Paragon of Sin

Chapter 84: The Last Heart

ll undergo an uncontrollable mutation.

”Instead of becoming just half-dragon, I would refine the essence bloodline of the gigantic scaled beast, becoming half-beast(of the gigantic scaled beast legacy) and half-dragon, losing my humanity. However, it ’s the most powerful path, allowing for the quickest progression of power! Forsake my humanity for power and transformation! ” He pondered this for an entire hour before shaking his head. Even if he was going to suffer a calamity in the future, he had no desire to transmute his species. This method seemed geared towards beasts, not humans.

”The second method is to refine the primal yang with essence blood energy. With this, I can propagate dragonborn children. I can also cultivate using this newly formed Draconic primal yang and cultivate my body with its energies. ” This was a rather neutral method and accompanied with it was a moderate increase in personal potential and power. It was long and farseeing, allowing your children to become greater than yourself. The ultimate sacrifice.

He decisively shook his head. He only had thirty-nine years on his clock and he didn ’t want to raise children knowing he wouldn ’t be able to protect them for life, guide them through their struggles and give them love. If he went in knowing that, the degree of depression could warp his thoughts.

”The last method is to…is it possible? ” As he read the last method, he frowned in thought. This felt like it was geared towards humans, but he wasn ’t sure. After all, that gigantic-scaled beast had spiritual energy and thus could cultivate.

The third method was quite risky and revolves around a concept that breaks his preconceptions, in much the same way as the Haven Heart Qi Method once did. It was using a vast amount of lifeforce and energy to refine the essence blood.

By doing this, they could give birth to a Divine Mark of Myth. Then, using this mark, a person would integrate it into their physical essence, permeating it throughout every facet of their fleshy matter. This would act as a primer for them to create a Draconic Heart!

When he first read it, he didn ’t quite understand what it meant. However, after reading it multiple times, he understood.

It was the process of creating a Draconic Heart of Qi! However, it was different and completely crushed his understanding of cultivation. Because it didn ’t use Metaphysical Qi, but a Metaphysical Blood(line)!

A Draconic Heart of Blood. A person would cultivate according to the predescribed method, strengthening their bloodline energy in much the same way they enhanced their qi, through the Essence of Heaven and Earth.

It was considered to be the most difficult in the long-run and brought about strict restrictions and requirements. Not to mention, it started out the weakest of the three. The most important thing was that it was available only to children who have yet to cultivate, not those who ’ve formed their Heart of Qi. The reason for this was the requirement was the same as why a person couldn ’t form two Heart of Qi. It required essence, matter, mind, and spirit to be condensed in its entirety.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lit up. If he was a normal cultivator, he would be at a loss, but he possessed the Haven Heart Qi Method! With this, he could follow the procedure as before.

He could split his mind, transform his physical energies and physique anew, and change the state of his meridians. As for the spirit, he knew that he could easily tap into his soul and utilize another piece. That was the easiest aspect of the technique, having accomplished it several times before.


”If I do this and create a Draconic Heart of Blood, I won ’t be able to use the Haven Heart Qi Method again… ” As he analyzed the aspects of this new bloodline, he knew it would make it nearly impossible for him to restructure his physical body ever again. At the moment, only pure energy was refining his body, but this would shift his DNA entirely.

If he tried to shift it again, he would lose his bloodline. All the resources and essence blood wasted would be useless and his ability to use the Draconic Heart of Blood would cease. It would be in much the same way as his previous ’selves ’ were unable to control his two Hearts of Qi.

After several hours of thinking, he decided to do it anyway. He didn ’t have an infinite life, so he can ’t keep creating more and more Hearts of Qi. In fact, he didn ’t want to nor was he confident he could. His soul wasn ’t limitless, and he wasn ’t someone who reached the Realm of Sages; he couldn ’t cultivate his soul.

Who knew what type of damage that would happen if he split his soul into portions and fashioned into countless Hearts of Qi.

In truth, Wei Wuyin would not be able to exceed four Hearts of Qi. Not only was it due to the limitations of his soul, but the limitations of the method itself. As he split off a portion of his soul to construct his spirit, if he removed too much, his soul would destabilize and falter, collapsing in on itself. It would be a rather brutal death, with the possibility for reincarnation no longer existing.

”This will be my last birthing of a spirit! ” He swore to himself, revealing a rare form of determination.

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