Paragon of Sin

Chapter 879: Calm Before The Storm Aeternal Sky

ion used these tactics, gathering Official Mortal Sovereign Alchemists and Prime Mortal Sovereign Alchemists to work together to concoct a Mystic-Earth grade alchemical product with a help of a mystic-graded Alchemic Cauldron.

The title was geared towards Alchemic Knights and subordinates, and Ma Zheng was Wei Wuyins sole connection in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region for some time, so they believed he was already one or the other, and if he wasnt before, he certainly was now.

Tian Muyang was within a grand hall, expansive and decorated in gold and silver, extremely luxurious. It was situated in a World Realm, the Grand Sky Realm, and Tian Muyangs own territory as an Imperial Monarch.

He sat in a large, throne-like seat with eight miniaturized Solar Stars the size of a babys fist above. They rotated in a strange orbit, releasing gorgeous starlight that only highlighted the beauty of the design of the hall.

His posture was lazy, his eyes cloudy as his thoughts were occupied. He held in his hand a spiritual jade that contained a message from the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperors Imperial Advisor. It denoted the profoundness of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, including its origins, and value.

According to the Imperial Advisor, it was…

It didnt matter.

He crushed the jade in his palm, turning it into dust. Those cloudy eyes of his cleared up slightly.

“Another King of Everlore,” Tian Muyang softly muttered to himself. He looked slightly down to see a head full of black hair bobbing up and down in a rhythmic manner, wet and suckling sounds coming from a young woman. She was one of his concubines.

Tian Muyang knew the significance of Wei Wuyins existence, and he knew that the Imperial Heaven Qi Method wasnt as profound as this so-called Imperial Advisor, wise and sage-like as she might be, would suggest.

When he recalled the dismissive attitude of Wei Wuyin, all his pride was washed away. With a single product, Ma Zheng had become an Earthly Saint. A previous failure like Wu Yu, who failed his Third Ascension, had become an Earthly Saint that could treat the respected and feared Ever-Knights like nothing after just ascending.

He destroyed the body of one and forced another to ignite their Mystic Soul, then escaped unscathed. How fucking laughable was his pride?

He didnt have confidence in achieving any of these feats when he had just ascended to an Earthly Saint.

Wu Yus disdain was all too apparent as well. It seemed, from the bottom of his heart, the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was truly a little too inferior. What did he know? What has he cultivated? What did Wei Wuyin provide him?

A wisp of frustration emerged in his heart as he grabbed the head of his concubine, being a little rough and forcing himself deeper. While he was talented, he knew his own limitations. The Worldly Saint Phase was definitely far beyond him.

Each step was unimaginably difficult. Even if he obtained the qualifications to challenge his Fifth Ascension, he didnt believe he could conquer it in a thousand years, no, ten thousand years.

He wasnt that young either. He had Ascended before the King of Everlore ever arrived, before the Tian Clan had ever become the leader of this starfield. He was older than his brother, the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor! While he was younger than Ma Zheng, his Earthly Ascension only blessed him with roughly three thousand additional years. The jump wasnt nearly as massive as Soul of Mysticism to Demi-Mortal Lord.

The heavens were fair yet cruel. The Demi-Mortal Lord Phase was the border to the difficult, all-powerful Earthly Saint Phase, so much time was given to accommodate its difficulty, but afterward, the soulspan increase was downright pitiful.

He had about 33,000 years of soulspan, and he had lived 28,000 of those years out.

This was likely the same for Ma Zheng, but with his newfound backing, he had a great chance of becoming a Worldly Saint in his three or so thousand years left. A greater chance than him!

This was especially so considering how selfish the Saint Alchemists were, and how busy the Mortal Saint Alchemists were. The Sky Zenith Alchemic Saint had never made any products for himself. He hadnt even tasted a single peak-tier Mystic-Earth grade product from his own force in twenty thousand years of devoted service. If it wasnt for the King of Everlore, he might have never become an Earthly Saint or enjoyed peak-tier Mystic-Earth products.

A series of surprised throat sounds resounded, alongside a little bit of choking, and Tian Muyangs eyes brightened. His body visibly relaxed, his head lifted to look at the gorgeous starlight ceiling.

“Saintmaker…” He softly whispered as the image of Wei Wuyin emerged in his thoughts.

Tian Muyang wasnt the only one with various thoughts of Wei Wuyins potential. The Sky Monarch Yang Chaoyue, Imperial Monarch Tian Lingyu, and almost everyone who bore witness to that day was brewing with wild ambition. Some were far more outrageous than the others.

But Tian Muyang mightve been the most intense, his eyes exploding with intense fire. “Divine Emperor Tian Muyang…”

At this moment, Tian Muyang felt the shake of fixed space. His head snapped forward, his eyebrows lifting.

“Realm World Astral Tribulation? Why is it so strong?” Typically, Realm World Astral Tribulations were minor, not nearly as intense as an Earthly Ascension, yet this type of tribulation had an intensity that was only slightly lost in comparison to that!

“Wei Wuyin?” His eyes brightened, standing abruptly, causing the young woman to fall over. He didnt hesitate to move, vanishing instantly.

It wasnt just him who moved. All those who knew that Wei Wuyin was in the Gravity Emission Phase connected the dots, leaving the Aeternal Sky Domain, flying towards the tribulations aura!


Because none of them could find where Wei Wuyin was after he reportedly left the Elementus Domain! There were only brief mentions of Wu Yu appearing with Ma Zheng, but nothing on Wei Wuyin! There was a reason so many forces resorted to trying to lure Wei Wuyin out.

When the King of Everlore arrived, rising to prominence, they were too late to ride along on that fat dragons lap, with only a few individuals benefiting before he left. Now, there was a new figure that might very well be his second coming! They couldnt afford to lose this chance!

Tian Muyang was already flying towards the source of that aura, and he spotted two other lights blazing forward as well. He immediately recognized Sky Monarch Yang Chaoyue and Tian Lingyu!

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