Paragon of Sin

Chapter 862:The Unsaid Difficulties

Chapter 861: You Set The Price

“…” Wei Wuyin was fully aware that Tian Muyang was trying to test him through this challenge. It was evidently clear that Tian Muyang and the Imperial Clan were hesitant to act against Wu Yu.

‘Does he want to verify my skill and potential, weighing offending Wu Yu over befriending me? Wei Wuyin pondered this possibility, but it didnt quite feel right to him. From the fielding of three Sky Destroyers and six Earthly Saints, it was clear that Tian Muyang was either on orders to subdue Wu Yu or fight an all-out war. If Han Yuhei was correct and it regarded their cultivation method, the foundation of any clans legacy, then the former was certainly true.

An order from the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor mightve been issued, an official warrant for Wu Yus arrest. But if so, then Tian Muyangs first attempt should be to peacefully bring Wu Yu in their custody. This was why Wei Wuyin had decided to seize the initiative, bringing Wu Yu with him to negotiate, and if the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was what they were after, they would abandon it without hesitation.

While they cant stop Wu Yu from cultivating it, they wouldnt be able to cultivate it either. Without the Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence, a quality given at birth or transferred through special circumstances, it was mostly useless. They could, however, use it to strengthen the foundation of the so-calledrip-off within the Aeternal Sky Scripture through study, dissection, and integration.

And Wei Wuyin didnt value it much. He had enough cultivation methods that didnt have such stringent requirements from the Battlefield. It was inconsequential to concede the method. The only detail that needed to be worked out was the negotiation for it, which Wei Wuyin thought wouldve been the first discussed topic. There were definitely some benefits that could be squeezed out.

Wei Wuyin gave Tian Muyang a long, deep look. The latter merely replied with a smile, but the depths of his eyes revealed a wisp of pride, challenge, and a wisp of caution.

‘Is he scared of me? Wei Wuyin shifted his gaze to the three Sky Destroyers. Then, he looked at Tian Xiaolu. This gorgeous womans neutral gaze still radiated that concealed killing intent. However, from time to time, as she sized him up, there was a discreet flicker of that well-known mixed emotions of shock, admiration, and a little doubt. Wei Wuyin was quite familiar with this, and it was the reflection of her thoughts towards his looks and presence. Clearly, she had been shaken a little.

“Your niece is quite the talent,” Wei Wuyin remarked with genuine praise. Besides Qingye Ying, she was the first Alchemic Astral Soul cultivator that he had met in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. While he was certain there were others, likely at a lower cultivation base in the Astral Core Realm, he hadnt visited any alchemist organizations or explored the True Element Sects alchemist department.

So she was his second.

When he praised her, there was clearly a little animosity generated from her eyes. It felt defiant yet proud.

“She is. So, what do you think? I think itll be healthy for her to learn this lesson.” Tian Muyang kept pushing it. It was abundantly clear at this point that he was fully intent on having this challenge happen.

“Ive never shied away from a challenge, and I dont intend to do so now.” Wei Wuyins words sparked a bright light of interest in Tian Muyang, including Zhang Ziyi and Han Yuhei. Not a single one of these Earthly Saints werent wishing to see if the rumors were true, that Wei Wuyin was a Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist with enough skill to invent the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill.

Of course, the line of thinking was different for both sides. Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi wanted to see if Wei Wuyin had the talent to concoct it, while Tian Muyang felt that the concoction method had originated from the King of Everlore, not Wei Wuyin. The Imperial King sought to verify his skills legacy and thus his background, not his potential and talent.

“However,” Wei Wuyin turned to Tian Muyang, the look in his eyes was quite serious, “The Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit is in six months, and a true Alchemic Clash isnt completed in a short period. Am I wrong, Imperial King Muyang?”

“…” Tian Muyang went into a ponderous silence. Even Tian Xiaolus emotions eased. The killing intent abated by a considerable degree. This caught Wei Wuyin by surprise. Was she reluctant to be here? Was she being forced?

“Or is your intention to ensure that I dont make it to the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit?” Wei Wuyin asked with a lifted brow. This event will redefine the talent standard of the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. While it was long overdue after thousands of years of changes, his Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill had greatly contributed to it.

Tian Muyang chuckled softly, “Of course not; I wouldnt ask for you to compete in a full Alchemic Clash. Just a single topic, just to show her a little of what you can do.”

Wu Yu frowned, coldly saying in Wei Wuyins stead: “A little of what my Young Lord can do? Youre debasing the sanctity of a competition between Alchemists. If you wish to show a difference in skill, compare their current achievements, not compete in a half-assed competition with a deadline. How ridiculous!”

