Paragon of Sin

Chapter 856: The Fourth Eye!

Chapter 855: A Rushed Outcome

The two figures were Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming. The latter exclaimed with awe and admiration at the sights of the Paramount Jade Realm. Despite the dimly lit lightning, the air was rich and the environment was fashioned with peak astral-graded, jade-attributed materials.

They landed on the ground. The ground was abnormally smooth, untainted by the slightest speck of dust. When the dirt from their soles touched the surface, bits of sparking jade light erupted for a bit. It tickled their feet as all the dirt vanished. It wasnt long before they were completely clean just from the shine of the light.

“This is incredible,” Lin Ming praised from his heart. He took in a deep breath, accumulating it within his stomach, and then he expelled out a breath of turbid air. The impurities within his breath met the jade light and began to spark uncontrollably. Soon after, the turbid air became clean, sweet, and integrated with the ambient atmosphere.

Lin Xianxei was looking around, “The Paramount Jade Realms earthen layer was refined by the Purity Jade Quintessence, forged alongside various elemental ores to generate an all-inclusive purity effect. Cultivating here means simultaneously eliminating your impurities.” She grabbed Lin Mings hand and rushed in a direction. They began traveling west, the opposite direction of Wei Wuyin.

“Purity Jade Quintessence? Isnt that a mystic-graded material?” Lin Ming asked as he followed along. He was fully aware that Lin Xianxei was worried about being brought out. With the truth about Wei Wuyin and their relationship being nullified, chances were the opportunity to enter the Paramount Jade Realm would be forcefully revoked.

She had used a Void Gate and illegally entered using a certain backdoor that the Lin Clan had set-up long ago to enter. After all, the Lin Clan was the founders of the Jade Element Sect, so they had all sorts of means and secret backdoors established. The issue, however, was that this would certainly alert the sect and they would be pursued.

They were going to be in a world of trouble and Lin Xianxei had broken her house arrest order. There was no going back now.

“Yes,” Lin Xianxei said as she frantically looked around, trying to pinpoint their exact location through the various palaces. She changed direction in a hurry, going north. The Paramount Jade Realm extended for ten thousand miles in every direction, but the usage of certain abilities was restricted outside the palaces trials. This was to prevent conflict when a massive number of disciples were sent as a cultivation assignment. Some of these palaces werent very strong, forged by Realmlords or lower.

There were some palaces that were only ten or so meters in size, small, with barely any tests established for them. They just needed a certain level of spiritual sense or Intent to read whatever was left behind. Sometimes they were just guiding words of cultivation, the totality of that seniors belief in cultivation. A single attack from a Chosen could topple it all.

This was why the Paramount Jade Realm felt eerily similar to a cemetery.

“But I dont sense it,” Lin Ming stated as he looked around. He felt the peak astral-graded materials, not the Purity Jade Quintessence.

“Its Mystic-World grade, and not at the Mystic-Earth grade. You wouldnt be able to sense it or see it directly unless youve reached the Star Core Phase…” Lin Xianxeis beautiful face became tense as she checked her wrist. It flickered with faint spiritual fluctuations that connected with the outside through a special link. It was a unique spell formation to communicate with her mother without those who would later enter noticing through spiritual sense.

“See this light,” Lin Xianxei lifted her hand as she found a familiar palace. She checked the neighboring ones. The jade-colored light of the realm glimmered on the surface of her smooth skin. “This is Mystic-World grade Purity Jade Quintessence.” After she stated this, her eyes brightened as she rushed off to the east!

Lin Ming followed along in awe. They traveled for thirty minutes before they made it to the eastern wall.

At this moment, a series of loud explosive noises erupted from the sky. They looked up to see several silver blots of light emerge. “Theyre coming!” Lin Xianxei said under her breath. She touched the eastern wall with her hand, her eyes erupting with a jade-colored light intermixed with white light.

Elemental Origin Intent!

Paramount Jade Intent!

The former was clearly made unstable, generated through the support of Origin Essence. The Elemental Intents within were severely lacking, some hadnt even reached the mid-grade, simply being the lowest standard of element intent!

However, her Paramount Jade Intent, the Apex-level of the Material Intent of Jade, was a genuine thing! This was why she could be classified as a Saintess and heralded as an utmost talent amongst her generation.

“Its here!” Her eyes unleashed endless spiritual light of those two colors, locking onto a certain area until a strange seal was revealed in the wall. It was like two hooks interlocked and at the sharp ends, spherical planets were attached.

