Paragon of Sin

Chapter 827: Stellar Nest Clash of Abnormal Mortals

s head reeled backward. The scene felt as if their head was going to be ripped off, but after a brief shake, they seemingly dispersed the force behind the fist and regained themselves. Wei Wuyin wasnt one to strike and wait, and he immediately followed up with a heavy left punch to the masked figures right abdomen. The period of recovery led to an inability to react.

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The masked figures body bent, and a gushing of forcefully exhaled air sounded.

Yet it wasnt finished; Wei Wuyins right arm had pulled back and was thrown out towards the face of the masked figure! This fist carried the momentum of both previous strikes, leading to a devastatingly powerful strike!

The fist connected mercilessly! The masked figures body was explosively sent backward, twisting from the force, and skidded across the ground in a similar yet more hectic manner as Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyins knees bent, and when he lifted them upwards, a deep, thunderous sound erupted. His body vanished as he moved at his fullest speed, incorporating his elemental lightning force! He became a streak of white lightning that arrived beside the masked figures hectic skidding. With a forceful stomp and unerring accuracy, Wei Wuyin aimed at the masked figures chest.


A draconic roar was unleashed in the air. Wei Wuyins bloodline began to grow abnormally active. Kratos was rousing from its slumber! The Stellar Rain retreated a few miles in all directions. Their sensitivity towards spiritual auras and strength was extremely evident by now. They had a distinct weakness towards it.


The stomp followed through perfectly, halting the rapid movement of the masked figures body, pressing him against the glass-like ground that carried a distinctive chill. Wei Wuyin harshly pressed his foot down; his bloodline energies, physical energies, and lightning origin forces were all active. As he stood upright, foot pressed downwards, he was engulfed by streaks of white lightning. From the sides of his eyes, his fingertips, to his entire body, white light was flowing beautifully. He bore a strong resemblance to a lightning divinity!

It was nothing but four moves, yet he dominated decisively. This was the result of Wei Wuyins cultivation, and he felt it course through him with all its might. He was about to spiritually seal this cultivator, intending to discover all their secrets through Edens powers.

“Huh, youre strong.” A voice, no longer androgynous but clearly from a male resounded.

Wei Wuyin focused his senses as he kept building up his spiritual force to launch a powerful sealing spiritual spell. He sensed that his strikes had damaged the masked figures concealment mask. There were cracks on it, resembling fractured porcelain. It could no longer hide their voice or their vocal inflections.

“But strength isnt everything,” the masked figure stated with a tone of absolute calmness, unbefitting of a defeated foe. Wei Wuyins mind stirred as a sensation of danger swelled within his heart. He didnt hesitate to unleash his accumulated spiritual force, letting it flow downwards to seal this cultivator!

The masked figure moved his palm with the smoothness of flowing water, touching Wei Wuyins achilles tendon with frightening speed. Out of Wei Wuyins control, the pulse of spiritual force halted, built, yet kept surging. It was as if Wei Wuyins leg was plugged!

Unable to react, his leg expanded several sizes with all his spiritual energy compounding in a single location, unable to find escape or release. His meridians and pathways were sealed! With a touch!

The masked figure then pressed lightly, and Wei Wuyin felt his spiritual flow get redirected. His leg kicked off in a different direction, the explosion of spiritual force had taken charge of his movements, and he was thrown off balance.

The masked figure performed a kip-up, instantly rising upright, and then with an open palm, smashed against his chest at the very center. Already thrown off balance, Wei Wuyin was unable to stop himself from being pushed back, unable to react due to trying to diffuse the ongoing growth of his leg and abrupt build-up of spiritual force. The timing was impeccable.

Wei Wuyin swiftly spun in mid-air, using this movement to disperse some momentum, regaining his bodily movement. But in the time it took for him to recover, the masked figure had already performed a total of ten extraordinarily fast hand-seals!

「Tenth World Origin Art: Nine Chains of Boundlessness」

The masked figures cloak shook, and nine chains of nine different colors spewed out of his body. They were twisted curb chains, and each chain reflected one of the nine elements: fire, earth, water, wind, metal, lightning, wood, magma, and ice.

They twisted and snaked, approaching Wei Wuyin at lightning speeds despite their respective elements. Nevertheless, they were too slow to ensnare Wei Wuyin. He intended to dodge with ease, but his body shook slightly.

‘A spiritual seal! Wei Wuyin hastily recalled that open palm strike from earlier, realizing that his opponent had discreetly placed a spiritual seal on his body. If delayed for a brief moment, those chains were bound to shackle him, inflicting all sorts of additional restrictions. They were clearly not ordinary, and they bore characteristics of armaments. He would be a complete fool to think they were just constructed of only astral force!

The seal erupted in a timely attempt to hinder his internalized spiritual flow, slowing his reaction and response slightly. Fortunately, his spiritual strength was abnormally vast and terrifyingly strong! In less than a fraction of a blink of an eye, he shattered the spiritual seal through a crushing infusion, dodging the chains with an explosive step that took him tens of meters away.

The chains twisted and slammed against his original location as if seeking to adhere themselves to his body. Several dull noises resounded with each impactful thud of chain meeting glass-like ground. Wei Wuyin returned his focus to the masked figure and the floating Astralis Ultimate Star that remained tethered to him. The figure, however, was still performing several hand-seals in rapid succession!

He wasnt done!

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