Wu Yus words were spoken without any respect. This caused Zhang Ziyis heart to shiver, but Han Yuheis eyes contained a little ridicule. It wasnt directed towards Wu Yu but the Imperial Clan. It felt refreshing knowing that even the Imperial Clan wasnt afforded any respect.

“…” Tian Muyangs expression changed. As for Tian Xiaolu, her neutral gaze filled with harsh emotions dissipated gradually, and she gently nodded her head. She agreed with Wu Yu!

Of course, Wu Yu wasnt saying this without purpose. Wei Wuyin had instructed him to say these exact words.

Wei Wuyin saw how awkward Tian Muyangs expression became, he added with a smile: “I apologize for my knight tone; he highly respects the Alchemic Dao and what it represents. You should understand, right?”

“I do,” Tian Muyang said with his expression growing a little solemn, continuing with, “I heard that Grand Knight Wu Yu, your Alchemic Knight, was originally an Alchemic Knight of the King of Everlore, so I understand his strong opinions on the matter.”

Wu Yus identity was quite prominent, and his appearance was largely unchanged from before, so those from the Myriad Monarch Sect could easily corroborate his existence as the same man depicted in all those busts and paintings they worshipped. Furthermore, there were those like San Luoyang who ascended, living until now and having interacted with Wu Yu before.

Wu Yus mystic aura surged slightly, a wisp of violence emerged from his eyes. “I was never his Alchemic Knight; we were…friends.” The dynamic between the King of Everlore and him was not as Tian Muyang suggested. All else aside, the King of Everlore never had an Alchemic Knight during his time in the Desolate Dragnet Stellar Region. He had two individuals by his side, servants and…companions.

Wu Yu was part of the latter.

He was not his lesser but his equal. They supported each other, but neither one followed the others will without question. This related to all of the King of Everlores entourage. It was why he was free to stay in the starfield to rule after the King of Everlore left to seek out a way to survive the last three Astral Tribulations.

The dynamics he had with Wei Wuyin and the King of Everlore was fundamentally different, and mostly because he would never follow someone like the King of Everlore wholeheartedly.

“Friends?” Tian Muyang was taken aback by this statement of Wu Yu, but seeing the genuine leakage of emotion from his expression, he felt that it was more complicated than just friends. Moreover, the termYoung Lord kept his heart in a vice grip of hesitation. If Wei Wuyin was the Young Lord, then there was clearly a Lord, right?

“I see…”

This further placed Tian Muyang in a predicament. He sought to verify Wei Wuyins skills without offending the man behind him. From the shared silver eyes, the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, Rainbow Bridge, born and raised in the same starfield of the King of Everlore, having extremely similar talents, and all sorts of beings that exceeded the means a mortal should have or command, this all suggested he was a descendant of the King of Everlore.

Very few would doubt this.

And more would want to know: Where did the King of Everlore go? Why was his descendant here?

“Imperial King Muyang, how about this: Im intrigued by Miss Xiaolus talent and skills, and we can exchange skills. In a few years, Ive had Wu Yu announce a challenge to the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region during his time in the Everlore Domain. Why doesnt she come along and participate? Itll be an opportunity to measure herself against the younger generation of the stellar region. Moreover, we can face each other then, no?”

Ten years! In ten years, there will be an Alchemic Clash Royale with the Concoction Method of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill on the line!

“…” Tian Muyang went silent.

Wei Wuyin sighed in his heart. He gestured towards Wu Yu with his right hand. Wu Yu didnt hesitate to bring out the Myriad Monarch Canon. This instantly caused several auras to fluctuate within the Sky Destroyers and even Tian Muyangs expression dramatically shifted.

“The Aeternal Sky Scripture!”

“I heard that your Aeternal Sky Scripture bears strong resemblance to the Myriad Monarch Canon, that your cultivation methods might even have been derived from the same source. I guess youre here for this, right?” Wei Wuyin gestured again, and Wu Yu sent the Myriad Monarch Canon into his hand. Wei Wuyin casually waved it about, causing the auras to once again fluctuate wildly. Some were so intense that they seemed ready to shoot out of the Sky Destroyer.

A strong tension formed in the air.

“Here.” Wei Wuyin tossed the Myriad Monarch Canon towards Tian Muyang, as if he was treating it like an ordinary book. Tian Muyang rushed forward, carefully coating his hand in gentle mystic power as he enveloped the Myriad Monarch Canon as if it was some godly manuscript. He breathed out a sigh of relief after seeing that the Chill of the Dark Void hadnt damaged it.

