Paragon of Sin

Chapter 800 - Ascended Chosen!

the conversation. It only exploded with several individuals on the Immortal Saintess Ranking announced only marrying or becoming Dao Companions with Ascended Chosen!

If Yue Songli could do it, why not them?!

Chaos reigned for several days before the Everlore Association announced the joint collaboration of all twenty-two starfields, excluding the chaotic region of the Ravenous Edge Starfield, and their elite Earthly Saints. A summit would be held to decide on the requirements to become an Ascended Chosen.

Furthermore, due to the long time since the standards for Chosen cultivators had been decided, they would decide if the current Chosen standard should be elevated! If it was lowering the standard, few would agree, but if it revolved around elevating the standards set by the King of Everlore, few thought it was unwarranted!

And there was a single reason why: the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill!

This had shattered the conventional limits of cultivators, and Ma Luling, a former prospective Chosen, now genuine Chosen, had advanced three stages in five years while possessing a Worldly Domain.

There was a practice session held publicly by the Ma Clan to display the potential of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, and she completely destroyed the Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation with embarrassing ease. And she wasnt the only one.

Those talented prospective Chosens amongst the Ninestar Starfield began to display eerie levels of differences to their earlier counterparts. In fact, a recently promoted Chosen of the Ninestar Starfield had crushed several Gravity Emission Phase Chosens due to his Worldly Domain. The standard needed to be changed, no one questioned this.

Some even suspected that Yue Songlis banquet was a collaboratively designed effort by Earthly Saints to introduce the idea of a higher standard of Chosen to the masses, feeling out public feedback towards the idea of changing a legacy of a legendary figure. After all, if the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill was popularized and became essential to all Chosen candidates, then the limits of cultivators would be elevated. Before, reaching the Starlord Phase before five hundred years old was unthinkable.

The three upper-Astral Core Realm tribulations for the Realm World Phase, Temporal Eye Phase, and Star Core Phase were all extremely lethal. The success rate for these were abysmal, and while prospective Chosens rarely failed these three tribulations and lost their lives, this was based on their endless preparation using the entirety of their five to seven hundred years of cultivation time available.

Those like Ma Luling not only had a guaranteed success of the Realm World Phase due to their genuine Worldly Domain, unlike the Ever-Domain Pills faux Worldly Domain, they had more time to cultivate and higher cultivation speeds due their Worldly Domains control of ambient energies. This increased their chances of reaching the Mystic Ascendant Realm, having more time to refine Mystic Essence, develop their Mystic Rune Seeds, and then comprehend the secrets of these seeds to ascend.

It was unfair.

The disparity of foundation would only increase.

The summit for discussion was the largest event in the last millennia, even exceeding the Golden Auctions of the Golden Life Pavilion! The anticipation for the renewed changes was high!

Unfortunately, those past Chosen could only weep as their statuses were threatened. With it, the resources, protection, and reputation they enjoyed.


While the world was twisted into an unexpected frenzy, Wei Wuyin, Wen Mingna, and Wu Yu were standing around in a circle, inspecting a floating vial of liquid with solemn and serious expressions.

“Are you sure?” Wu Yu asked skeptically.

Wen Mingna nodded heavily, “I am.”

Wu Yu glanced at Wei Wuyins closed-eyed, furrowed brow, and tensed lipped facial expression. The signs of intense thinking were clear. After a long moment, he looked at the vial of World Genesis Elixir with a wisp of abnormal excitement within his eyes.

Wei Wuyin heaved a sigh, easing his expression soon after. “I didnt expect its quality to be elevated, but thats fine. Refine this, when youre confident in your Third Ascension, go for it.”

The Eighth Source Transcendence Spell had invoked an unexpected change. The high-quality Mystic-Earth grade World Genesis Elixir had evolved into peak-quality! The mystic runes within the elixir had changed somehow, and according to Wen Mingna, it had become peak-quality.

While this was Wei Wuyins intentions for the spell, it was his first attempt, an initial experiment, and he already found a few issues with it that could be improved, yet it could advance a Mystic-Earth product to a higher quality already! This was unbelievable! If word of this got out, who knew how many Alchemists would kill for it.

That being said, there was a hefty cost.

The Utmost Purity Mist Domain of his had lost eight meters in size, dropping from sixty-five to fifty-seven meters. This might not seem like much, but each meter was the result of ten thousand successful concoctions of seventh-grade or higher products, at minimum! The requirement only grew more dreadful as it expanded.

“But it should be worth it,” Wei Wuyin inwardly commented as he considered ways to lessen the cost, increase the effectiveness, and made plans to test this on Ninth-Grade alchemical products. He just hoped the ease of refinement was enhanced. After all, that was his main purpose.

Wu Yu happily nodded with a few words of thanks before grabbing the vial and vanishing. He was going to seclude himself somewhere on the planet, refine this product without issue. After seeing the elixir quality increase, he had belief in Wei Wuyins one year deadline.

Wen Mingna blinked, staring at Wei Wuyins handsome visage with an absentminded gaze. Others might not be aware of the significance of this, but she was. If the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill shook the earth, then this could shake the sky!

But the man in question was focused elsewhere, setting this spell aside due to its hefty cost. “I think its time to see how effective these War Souls are.”


A faint saber howl resounded with excitement.

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