Perfect For Me


Michelle POV

Being just a kid with small knowledge of things never knowing the real reason of my dad gifting me a diary as my eighth birthday present. Two years is gone since I last saw it, I never knew the use or importance until today, the day that Elisa explained the use. She came over at noon and Ryan just left for his friends house since its weekend.

Whats on? Elisa asked

You are asking as if I am meant to tell you something interesting I said and she nodded happily

So sorry to disappoint you I said and smile while she formed a disappointed face.

What about your diary? Elisa asked

I don know where it is, is it important I said nonchalantly

Hell yeah, it is, so go upstairs and find it Elisa said with a little command tone.

I went upstairs into my room and started searching through my book shelf, wardrobe and later found it under the bed foam,

”I wonder how it ended there ” I thought to myself.

I headed downstairs and handed it over to Elisa, she excitedly opened it its empty she said as her excitement turned to disappointment again. What am I supposed to write in this? I asked not getting why she so all about it. Secrets, the most embarrassing things, what you
e expecting and many other things Elisa said exhausted if explaining to a slow wit like me.

Ok, let me teach you how to use it Elisa said as she got herself together for someone like me who don understand a thing, Start with writing about yourself, your friends, how life have been like you are telling it someone Elisa explained until I started writing, I wrote:

Hey diary,

Im a novice when it comes to seeing your importance and my best friend, Elisa is here trying to explain but sincerely I don get it, Im just doing as Im told. My life is well, even if we live in the city but everything is fine here, the air here is fresh even friendship is fresh everyday. Im the second child of my parents. My best friends are Elisa, Terence (Rence), Derek, Isabella (Bella), Nickolas (Nick). They are like another part of me that can be easily separated but I love Elisa most not trying to pick favorite but if I could. I think I try right?

As I finished, Elisa grabbed it from my hand to read it. Aww, its good, now you are getting, slow wit Elisa teased and we laughed. From then I started using it as a companion and saw its importance and why teenagers take it serious. The memories of last two years flooded my head as I felt the bangles on my wrist, the bangles act as my calm when Im nervous or scared it makes me feel like all my best friends are close to me. Today is one of the days I needed to write you in my diary.

Hey diary

Today wasn a good day, I had a fight with Ryan and I lost. The fight began when I came downstairs from my room this evening, I found the TV on and on a station I didn like so I took the remote from the centre table and changed it to a cartoon channel it wasn long Ryan came to the sitting room and claimed he was formally there before he changed it to the previous station. I stood my ground that I didn meet anyone here. Ryan said he went to the bathroom and when he came back he met me there. He snatched the I remote from me and I stood on my toes as he kept it out of my reach and we started shouting and dragging the remote, that happen to wake my mom who was having nap up. She confiscated the remote and grounded us from watching TV for a whole week. Its not fair! Im angry that I can even sleep, let me do my assignment that I planned on doing tomorrow

18th October 2011


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