At this point, three lights had already left the Sky Destroyers, appearing in the Dark Void! They were clearly Earthly Saints of the Tian Clan, likely related to the Royal Bloodline, and their auras were robust and intense. They directed their all towards the Myriad Monarch Canon in Tian Muyangs grasp. They seemed like starving monkeys finding a fresh banana.

Wu Yus eyes reflected a strong light of disdain. He was almost laughing as he shook his head, saying softly under his breath: “Its not that serious.” If Wei Wuyin didnt consider it much, why would he? Seeing these Earthly Saints shiver in ecstasy at obtaining this book, he found it a little funny.

He couldnt imagine what would happen if they were aware of the Blood Origin Method. This method was far more profound than the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, and it was just an auxiliary cultivation method.

Suddenly, all focus jetted towards Wu Yu. They were all gazes of intense emotions gathered on his body, mostly intermixed with killing intent.

Wei Wuyin openly gave Wu Yu a halting gesture, but his eyes also reflected that the Earthly Saints actions were a little embarrassing. It was such that even he couldnt hold a little bit of his disdain towards them, especially seeing how they were throwing themselves at something he casually threw their way.

Wu Yu didnt stop, “Im sorry, Young Lord, but they resemble beggars. I mean, its just a low-level cultivation method. Why the panic? It just seems so…” He didnt finish as Wei Wuyin gave him a harsh look, silencing him. He lowered his head, not speaking again. It was clear Wu Yu was afraid of Wei Wuyin from his actions.

Wei Wuyin turned towards Tian Muyang and the three Earthly Saints, two men and one woman, all likely highly renowned Imperial Monarchs and experts of their generations. They all had strange expressions on their faces. It was abnormally odd, contorted and twitching.

The disdain within those gorgeous eyes of Wei Wuyin truly made them question themselves. This was a mere freaking mortal! What right did he…

“Imperial King Muyang, am I right? Is this why youre here? If so, then I think we should conduct an exchange. How about this, you can set the price of the Myriad Monarch Canon however you want as an apology for my knights disrespect.” Wei Wuyins words were effectively pitying them, but it also made it very difficult for them to find issues with his words.

Suddenly, Si De chimed in. “It seems quite valuable to them, though.” She came off as if she was unwilling for Wei Wuyin to suffer a loss, and that they were going to take advantage of him. Her sightless eyes didnt carry any light, but they felt as if she was insulting them. As if saying they were being frantic over trash, but even trash has its value.

It didnt take long before one of the Imperial Monarchs exploded in rage, a burst of mystic aura surging wildly about. They were the Tian Clan! They should be taking this method by force, rightfully reclaiming a portion of their heritage that had leaked or originally belonged to them! He felt the urge to attack Wu Yu mostly, but he didnt make a move in the end. Not because he was restrained by a strong force, but because he just couldnt bring himself to do it. If he did, it would be directly confirming their words.

Wu Yu protected Wei Wuyin and the others from the violent fluctuations. He couldnt hold back a smirk.

The Earthly Saints were clearly discussing something through spiritual transmissions, their expressions changing from time to time. Eventually, Tian Muyang flew forward.

“We can do an exchange, but we have to first verify the value of this tome and its connection with the Aeternal Sky Scripture. If its an exact copy, itll be a little ridiculous to make an exchange, right?” Tian Muyang calmly noted.

Wei Wuyin nodded, “Youre right. But it shouldnt be. A senior of mine once saw the Aeternal Sky Scripture to study for pill concoction. He told me that the Myriad Monarch Canons method is a little more profound. Of course, this was long ago, so who knows now. But it should definitely not be the same. So how about this, you can give me your valuation at the All-Alchemic Clash Royale in ten years. Whatever you think its worth, you can pay that.”

“…” The Imperial Monarchs were at a loss. They felt as if they were being drawn into a strange pace. Should events be happening like this?

“As for the lovely Tian Xiaolu, it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope that well have more interactions in the future.” Tian Xiaolu had mostly lost her hostility. Shockingly, she was looking at Wei Wuyin with a little bit of interest in her eyes. The others might not be able to see it, but she clearly saw it as an outsider looking in, and knew exactly what was happening.

“I was in the middle of cultivating a very difficult spell, so Ill have to return. If not, I wouldve invited you all to stay. I do hope to see you all at the All-Alchemic Clash Royale. Ill leave you to your business with the True Element Sect, if you still have any.” After saying this, Wei Wuyin gave a respectful bow before Bai Lin once again fully unleashed her Fire Phoenix Transformation.

She turned and departed without another word. As for the Myriad Monarch Canon, it was left in their hands.


Despite wearing a smile, the way Tian Muyang handled the Myriad Monarch Canon had become a little careless, a little indifferent.

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