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”Help me ” He heard her say. Her voice sounded so tender and more like a whisper, but he could deduce what she meant from the movement of her lips. ”She looks so innocent ”, he thought, ”so why on earth are these kinda people after her? ”.

Liam squatted till he got to the level she was at. He looked closely at her and with keen interest like he was trying to solve a puzzle of some sort. ”And she doesn look dangerous either ” he thought to himself again. ”But then, she might actually be with them. This happens almost everytime. They pretend to be in danger and then you get mugged while trying to help them and yadda yadda yadda… ”

”Scoff. Another day, another drama ” he said out loud this time. Standing up, he turned and walked towards his car.

”Drama? what? no no mister, please- ”

”There! grab her. ”

Cordae turned towards the direction which she came from and saw them. They were right in front of her this time. ”They didn look his scary back then when I was being chased, oh boy! ” she muttered right under her breath.

”You are so dead woman! How dare you put us through all this? Now Im gonna kill you before the boss gets his hands on you. Who do you think you are to mess with us like this? Huh? ” he raised his hand in the air.

Cordae knew what exactly was coming the instant she saw him raise his hands. She shut her eyes real tight and waited patiently for the slap to land right across her face but…

”Wait, why isn it coming? ” she asked herself.

Squinting, she saw someone right in front of her. ”who is that- ” she thought.

Liam didn know why he turned back, but he did. He didn know why exactly he decided to meddle in something that clearly wasn his business, but he did meddle. ”Sigh ”.

Standing right in front of the girl who had shut her eyes obviously in fear of what was to come, he held the hand that was about to hit her. ”I wouldn dare, if I were you ” He said. His cold words were accompanied with a smirk: a devilish one.

Cordae heard his cold, husky and deep voice and flinched as though she was the one the man was talking to.

”And who on earth do you think you are to interfere in our matter? Let go of my hand now!! ” He tried to struggle to break loose, but that only seemed to make make matters worse as Liam tightened the grip on his wrist.

He tilted his head and slightly looked backwards, the smirk on his face slowly reappeared. ”Are you okay, babe? ”

Cordae choked on her saliva the moment she heard him. ”Babe- Im babe? ” she asked herself.

”Uh ye-yes. Yes sir- I mean boo. Yes babe, Im okay ”

”Oh wow, shes okay. How lucky are you? ” Liam asked now facing the goon, his hand still wrapped round the goons wrist.

”We only came to get our money from her, nothing more! Now let go of my arm ” the man yelled. The rest of the goons could do nothing but watch because that was basically the safest thing to do at that moment, as the look on Liams face was good enough to end someone in an instant.

”Money? ”

He turned back again, finally letting go of the goons hand, he faced Cordae. ”I-i can explain ” she said.

Cordae tried to get up, but she couldn . Turned out that she sprained her ankle right after she fell.

”Ouch! ” she winced in pain and fell as she lost her balance.

Liam took one big step and in a second, Cordae could feel his warm hands around her waist, aiding her balance. Her slightly exposed belly caught his attention and the next second, Cordae could feel something cover her. ”Yeah you shouldn go around dressed like this, at least not alone ” He whispered into her ear whilst covering her with his tuxedo.

Clearing his throat, he turned to the goon in charge. ”How much are we talking about here? ”

”Uh… One million. But I promised to pay back, and the deadline is still few days away. So- ” Cordae chipped in but was cut short as Liams voice startled her.

”One million. One million? ONE MILLION! You almost hit her just for one million? ”

”She knew what exactly she signed up for. So don raise your voice at me. Reprimand your girlfriend instead. ” the goon snapped back.

True, she knew what exactly was in store for her the moment she went to loan sharks for help, so why- he asked himself.

”Mhmm, give me 2 minutes ”.

”Ill be right back, babe. Stay here and don move ” he said to Cordae and gave her yet, another devilish smile. But just as he turned towards the direction of his car, Cordae tugged his shirt.

”Don leave me here, Mister. Take me with you ” she said in a whisper.

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