t be summoned until it was replenished. In truth, this was mostly Wei Wuyin ’s personal fault. The body that the Legion Commander ’s War Soul possessed was manifested from his energies and astral forces, but this restricted his power severely. According to the Legion Commander, he could only muster roughly three percent of his true power. But to fight against three Earthly Saints, he was essentially forced to do the equivalent of igniting one ’s Mystic Soul. 

So he was left with no choice but to depart. Wei Wuyin had him silently drop them off near the Vanishing Colossus while escaping out of the boundary of the Ninestar Starfield to give the impression of their departure. In truth, the Legion Commander had spontaneously reappeared within the Nexus War Flag after dissipating, but its star was extremely dim. 

”This should give us some room to breathe, ” Wei Wuyin judged. Bai Lin agreed with a nod. ”But to think that Trueborn ’s Earthly Saints were truly waiting. And two of them got away! ” 

The Legion Commander had killed one, but the other two were skilled in spatial arts and departed with terrified haste after his aura reached a temporary height with the usage of his essential soul power. One of them directly left through a unique Spatial Shifting shuttle, and the other could only escape by using a backdoor in their Shell World and fleeting into the outside world. 

The last was essentially trapped and didn ’t hold back fighting for his life, so the Legion Commander was left with no choice but to end his life. Still, the man self-detonated, attempting to escape with his Mystic Soul. He inevitably failed, but not before releasing one last-ditch attempt to bring the Legion Commander with him. 

If he had the means, Wei Wuyin would ’ve loved to capture one of them alive. If he could find out the locations of other Shadow Eggs…

But these were genuine Earthly Saints. Killing them was far easier than capturing them without a vast difference in strength. 

”Haaa, ” Wei Wuyin softly sighed. It is what it is. He could only hope that this event was enough to afford him some hesitation when he made his true appearance on his own terms. 

”Let ’s go. ” Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin used a command talisman to produce an opening in the defensive and concealment formations on the Vanishing Colossus.. The two entered without incident.

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