Paragon of Sin

Chapter 787 - Continued Developments

outes, news of various treasures, and even corruption reports of certain Hallmasters of the Ninestar Sainthall.

These individuals didn ’t hesitate to spread this information for guaranteed profit. Fortunately, their price was remarkably low for an alchemist of his caliber. Due to needing to fund this, he was left with no choice but to concoct sixth-grade products. Fortunately, without his eyes, or even his spiritual sense, he could concoct these products with remarkable ease using merely his memory of previous concoctions. This alleviated the worries about his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity situation and reinforced his self-confidence as an Alchemist.

This, however, was only the beginning. His network was merely at the lowest level of the Ninestar Sainthall, limited to the Soul Rising Domain. He needed to begin recruiting others not captured, lured by benefits, cowed with power, and loyal to profit. And then, he would branch out with time.

”Good work, ” Wei Wuyin complimented Shao Yi, who responded with a faint blush but kept an upright and stable stance. While Wei Wuyin was effectively blind through his eyes, she acted formally and properly towards her Captain.

”How ’s the cultivation of the crew coming along? ” Wei Wuyin shifted topics. Shao Yi ’s eyes brightened as she proceeded to excitedly relay the heavy changes on the Vanishing Colossus. In just the eight months since Wei Wuyin had taken over, thirty-two thousand Astral Core Realm cultivators had been born. The easy to refine and premium alchemical products of the sixth-grade had brought about this change.

Moreover, three new Spatial Resonance cultivators had risen. Two of which were at the seventh-ripple while the last had reached the eighth-ripple, shocking everyone on board as they held brief celebrations to commemorate their advancement. After all, the average spatial resonance of rogue cultivators like them was roughly fifth-ripple. In the declining Everlore Starfield, reaching sixth-ripple was the utmost limit even with the full support of an Emperor Alchemist and a Hegemonic Force ’s resources, so this was absolutely incredible.

Wei Wuyin listened to every detail, including the names of the crew and their advancements, nodding from time to time with a contemplative frown. Cultivation was difficult, so this growth was astonishing in a short period of time, especially with such a division of resources and lacking of a personally curated cultivation path.

After listening to all of it, Wei Wuyin dismissed Shao Yi while instructing her to pick a seventh-grade product within the vaulted storage and refine it. This was a benefit to a job well-done. She was jubilant as she thanked Wei Wuyin and departed, but as she left, a hint of disappointment emerged in her eyes as she looked back at the closed door. 

It seemed Wei Wuyin had no interest in her…

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t ignorant of Shao Yi ’s thoughts, but his mind was focused on more pressing issues. After a series of calculations, Wei Wuyin sighed. He hadn ’t realized how absurdly difficult it was to restore Primary Soul Light. He never came across a product that could do such a thing, so he had to refine light energies and have them properly refined through his Astral Souls. This was a tedious process and required enormous time.

The Legion Commander had used his essential soul power, so he ’d need several times more Soul Light than originally needed to refine the Nexus War Flag to 1%. The essential soul power was at a complete state when he obtained the War Talisman, therefore there was no need to invest any Soul Light within it. But after it was used, it needed to be brought to a complete state, or the Legion Commander couldn ’t be brought out.

This refinement process was already going to take a long time, but with this setback, the process will take an even longer time. This process would be inconsequential if he acquired a pill recipe that could rapidly restore Primary Light Source, but he didn ’t. 

”Seems like I absolutely must visit an alchemy organization soon, ” Wei Wuyin remarked wistfully. The other alternative was using his connections with the Golden Life Pavilion, but Wu Yu had already informed him that many concoction methods were guarded intellectual properties of certain Alchemist Associations. This was a wildly different practice than the Alchemist Association ’s freedom of information exchange in the Everlore Starfield. No individual force kept their concoction methods to themselves there, and even the King of Everlore ’s legacy was spread freely. 

In the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, the King of Everlore ’s legacy, alchemical methods, and various product recipes was kept in the Everlore Association, such as the Seven World Wonders of Everlore. The only exceptions might be the Sky Zenith Saint Alchemist who was rumored to be the King of Everlore ’s disciple. However, some of his product recipes during his up-and-coming phase were publicly available. Unfortunately, this didn ’t include the secrets of the Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality.

Wei Wuyin soon calculated through his plans once again and settled on his path. 

Several hours later, Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin were flying to the edge of the Ninestar Starfield on a new white-colored, small-sized Voidship with grey stripes that Shao Yi had purchased on his command. It was focused on flight speed, being faster than the average Starlord. 

When they reached the edge of the starfield, they exited the boundary and a Void Portal manifested itself before them. They zipped into it with remarkable quickness and it closed just as swiftly. 

Shortly after their departure, a lithe and proud figure shimmered into existence at the edge of the Ninestar Starfield in a glow of silver light. It was none other than the veiled woman who observed the clash between Trueborn and the Legion Commander!

”…. ” She was silent for a long moment, and then she muttered a series of unintelligible words as she gently touched the crescent moon necklace around her neck.

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