Perfect For Me

CHAPTER EIGHT: Old friends are bound to meet

Michelle POV

I didn know you are my neighbor I said surprised when Charlie enter the elevator with me

Im not just your neighbor Charlie said as he pressed ”8 ” on the button pad.

You are my nextdoor neighbor! I exclaimed totally surprised

So you knew me thats why you helped me fit in? I asked suspicious

Not exactly, your mom asked me to and I had fun doing it

So youve spoken to my mom?

Yeah, alot and sometimes she tells me about you?

The elevator dinged open and we step out. Ill miss you but there seems not to be any other way, Ryan, look at mom, look at me and say a proper goodbye a familiar voice said it was my mom pleading to two people at the door, I think it was Dad and Ryan.

”When did he get home? Did he ditch me? ”

Whats happening here I asked mom as I reached the door, Ryan turned and went inside. Whats with all the luggages? Why are are you crying? I continued to ask series of questions and didn know when tears dropped from my eyes, I even forgot that Charlie was still standing there.

Sweetie Mom called cupping my little face in her palm. Don worry everything will be fine, just look after you Dad and brother, they won be emotionally stable for a while, I would be gone for a while but surely I would be back Mom said with a smile but a tear dropped from her eyes.

Mom, you
e crying I said making her consciously wiping it off

Mom is not crying, its hot here so my eyes are sweating Mom said feeling my cheek

But mom where are you going? I asked still not getting why she she carrying a big bag.

Im going for a reforming trip so take care Chelly Mom said before pulling the bag into the elevator with her, I ran towards her and hugged her

I will miss you, mom, come back fast I said in tears before letting her go.

Charlie, come I need you to do something for me, Chelly go inside, your food is in the microwave Mom said and I went inside.

It was oddly silent, the TV was on and Ryan was blankly staring at it, I left him to himself even though I knew something was up. I took my food from the microwave and joined him, I change the TV channel to his favorite channel to bring him back to earth but he had gone to far in his thought. It was the first time I saw him his scared.

Ryan, whats going on? I asked after enduring it enough

The video he murmured

Video? I asked curiously

No, I meant the TV lets watch your favorite show instead Ryan said covering his leak and I didn pester him.

No, since you
e feeling down, lets watch yours I suggested

No, I feel like laughing, you know my favorite channel is documentary, lets a comedy movie Ryan said and we watched ”Mad house ” I laughed alot but Ryan laughed a bit, it seems like he was forcing it.

Dad didn come out of his room till around 10pm, he came out to grab snacks and he looked pale so I didn bother to ask him any question. I went to check on Ryan, he was staring blankly at the wall. I sat beside him then he laid his head on my lap and burst into tears so I slowly brushed his hair with my palm.

Hey diary,

Today seems to be bad day for everyone including Ryan, who is always tough with sad emotions. Im the confused person here I don really get what is happening and I can ask questions, I think its better not to ask and be by their side. Mom left for a long reforming trip, thats what she told but I don really believe that I would just pretend to and wait until they are ready to tell me. Today was a rough day and I cried. I want to sleep and believe that everything is just a dream and when I wake up mom would be preparing my favorite beacon and pineapple juice.

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