Personal Taste

Take me with you.

”Cmon Cordae, its time for the delivery. Quit delaying and hurry up! ”

”Ah relax Sarah maam. Ill do it, so just uh, relax? ” She replied with smiles on her face. She worked at a chicken restaurant and made all kinds of chicken deliveries. Cordae had always been known to be that cheerful-kinda girl, even her boss could attest to that. Her sisters surgery made her all gloomy and extremely worried for a while, but all was okay now. Kookie was finally out of danger and was equally discharged few days ago.

”Wait, its been more than a week since after the surgery ” Cordae realised.

She had resumed her job right after her younger sisters surgery because she knew what was coming for her in few days. She worked day in and out at a chicken restaurant, but knew fully well that the pay she got daily wouldn in fact be able to clear her debts, even if she worked two times daily for three months!

Cordae heaved a sigh as these thoughts ran haywire in her head. She was extremely tired of all this and just wanted a break. But she knew extremely well that a break was totally impossible at this moment. Lost in her very own thoughts…

”beeeeppppp! ”

A BMW car stopped less than a meter away from her.

Cordae held the brakes of her scooter, but it was a little too late as her scooter fell down with her still in it. She got up and lifted her bike and tried to start it, but it seemed like the scooter had a mind of its own as it wouldn comply. ”Darn it ”.

”You!! ” she turned towards the car. ”How dare you? Can you drive? Or can you see? Go get yourself some recommended glasses if you can . You don just go about driving if- ”

”Thats her, get her! ”

”Wait, w-what? ” She squinted and peered closely through the cars windscreen. ”Oh my God ” she muttered under her breath as soon as she realised who it was. Almost immediately, the passenger and back seats flung open respectively, releasing four, heafty, ”scary ” men.

”Its them! bu-but I thought I had like 3 days left, so whats this? ” she kept on asking herself.

”Excuse me sirs, I don understand, get who? The other kind sir gave me two weeks, so whats this? I promised that Ill pay and- ” she was cut short as the men ran towards her.

”Oh no, no noooooooo. This is bad. ”

”Can we just talk things out? ” she yelled. ”Or not… ”

Cordae ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

The goons were just few foots away from her and would eventually catch up to her anytime soon. She turned back every 7 seconds only to see them drawing closer towards her.

”I am sooooo done for, oh my God ”

Cordae kept on running. she had already gone down a few blocks and was extremely exhausted. She turned back again and they didn seem to quit chasing her anytime soon.

”Ah shit. ” she muttered. ”I always knew I was going to die soon, but I didn know it was gonna be like this!!! ”

She ran a few more metres and as usual, turned back to check the pace. She saw them gaining up on her. Turning towards her direction once again, she missed her step and she slipped. Whirling her arms to regain balance, she pitched towards the floor. Throwing out a hand to stop the fall, she felt a sharp wrench of pain in her wrist. ”Ouch! ” she cried!

”Are you okay? ” she heard a voice ask. She flinched back from the coldness in his voice. She followed the sound of the voice and it led her to a figure. A really pretty figure!

But there was just one thing, this stunning creature was glaring at her. His eyes were hostile, making her wish that the floor would just open and swallow her. If only looks could kill, then shed be dead long before the goons would catch up to her because the way this pretty figure was glaring at her was something else!

”Are you okay? ” he asked again. This time, with a slight change to his voice. Cordae realised that she had landed on his feet. ”No wonder he glared at me like he was gonna eat me or something ” she said to herself.

”There she is! ” Cordae looked back right then and there. ”Get her! ”

She turned towards the beautiful looking creature. His cold eyes glimmered with a dangerous light that was enough to send shivers down anyones spine.

”Help me. ” she whispered.

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