Perfect For Me

CHAPTER ONE: My Beginning

The field brought back memories of the sixteen years old Michelle; she was accompanied by her childhood friend isabella to pick flowers remind her of her childhood, the good life she had had here and made her think to herself that if she hadn left the country she wouldn have lost something dear to her but if she had stayed she wouldn have met someone dear to her.

Chelly, Chelly, Chelly Isabella called bringing her out of her thoughts Uh, what were you saying? Chelly asked having not heard anything that Isabella has said, she just knew her mouth were moving but was not hearing anything, her worries might have really gotten to her.

What were you thinking about that you couldn hear a word I said Isabella said moving to where Michelle stood pick some flowers. You know, just this and that, wondering what the boys are doing and how Elisa is coping with the boys talk Michelle replied picking up a caterpillar from a flower and moving it to another flower before breaking the stalk.

You should have just said you are worrying about your introverted boyfriend, why do you worry so much about someone who is partial cause your problems Isabella blurted out and immediately covered her mouth with her two hands What do you mean? Michelle asked moving closer to Isabella with a friend on her face. His mother is involved in your parents case and you aren meant to know, can you just pretend…. before Isabella could finish her sentence Michelle had left the field running to the direction of the house.

Oh shit Isabella cursed before chasing after her.

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