Paragon of Sin

Chapter 849: Clearing lt All Up

Chapter 848: Relieved

An emotionally-fueled embrace that no one expected occurred, leaving everyone speechless. Whether it was Han Yuhei, Zhang Ziyi, Lin Xianxian, or Lin Ming, they all were besieged by confusion. The only individual that had some inkling of an idea of this development and why it happened was Lin Xianxei, yet her heart was still taken by surprise. The facade of calmness of hers broke a little.

Si De was her caretaker assigned to her by the sect during her horrid and tortuous stay in the Traceless Regret Valley , and she had mentioned that she knew Wei Wuyin to some degree, but the extent of their relationship she was told was completely different than what she was witnessing. They seemed more like long-lost lovers reunited than just a trusted subordinate of his during the War Devil Realms Elementus Chosen Trial.

A corner of her upper lip twitched slightly.She lied to me? The thought stabbed inside her mind as she recalled their conversations they had in the Traceless Regret Valley.

As the Overseer of the Elementus Chosen Trial, she was aware of Si Des original position and responsibilities. She was essentially a byproduct of her masters design, meant to upkeep the principles and purpose of the Chosen Trial through her predecessors teachings. The so-called Divinities were merely his Elementus Knights masquerading as gods to instill the belief that foreign Chosen Candidates were like prophesied demi-gods selected by fate. They were meant to worship and heed their orders, helping them in their fights against the other Chosen Candidates.

Wei Wuyins involvement in the trial had minimized their need, dominating the competition during the Season of Regression and capitalizing on the political environment and sociological flaws, systematically developed mistrust and built up grievances to turn the world against those in power. Si De was awed by this, fascinated even. She spoke about Wei Wuyins actions, his stellar results and talented showing as a Holy Son, lauding his brilliance and dominating might along every step. When it was compared to what was told by Bai Yuxi, Lin Xianxei was deeply shaken by the utter shamelessness of Lin Ming and Bai Yuxi.

She didnt know how to react to all this, but she took Si Des view as biased to some degree and only believed some of it.

Regardless of how useful these religious groups were at the end of the Elementus Chosen Trial, they served their purpose and the True Element Sect refused to abandon the human race that they had left behind.

While the elves within the Four Extreme Continent were illegally brought into the World Realm, left to their own devices after, the humans were descendants of subordinates who followed the Divine King Han Xei. When the grand exodus of the Everlore Starfield was planned by the Everlore Association, the True Element Sect and Liu Clan had agreed to lend their Domains to these forced emigrants, and one of the conditions were to take the humans with the War Devil Realms aura as their own.

Si De had become a member of the True Element Sect, later taking the position as a Traceless Regret Valley caretaker. As a fellow female, a Timelord, and having no relations with any of the three factions, she was most suitable to be trusted with taking care of the Saintess.

However, Lin Xianxei felt conflicted. Why? Because Si Des detailed tellings of Wei Wuyins nature and meticulousness had given her the confidence to manufacture the rumor. It had worked; she was released from the Traceless Regret Valley and Lin Ming was enjoying various benefits that he otherwise wouldve been blocked from. When she told Si De about her plan, seeing how viable it was, the blind woman happily reinforced it, even helping her refine some of the finer details and sending out word to her mother.

When she saw how Si De clutched at Wei Wuyin, hugging him so tightly, she realized that she mightve been used. No, she was definitely used by this woman. The fact she asked to remain as a caretaker, stayed by her side this entire time, and kept watch reeked of a conniving plan.Did she do this to get Wei Wuyins attention, bringing him to the True Element Sect to address it?

Lin Xianxeis thoughts were right; Si De had used her as a lighthouse. Wei Wuyin was clearly avoiding the True Element Sect, hiding from the rest of the world, but if his reputation was being harmed by possible rumors of being turned into a cuckold, he would certainly arrive to address it. There wasnt a single man in existence who could accept such rumors circulating. Even if it suited their tastes, they didnt wish for it to be known to the world.

While Lin Xianxei was making this connection, Wei Wuyin was feeling greatly relieved while holding Si De. When Wu Yu had given him updates on all the various Ascendants and those he left rings for, the native humans of the War Devil Realm were unknown. He had grossly miscalculated, believing that the War Devil Realms humans and elves would remain together, so he designated the spatial ring for Ai Yin. The worlds belief that the Elven Race were considered as lesser beings, isolated mostly to a single area of the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, he couldnt have predicted any of it.

