Perfect For Me


Michelle POV

The glint of the morning sun shine in my face, whispering its a new day, its holiday,the best period for kids, maybe not for book worms but for me. The joy of holidays was that there weren assignment or science projects to do, i hate those stuffs. My grades, they are so-so, it isn like I didn try but I did my best, I wasn born with the brain but I had the beauty. I quickly dressed up in a purple short gown and a peach mini jacket and ran downstairs. I heard footsteps behind me and I turned to see Ryan, my annoying big brother who is two years older than me. Today was unusual, normally he would have pushed his way downstairs but today he followed patiently from behind which made me purposely want to annoy him I slowed my pace the more and shockingly he didn shout at me he just smiled and shook his head.

Mom, good morning we greeted Janice, my mom as we entered the kitchen taking our place at the dinning, Oh, Ryan, Chelly, you
e awake, good morning she responded bringing our breakfast to the dinning.How was your night, my baby she asked as she placed the plates on the counter and placed a kiss on my forehead. It was good I replied smiling before picking up my fork to start eating Why do keep calling her a baby, thats why she never grow up Ryan said before he started to eat Jealous? I teased No he denied Just admit it Mom said before turning to the kitchen and I sticked out my tongue to him. How can nobody remember what today is? I thought as my smile slowly disappeared.

I started watching my favorite cartoon after breakfast while Ryan did the dishes, I have to finish watching my favorite cartoon before Ryan is done doing the dishes, I knew once he comes hell change the TV channel to some boring documentary. It didn take long Ryan appeared in the sitting room, shockingly he sat beside me and joined me in watching the cartoon,

did he hit his head or something.

After the cartoon finished I got bored of staying with my boring brother because he just became a yes man overnight, anything I asked him for he says yes usually he would have said Im still a kid, well a kid with a teenager mouth.

I headed to Elisas place; I still had had to take permission before going anywhere because they think Im a kid. I took permission from Ryan since my mom had to head to the neighborhood market. Elisas is five buildings away from my house. I live a small neighborhood, Robbinwood. Here, you know everyone and everyone know you, especially me.

I got to Elisas, she was the only one around, her mother also went to the neighborhood market, are they having mothers market day?. Chelly get over here Elisa called me from where she was lying on top of her bed, I joined her and we played with her set of baby dolls. Elisa, this doll is cute, isn it I asked after dressing her hair. Yeah it is, do you like it? she asked and I nodded stating yes, Well, I can give it to you if you promise me nothing is going to happen to it Elisa said pointing out her pinky finger and I did the same and we intertwined it with each other.

Does it have a name? I asked lying on the bed and clutching my new present to my chest No, you can give it one since it yours now Elisa said standing up from her bed.

Are you going somewhere? I asked

No I mean yes just for half an hour I want to go check something she said trying not to shutter. Don tell me you are going to climb trees with Rence and the rest I said with a serious tone No she curtly denied.

Isn like she hasn done it before, then, she also told that she would be back in half an hour and I waited for an hour without seeing her before deciding to go search for her.

Shockingly I caught her laughing loudly and climbing from branch to branch of a tree with our other friends, Terence, Derek and Nickolas while Isabella stood on the ground asking them to get down. I was furious at her for leaving me back at her house and came out to have fun without me, I got over my anger when she apologized and our other friends apologizing in her stead as expected Isabella didn even say a thing and she look at me with a scorn, I didn mind her and joined them in climbing the trees.

Again, the same thing had happened, I have been waiting for her for an hour now and she hasn showed up. I left her house to search for her.

I went to the spot where I caught her the last time with the boys but she wasn there. Elisa, where are you I asked the doll which I had named after my best friend, Elisa. I headed home afterwards, when I opened the door every where was surprisingly dark for an afternoon. I closed the door behind me and felt my fingers through the walls to search for the light switch in the dark.

Happy birthday!!! They chorused as soon as I turned on the lights, every one was here even Elisa who I was searching for. Terence, Derek, Nickolas, Elisa and Isabella came over to where I stood rooted to ground in surprised. I thought theyd forgotten my birthday because my birthday had never gone uncelebrated.

