Pilkhuwa DungeonMy Girlfriend is my system

Chpater 3-Struck In The Dungeon

(Who is the weakest?) Mr.dhruv asked

Everyone starts looking at me. I know that I am weakest but do you have always reminded me that. Before anyone can say anything. There is an idiot who comes from crowd and point at me and says.

(Sir Veer, He is the weakest)tarun says

I am just thinking where this idiot is, and now he comes out of the crowd and doing his usual work of insulting me.

(What even I do to you?) I think cursing him in my mind

(Sir Veer can you guess how weak he may be?)tarun says to dhruv touches his face with his finger striking a thinking pose before answering

(Maybe level around 30)he guesses

Please don do it, why are you even playing this game.

(No sir, he is at level zero, and he doesn even have a system. He is a systemless)tarun finally finish insulting me before going where his friend are standing.

Mr.dhruv looks at me with surprise expression.

(Is it true?)he asks me

(Yes)I agree

(What are you doing here?do you have a death wish)he asks

(I just have gone in dungeon by any method, and I am not planning on dying)I answer him

(Why are you so fixed on going in dungeon?)he asks

(I don know)I answer honestly because I just an urge to go there but don know why I want to go there and what I seek from dungeon.

He shrugs and says

(I am going to protect you from any danger, So don worry being powerless)he assured me

Now after some questioning we are finally now going enter the gates of dungeon.

(Everyone use your level upto 20,It is more than enough to be untouchable from level 1,2,3 monsters)dhruv commands

Everyone starts using their level limiter to use their level 20.

Every system has different working panels.

Some have voice command like riya while some have use their hands to control their panels manually and others are mind controlled etc.

Everyone is now using level 20 of their total levels.

Now everyone starts to enter the dungeon.

I am standing at the last position from entering the dungeon.

When I enter the dungeon everything including the spaces starts to dislocating from its very fiber and when I cross door of the dungeon.

I see in front of me a cave like structure with blue walls. And everyone is standing in corner waiting for something while Mr.dhruv is standing in front of everyone.

When I start to go towards them suddenly I feel like earth is shaking and the gate of dungeon from which I come from start turning red from blue. And whole dungeon starts shaking.

(What is going on?)some students asks ms.dhruv

(I don know, the dungeon never reacts like this before, I will investigate it later everyone fast leaves the dungeon for now)he says while guiding everyone to gate of dungeon.

First student tries to leave the dungeon from the red gate, but he feels like some force is pushing him back into dungeon.

(It is looks like we are trapped for some time)Mr.dhruv says

I look at his face and think that maybe he is seriously worried about us and when I look at everyone. I am a little bit surprised, but everyone looks like they are doing fine because there is no fear in them and no one is panic.

(There is nothing to be feared from level 1 of the dungeon, and We are the students of the one of the most elite schools in world we will find a way out of this)a student says

I think they are right because it is not like dungeon is acting weird just because we enter it, and we are on level one there are monsters even I can deal with a weapon.

(Abhi, come here and don go anywhere without me)riya called me and says that I am forbidden from roaming around

I stand there while dhruv and our teacher are thinking what to do and while they were thinking that

(Abhi, you finally come)a sweet voice calls my name

I turn around and try to look where this voice comes from, but there is no one there.

(Riya do you hear any voice?) I ask my friend

(No)she shooks her head

I swear it was not my imagination.

(Abhi, please come to me now, I miss you too much)voice again says

(Riya, do you really don listen anything)I ask again

(No, seriously)she says again worrying about her friend.

While everyone is looking at different places of the dungeon, I think something is wrong and asks Mr.dhruv about it.

(Sir, I read in our books that in the level 1 of the dungeon there is silver wolves range from level 5-8 with a quick spawning rate, but there is not a single one here)I ask

(I am thinking the same, if it is a normal day of the dungeon. We maybe saw around 7 wolves till now but something is very wrong)he answers

I got back to riya, and we start looking around the dungeon, but suddenly there is a loud howls voice coming from everywhere in cave and in the dark areas of the dungeon there are some red eyes glowing in the corner of the walls of the cave.

(Everyone stands on defense)Mr.dhruv says

Everyone takes weapons from there storage and riya throw me a dagger.

(You don need to do anything just stay close to me, it is for just in case)she says

(Ok, I will do as you say)I reply

Then a silver wolf appears with red eyes and starts running at us.

A student comes forward with a spear in his hand and attack the wolf, but it dodges it and attack at student, but before it can damage the student a spear of water strikes him at his legs and loses his balance and falls.

(How can this wolf dodge this attack, I am on level 40, and I used my level 40 on my limiter)That boy says

Something is wrong This wolfs suppose to be on level 6 and maximum on level 10 but This wolfs are not on that.

Ms.dhruv goes near that wolf and before killing him, he uses an appraiser artifact on him. And after seeing its result he becomes so shock that his mouth left open.

(What happen ms. Veer how much level those creatures are?)one of the teachers asks

(This is not supposed to be happened, they are on level 80 and maybe more, this one is weak in comparison to those who is still hiding in the dark)ms.dhruv says while looking at dark.

Everyone for first time since coming to dungeon shows a clear face of fear.

Then suddenly some wolves starts to roar and howl. After sometimes they all start coming toward us.

I subconsciously start to count how many are they.


These are forty beasts like this.

And we are only twenty students with a B-grade veer and some teachers.

(We are in some big trouble)Ms.dhruv says while summoning his spear and commands his system

(Unlock my all level up to 91)and after using all level he can use, he also told us to use our maximum power.

Every student starts to command their system to use their all levels they can use.

(Abhi, don move an inch from me)riya said while using her 64 levels


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