The vast majority of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Regions population were humans, and 99.9% of their top-tier experts were human. Beastmen were almost non-existent from their populace and Demons didnt have a stage to grow, discriminated against due to their toxic emissions of Demonic Essence that were incredibly harmful to humans. The elves were the only intelligent race that had a home, and they were protected by the Everlore Association, unable to escape the shackles of theirlesser race title as no genuine Ascended being had risen from them since their arrival.

Si Des confirmed safety had lifted a heavy boulder of worry off Wei Wuyins chest. She hadnt been killed or worse. The cultivators of the War Devil Realm might have a high cultivation base, but their standards were incredibly low. They were third-rate at best, and Si De hadnt received the resources he left behind for her, so her situation was precarious. She couldve been schemed against, killed, or isolated due to her religious beliefs.

The most harrowing possibility for her fate was being held by a Shadow Egg somewhere, abused or left decaying in some dark, damp, and dreadful cage.

“Holy Son…” Si De softly muttered. The Grand Priestess of the Desolate Lands was indoctrinated to believe in the Divinities and the Holy Children, their destined arrivals, and their destined excellence. She was tasked by her ancestors to fight and protect the Holy Child to their ascension, but she wasnt actually supposed to get directly involved with them. While there was indeed a portion of their temple that was dedicated to nurturing beautiful women and talented men to help continue the Holy Childs bloodline, she wasnt meant to be one of them.

Yet she still was drawn into Wei Wuyins orbit, becoming not just his Grand Priestess but his woman in every manner of speaking. He was her first and only. The nights they spent together had trimmed that barrier of Grand Priestess and Holy Son, becoming something more. When the grand exodus of trillions happened, she was absolutely baffled by it all. She felt lost after learning that her religion was based on experts, not true gods, and the entire thing was merely a trial designed to choose a Chosen of a sect.

It shattered her worldview for a long, long time. She had volunteered to be isolated, entering the Traceless Regret Valley to avoid associating with all these foreign beings with different principles, cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

But Wei Wuyins brilliance hadnt fallen; he was still her Holy Son, destined for excellence. He was her beacon of normality, a sign that her lifetime wasnt a lie. So holding him, hearing the powerful heartbeat that she often slept to, she felt assured of her lifes purpose.

“I-Im sorry, I-” Si De wanted to tell Wei Wuyin about how she helped propagate the rumor, selfishly trying to lure him to her. The vastness of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region and the continuous news of his elusiveness left her helpless. If those Ascended beings who were like gods were unable to find him, how could she?

“Its okay,” Wei Wuyin didnt know what she wanted to tell him, but her guilt leaked through every syllable, so he simply comforted him. In a way, whatever she wanted to say, it was all his fault to begin with. His limited time led to this. Unlike the rest of his lovers, she hadnt heard his letter. Considering her beliefs and personality, brought to an entirely different world with different sets of rules, it mustve been incredibly difficult without any assurances.

That letter contained the truth of her world and all sorts of words to help her and those from the Desolate Lands Temple transition, but it had never reached her, left with Ai Yin.

Han Yuhei decided to interrupt, “Who is she to you?”

“Someone important,” Wei Wuyin answered without looking at him. He revealed a warm smile, bringing Si De over to Bai Lin. The phoenix cocked her head to the side as she observed Si De, seeing her eyes that seemed without focus or light. She was new.

“This is Bai Lin, my partner in the sky. Bai Lin, this is Si De, shes the Grand Priestess of the Desolate Lands. She helped me in the Four Extreme Continent,” Wei Wuyin introduced openly. The others were shocked by this information. Lin Ming had never met the Grand Priestess of the Desolate Lands, but he was aware of her existence because he had his own! While it was a priest, he understood her significance.

“Si De?” Bai Lin mentally sent, causing Si De to jolt. The mental transmission felt completely different from a spiritual transmission. One felt as if it invaded the Sea of Consciousness, and the other was translated through the spirit, sent to the Sea of Consciousness to be understood by the cultivator.

Wei Wuyin had told Bai Lin about all his adventures during her transformation period, including about Si De, Ai Yin, and Ai Juling, and she had always been wanting to meet them.

Bai Lin moved her head towards Si De, eyeing her with a scrutinizing light. While Si De was blind, she felt Bai Lins incredible presence, shape, and power through her spiritual sense. She was awed by the fiery emissions she felt. It was warm, comforting, and full of life. She felt at peace. She reached out to Bai Lins neck. Bai Lin moved slightly, causing Si De to cautiously pull back her hand. She looked to Wei Wuyin, only to see him gesturing towards Bai Lin.

Si De gathered her courage and reached out again. This time, Bai Lin allowed her to caress her.

“I like her,” Bai Lin smilingly stated.

“I do too,” Wei Wuyin chuckled. “So,” he turned his attention back to the others, “youre my fiancée?”

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