One after the other they came with my presents, they got me many things even one of my presents and was a puppy but my mom was against me having a pet claiming all the responsibility of taking care of it would be on her, When you get older youll get a pet Mom said patting my head. You still need to grow up, Chelly Ryan said ruffling my hair .

Where in the world did he come out from?

e still growing too Elisa snapped at him hitting his hand off my hair

Whoa, easy, Elisa, since when did you start protecting her Ryan asked nursing his hand

Since when you started tormenting her Elisa snapped at him again

I do the protecting , so fierce he said walking away and clicking his tongue

You didn have to be so fierce said Derek as he walked toward us with the others

I can just watch an innocent person get torture by the way its my best friend she said

So fierce, Elisa chill, no guy would want to like a fierce girl Nickolas said putting his arm over her shoulder

Who need a guy to like me when I have three guys as my best friends Elisa said subconsciously playing with Nickolas fingers which hung over neck, she was fond of playing with ones fingers since we all met, that was when I was around two weve grown use to it, Nickolas let her play with his fingers.

Aren we doing it again? Isabella asked calmly as she could but it still sounded harsh but weve gotten used to her unnecessary sassy act, I just hoped that I don get in fight with her one day because I might unleash my country girl strength on her.

What a moment spoiler

Chelly pick Terence said stretching out his arm in a fist

You know I hate guessing, just this once I said an choose the left, he opened it and it was empty.

You are so bad at guessing Terence said playfully pinching my cheek with his free hand. He always pinch me like that anytime I got something wrong or I did something wrong but he did it only to me no one else. I got to admit I like feeling special, selfish right?

Just open your hand I grumbled, he open his other fist and there was a object sitting in his palm, it shone like a pink sun, it was a peach bangles which could have cost a fortune since we didn live near to the sea.

Happy birthday Chelly Terence said as he took my right arm to wear it on my wrist. I always like when he calls my shorten name it sounds as if he says cherry.

How much does it cost I asked admiring the object on my wrist

We bought it… Derek was cut off by spank from Nickolas, those two were best friends like me and Elisa which makes Terence feel left out but you can help it. Terence was a year older then us we were eight, he was nine, he was like our caregiver in our friendship circle.

Its a birthday present from us to you Nickolas said as grabbed Derek by the neck

Then I would use it well I said giving a huge smile

Elisa you have to give Chelly a personal birthday present as her best friend Terence said as usual so mature.

But I didn prepare anything, what should I do? Uh, lets say the doll is your present Elisa said pointing at the doll in my hand

Ok, then I would accept it, Elisa, did you hear that? I said to the doll Elisa, lifting it with my two hands as if it was a baby

Elisa? all chroused

What? I asked innocently

I said name her not give her my name Elisa said

Like I care?, I beside I love the name I said and continued playing with Elisa.

Soon people started reducing until it remained only me and Elisa. We waited for me dad to come back with my birthday present. I was so anxious, curious and excited at the same time that I kept asking Elisa what he would get for me. Finally my dad came back.

Hey, my little baby girl, Ryan it looks like she got a little more pretty My dad, Brandon held up my jaw moving my head to show Ryan who snuffed

I get more handsome everyday Ryan said rolling his eyes and I sticked my out to him he would chased after me but he met my dad glare so went to seat on the couch.

Dad, you left this morning without wishing me happy birthday I said faking an anger

Aww, my little girl is still angry at dad. If I give you what I bought for you will you forgive me? he asked without hesitation I nodded. I brought out a small flat pink box which had a purple ribbon on it, I quickly undid the ribbon and opened the box, in it laid an ice blue book which had small padlock and key at the edge, I took it out of the box to examine it.

Do you like it dad asked I nodded giving a smile

But whats this? I asked not knowing why a book would have a padlock on it.

its a diary, dummy Elisa said snatching it from me and examining it

its more beautiful than mine sh said in excitement. She seems more happy than me that got the present but honestly I was kind of disappointed I was hoping for maybe a pony or something, not a diary I didn know how to use.

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