Paragon of Sin

Chapter 876: Mortal Saint Alchemist Consuming the Transcendent

hey were spewing out Soul Light into a tiny flag. Surrounding them like floating stars in orbit were dozens of empty and full vials, in which contained Neo-Dawn Soul-Sea Elixir.

The peak ninth-grade elixir was extremely effective in replenishing Soul Light, far beyond his imagination. It was especially so for the high-quality versions. He didnt think his Primary Light Source could be expanded, increasing the capability of storing Primary Light Energies within the Astral Soul, but it could! Each Primary Light Source, according to records, were all equal.

There was no difference. It was also the hardest form of energy to replenish amongst the various energy types—physical, mental, essence, spiritual, spatial, temporal, and gravitational—that Astral Core Realm cultivators possessed. All those energies intermixed and further refined the cultivators astral force, bestowing them godly levels of power. At least, to the common mortal.

At the moment of entering the Light Reflection Phase, the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, every cultivator had the same-sized Primary Light Source, without any exception. This Primary Light Source was formed during the tribulation, so it made sense. Even Wei Wuyins Astral Souls were no different. Of course, he had higher quality and four Primary Light Sources, so it was technically greater if one measured in plainly.

When Wei Wuyin discovered that the Neo-Dawn Soul-Sea Elixir at the high-quality could achieve this, he knew that the standards of cultivation might shift once again. Besides spatial energies, Light Energies was used to enhance ones bodily speed and speed of astral force flow. It meant speeding up ones ward formation, spell casting, art usage, recovery, spreading spiritual sense, etc.

It was endlessly useful, but also extremely exhausting towards light energies. This forced fights to be ended quickly before your offensive and defensive capabilities came to a proverbial crawl due to lacking these energies.

With this, cultivators could use their light energies less sparingly, amplifying their usage of these light energies and maximizing them. Effectively, they could do all those things but at 100% for longer, even exhausting them more to generate a greater speed of execution.

Being too slow to form your defense or react to an attack was lethal.

It didnt take long for Wei Wuyin to devise the peak-quality version, concocting it successfully. Unfortunately, it had no tertiary effect, but greatly increased the effect of expanding the Primary Light Source. At the moment, each of his Astral Souls had Primary Light Sources that were three times larger than ordinary.

When he made the peak-quality, he felt that he could push it to transcendence with ease, but he held off from doing so. He didnt know how this would change, and he could do so after he advanced in his cultivation to prepare for any strange effects.

“When youre all done, well begin.” Wei Wuyin was ready to have the four Astral Souls refine the transcendent-quality Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pills, and then finally challenge the Seventh Astral Tribulation.

The four Astral Souls glowed brightly as they poured the Soul Light inside the Nexus War Flag energetically. They, too, were excited!


Since Wei Wuyin entered secluded cultivation, four months in total had gone by and the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit was swiftly approaching, with only roughly two months left before this era-defining event. The Earthly Saints of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region were all preparing their topics of discussions, knowing that this summit was not going to be simple.

There wasnt a single force that wasnt tensed, and this was especially so for the Chosen! The new standards for Chosen threatened all of their titles and positions, some even fearing that theyd become outdated or outright stripped of their title, losing status, resources, and face as a result.

Yet the uproar hadnt ceased. The Everlore Association had decided to extend their invitations to all forces, allowing them to bring their Chosen and a designated Dharma Protector even if they dont have an Earthly Saint! The Everlore Association revealed that the event will include various opportunities for the young Chosen, so they shouldnt miss out! This wasnt all. All those on the Immortal Saintess Ranking and Immortal Hero Ranking that were of Chosen age, whether they were titled Chosen or not, were allowed entry as well!

This caused cataclysmic waves to flood the entire stellar region, with many Chosen wishing to see both the Immortal Heroes and Immortal Saintesses within the rankings! The tease of opportunities from the Everlore Association was only icing on the cake at that point.


Within the secluded room, Wei Wuyin had his eyes closed as he held a single hand-seal. There was no Nexus War Flag, All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron, or his Astral Souls to be seen anywhere. The entire environment was still, absent of any strangeness besides the wide-eyed Bai Lin and Wei Wuyin.


Wei Wuyins eyes snapped open!

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