Paragon of Sin

Chapter 816 - Wu Yus Legacy

te the blatant disrespect, saying: “Both of your proposals are rather interesting. How about you give us some time to think it through?”

Earlier, the two Highlords, under the orders of their respective Saints, had come with a wager of sorts. These two Chosen were extraordinary talents and had a high chance to successfully ascend during their generation, and Yue Songlis recent gathering had alluded to her lack of interest towards members of her generation.

They devised a strategy by bringing potential talents to serve as eventual partners to Yue Songli, offering tremendous resources to the Worldbreaker Lordhall to establish a simple wager. If either of these young talents reached the Soul of Mysticism Phase before a certain age, theyd marry, binding their halls in marriage.

Even before that, however, the two Sainthalls would give these resources to them. If the juniors failed to ascend within the timeframe, then Yue Songli and the Worldbreaker Lordhall would have no obligation to return those resources. From a certain perspective, this was a risk they were taking. Even Chosen, top-tier Chosen, werent absolutely certain to advance successfully, let alone at a certain age.

These types of arrangements would typically occur if the Ascended female lacked suitable suitors in their generation or sought someone with greater talent.

“Weve given you enough time, no? What is left to consider?” Highlord Crimsonfist was visibly annoyed by these stalling tactics.

“I agree with that sentiment; what is there left to consider? Do you wish for more resources? A more binding oath? Tell us. We can move on after that,” Highlord Cascadingwaves dryly said.

Yue Songlis attention was brought back to the table, glancing at the two shy youths that were nearly four hundred years of age. Their auras were abundant and rich, clearly given high-level cultivation methods and resources to supplement them. They were top-tier in their generation, definitely not lacking in comprehension.

Yue Songli couldnt help but comment, “In a hundred years, wouldnt these two become outdated relics?”

Those words caused the two youths to be rattled, their heads lifted, and they stared at Yue Songli. A defiant light in their eyes, unified by the confidence in their talent and willpower.

Yue Songli, however, didnt believe it.

Highlord Cascadingwave frowned slightly, “Their talents are slightly higher than yours before. And those so-called new Chosen will not be decided by the merit of their hard work and results, but by who could purchase a single pill. You think thatll cause Feng Li to be outdated? Wouldnt you?” She unhesitatingly spoke her mind, clearly pricked by Yue Songlis words.

Yue Songlis eyes glinted as she gave Highlord Cascadingwaves a look.

Yue Lixiang spoke up at this moment, “Ill have to thank the two Soul Monarchs for taking the time to think highly enough of my daughter, but our family is not fated for such an arrangement.”

Shockingly, the two Highlords werent bothered by the rejection. Highlord Crimsonfist sighingly commented, “You should reconsider your familys fate, Highlord Worldbreaker.”

Those words were thinly-veiled in meaning, and the Ascended beings at the table were well aware of it. Yue Songli had been captured by Trueborn. This detail couldnt be hidden from these Ascended beings with some means and channels of information.

In fact, the Trueborn mightve leaked this information themselves to reveal their intent to reclaim her. The Soul-Falling Saint and Soul-Rumbling Saints intentions were clear. They both wanted to provide protection to Yue Songli to ensure the Trueborn understood that doing so would directly offend a third of the Sainthalls of their Ninestar Starfield.

They might not even consider this proposal seriously, but if it panned out in their favor and united their halls, it would be a win for them.

Yet Yue Lixiang remained unaffected by her words, “Thank you for your concern for my familys fate, but Ill handle anything that comes.”

“…” The two Highlords just gave Yue Lixiang a stare filled with all sorts of emotions, like pity or disbelief. Unfortunately for them, Yue Lixiang remained adamant on her stance. They ate and discussed other topics, sharing some perfunctory conversation before the four began to leave.

When Highlord Cascadingwaves was about to leave, she sent a spiritual transmission to Yue Lixiang that caused her falsely cordial expression to crack.

Yue Lixiang, Yue Songli, and Song Yunhai remained. Song Yunhai couldnt help but ask: “Do you think rejecting them was the right idea? What if this leak was really Trueborns warning?” Song Yunhai was merely a Soul of Mysticism cultivator, and while he once rivaled Yue Lixiang as a Chosen of their generation, their potential was fully revealed after thousands of years as Ascended beings. He wasnt strong enough to protect them from the winds and rains like a man wanted for his family.

Yue Lixiang was silent for a long while, and then she looked at Yue Songli with a heavy expression. Her next words were spoken solemnly, “Do you have a way to contact him?”

“Him?” Song Yunhai was confused.

Yue Songlis heart jumped seeing her mother reveal such a foreboding facial expression, especially knowing that her mother had reached the Earthly Saint level. “Why?” She asked, beset by confusion and anxiety.

“I underestimated your importance to them,” Yue Lixiang directly admitted, her fists clenched tightly, causing her knuckles to become totally white.

Song Yunhai was still confused, but his expression paled considerably upon hearingthem mentioned.

“Contact him now,” Yue Lixiang urged.

Yue Songlis eyes widened as she hurriedly brought out Wei Wuyins spatial ring. A wisp of hesitation flowed through her eyes, causing her to glance at her mother who was no longer looking at her, but at the roof with a spiritual light effusing from her eyes. This caused her heart to tremble, and she brought out the spiritual crystal that Wei Wuyin instructed her to shatter if she needed help.

“Whats that?” Song Yunhai was ignorant of Yue Songlis rescuer, so when he saw the crystal, his eyes became somewhat strange.

Yue Songli hadnt told him under her mothers orders, but she no longer felt the need to hide it: “It is Wei Wuyins.”



The crystal exploded as she crushed it in her palm, releasing a dull, thrumming sound in the air.

When Song Yunhai heard that it was meant to call forth Wei Wuyin, this mysterious existence, his countenance unnaturally went pale as he recalled the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn, his heart quivering as he unconsciously reached out to stop his daughter. But it was too late.

“THE AUDACITY!” Yue Lixiang suddenly shouted angrily, explosively shooting upwards and vanishing amidst resplendent silver light.


The entire Shattered World Palace started to violently quake!

Yue Songlis body shivered without end, not due to the shaking of the palace but the rumbling caused by the force that she knew was here for her.


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