Paragon of Sin

Chapter 852: Absurdly Rich

way for these things to proceed unless youre fine with being a concubine of mine. Then, we can leave right this instant, host a ceremony and announce it to the entire world.” Of course, whether this was Wei Wuyins true thoughts or not, only he knew. At most, his actions might allow Lin Xianxei some freedom from the Heavenly Daos influence. What she did with that bit of freedom was hers to choose.

“Concubine?” Lin Xianxeis expression darkened. She wouldnt be someones concubine. A background woman without any real power or position in the family. It would be humiliating! She was rather prideful. She was the disciple of an Earthly Saint and Saintess of a World Sect, after all.

“Well, if you dont like it, then its best we take this slow, no?” Wei Wuyin grinned, and then he waved his hand. Bai Lin was conversing with Si De, receiving details of all of Wei Wuyins escapades in the Four Extreme Continent. Si De was quite the storyteller, exaggerating without a hint of holding back praise. A total shameless rendition, and Bai Lin loved it.

Bai Lin was clearly amused by it all. When Wei Wuyin waved his hand, she released a clarion cry and shot down from the Sky Layer, returning above the courtyard.

Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi were already there. Below them were Lin Ming and Lin Xianxian, who were looking on with various emotions. It had only been two hours, but it felt like two weeks to them. They were abnormally stressed. It was only when they saw Lin Xianxeis unharmed that they breathed a sigh of relief.

“You want to go to the Paramount Jade Realm?” Zhang Ziyi questioned as Bai Lin approached. The Paramount Jade Realm was the first secret realm of the Jade Element Sect. Originally, secret realms were solely used as vaults to conceal treasures. But over time, the various mystic-tier forces established unique cultivation grounds and trials to temper their talents.

It became standard to do so. While they didnt have complete ecological systems to develop resources or their own independent Solar Stars like World Realms, their spatial stability was oftentimes stronger, and they could store various energies that could be extracted without damaging the living beings inside. Mostly because it wasnt a genuine world.

The World Realm trials were archaic; the Chosen trials, specifically for the True Element Sect, were held in the Ultimate Elementus Realm. The Paramount Jade Realm had mainly stayed as a Legacy Ground, containing various spells, arts, and cultivation methods of the multiple geniuses of the sect. At some point, every expert wants to leave behind the amalgamation of their efforts, so they used this locations.

In the event of war, planets can be destroyed with a flick of a finger by a powerful cultivator, but secret realms are immensely sturdy. The Shell World Pearl was an instantaneously conjured secret realm that could withstand blows from Earthly Saints, so one could see the sheer stability of these realms. Furthermore, they were hidden between the folds of fixed space, so finding them was outrageously difficult.

They could be moved to different locations as well, so a sect could send all their forces inside a secret realm and relocate them easily. The World-Shifting Net was a porportable secret realm tool that could accomplish this, taking trillions with ease.

“I do,” Wei Wuyin answered Zhang Ziyi. He originally hoped for the Everlasting Spirit of the Nine Flames and Wen Mingna to lead him to another clue. He hadnt expected that Lin Xianxei memories didnt just contain the location of Divine King Han Xei, including his current situation, but the details of the other version of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity! Not only did she have details of it, she had read it once before!

While it was a cursory glance, he was excited to find it.

“Why?” Lin Xianxei hastily asked, her heart racing a little bit as she looked towards Lin Ming. She had done so much to have Lin Ming obtain the legacy in the Paramount Jade Realm! If Wei Wuyin entered, he had all the qualifications, no, with his Elemental Heart Intent, he had even more qualifications than Lin Ming to obtain it! How could she not feel a little panicked?

But then a thought shot through her mind. Wouldnt this be best? As she did, her gaze towards Lin Ming became odd…

“Just searching for something. No need to worry; I dont care about the legacy there. Its yours to have.” Wei Wuyin sent her through spiritual transmission, causing her eyes to widen uncontrollably with shock! He knew! He knew about the legacy!


“I have no issues with that, but what about these two liars?” Zhang Ziyi agreed without hesitation. Well, she didnt have much of a choice. However, she was unwilling to allow this Lin mother and daughter duo to have a pass.

“Them?” Wei Wuyin glanced at Lin Xianxian on the ground. He wouldnt be lying if he said he wasnt irked that his name was being used, and he felt an urge to make an example out of them so that the world knew, but he decided against it. The fate of this Lin Xianxei was already a little pitiful.

“Forget it. Just make sure everyone knows the truth, okay? And if you want to apologize for using my name, Im fine with accepting two beautiful maids.” Wei Wuyin joked with a chuckle.

“Okay!” A voice agreed with hesitation.

“…” Everyone was stunned as they turned to Lin Xianxian who had a beautiful smile. Did she just speak? Did she just say okay?

“I agree to be your maid, Master Wei!” Lin Xianxian clarified with an even louder voice. She, the Sect Master of the True Element Sect, even bowed as if accepting her new master.

“…” Wei Wuyin lifted a finger, his mouth on the verge of saying something but no words came out.


A figure arrived in a flash, standing before Wei Wuyin. It was none other than the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn, Wu Yu! And he had the brightest of smiles alongside dozens of spatial rings floating above his palms. He was clearly extremely happy at this moment. “They were absurdly rich, Young Lord.”

“Rich?” Wei Wuyin couldnt help but blurt out, to which Wu Yu laughed loudly and replied: “ABSURDLY!”

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