“Your Elementus Badge!” Lin Xianxei urged Lin Ming. Lin Ming was awed by Lin Xianxeis power that he lapsed for a bit. The aura of Starforce was extremely heavy within her, signifying her cultivation as a Starlord!


A series of thunderous rumbles echoed as eight figures dressed in green clothes arrived. The elders were here! And at their head? It was none other than Zhang Ziyi!

Lin Mings heart began to rapidly race. He hurriedly removed his Elementus Badge from his spatial ring, giving it to Lin Xianxei.

“Stop!” Zhang Ziyi shouted with tremendous might. The elders looked around, trying to search for Lin Xianxei. “Over there!” She shouted, her eyes darting towards the figures of the two Lins at the eastern wall. She took a single step forward and her body flickered.

Lin Xianxei tapped the mark on her wrist. A brief spiritual burst occurred. Then, a barrier of Jade Light formed over them.


Zhang Ziyi had arrived just a microsecond too late. Her eyes were harsh and cold. She looked at the barrier with examining eyes.

Lin Xianxei sighed, giving Zhang Ziyi a look on the other side. They exchanged looks for a short moment. With a heavy breath, her eyes reflected her resolve and she began to bring the badge upwards, forming several hand-seals as it floated above her hands. It began to unleash nine-colored light.

“Will it hold her?” Lin Mings heart was in his throat as he saw Zhang Ziyi touching the thin film of jade light that shielded them. The eight other elders arrived. They looked at the barriers and the two with harsh gazes.

“Despicable! You dare break the rules of our sect and enter the Paramount Jade Realm?! This is punishable by death!” An elder shouted.

Lin Ming was taken aback by the rage, but his own surfaced. “Break the rules? You allowed an outsider to enter our sects most vital realm! Thats against the ancestral rules! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!” Lin Xianxei had told him these rules, so he felt they were only placed when convenient. So the True Element Sect gets spanked by an outsider and they openly kneel before him? How ridiculous!

In his mind, they were pathetic!

The expressions of the elders changed slightly. They knew of this and felt complex feelings as well. None of them were completely aware of their dominating defeat and forced oaths. They just thought the Alchemic Knight of Wei Wuyin and the three Earthly Saints exchanged a little and just settled their differences.


At least, that is what they told themselves. This entire situation was abnormal.

Lin Xianxei kept focused, ignoring all of them. The jade light isnt truly protecting them. It was Zhang Ziyis unwillingness to unleash the needed threshold of power to destroy it. If she did, who knows how many palaces would collapse. They were safe but not for long.

Zhang Ziyi coldly stared at Lin Xianxei. She vanished. She proceeded to shield each palace with her mystic power. She needed only a few seconds for this. The time was clearly ticking!

“She left!” Lin Ming warned Lin Xianxei.

Lin Xianxei had already poured an absurd amount of starforce into the badge. It was beginning to emit a brilliant light that started to focus itself into a single beam that hit the two hooks. The two planets lit into two different colors! It was white and black!

“Enough of this,” Zhang Ziyi returned with her hand covered in jade-colored light. She clenched her fist and the elders paled several shades as they hastily retreated. The violent fluctuations from Zhang Ziyi were extremely terrifying!

“Shes attacking!” Lin Ming warned. He felt his heart grow cold. Was she planning on killing them?! She seemed to be planning to kill them!

“No…” Lin Xianxei felt the badge not react properly. Her face ashened to the maximal extent, and her eyes flashed with despair! She wasnt the designated Chosen, so the badge didnt accept her! She needed more time! MORE TIME!

The legacy of Divine King Han Xei and their safety was all on the other side of this Gateway Door! She was this close! So very close…

“Im sorry, Lin Ming…” She said as the jade light from Zhang Ziyis fist intensified to the point until it overtook the world. Her eyes grew wet. If Lin Ming went the proper way, this wouldnt have happened. It mightve taken a few more years, but this wouldnt have happened. She tried to take a shortcut, so this was her fault.

Suddenly, a figure appeared inside the barrier.

Zhang Ziyis eyes widened as her fist was just a few centimeters from the barrier! She hurriedly halted her assault, causing a thunderous whooshing sound to sweep the entire realm! It was the powerfully forced wind currents!

Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming were startled by the abrupt appearance of this figure. They looked to see a tall figure with exceptional physical stature, not too slim, not too big, with exquisite contours of muscle that hugged his black robes.

A handsome visage of the most unnatural limits, almost unbelievably so. But most importantly!

There were two bright silver eyes that could entrance gods, ghosts, and devils alike. Those two silver eyes looked at Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming, a wisp of surprise within.

“Hello there.”

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