Until now, all you can do is stay silent and accept all the bad treatment from people who don like her.

To be precise, they did prefer to bully some weak people who couldn fight back and looked pitiful.

This time Andara couldn even run. She left her thesis guidance package in an empty lecturers room, and when she passed one of the rooms on the second floor, she accidentally ran into Jessica and several other students who were also walking out of the room.

Andara immediately lowered her face, pulling her long hair to cover her pimples.

Jessica and her other friends, seeing Andara, who was about to pass her, immediately stopped by standing in front of her.

”Where are you going? Are you here on purpose? You want to be a spy, huh? ” Jessicas accusation was met with a quick shake of the head from Andara.

”No, no, thats… I took the book I left behind. ” Andaras voice trembled.

Another woman standing next to Jessica looked at Andara with disdain.

”Jess, shes your friend. I just found out that on our campus, there are crazy acne-prone girls, lots of them! ”

Suddenly Jessicas other friends burst out laughing.

”Heh, theres no need to pretend you don know this geek who wants to be beautiful. ”

Andara feels tired. She wanted to get out of here right away.

”Sorry, Im in a hurry, ” Andara whispered as she took a step forward, and Jessica held Andara back again.

”Whats the hurry, huh? By the way, this child has been on our campus for almost four years, and the only one with acne like her is her, so don pretend you don know. Its not funny. ”

”My death hurts when I see your face full of pimples. Indeed God can give you beauty. Im sure your mother regrets giving birth to you, ” said Jessica, which was followed by a satisfied laugh at the end of her sentence while laughing together with her other friends.

Several people laughed along, and only a few looked at Andara with pity, who still kept her face down.

Andara, with two hands, was holding the part of her backpack that she was carrying, clenched tightly.

”Don bring your parents, ” Andara replied, raspy as if something was stuck in her throat.

One of Jessicas friends came closer to Andara and pushed Andaras shoulder hard, causing her to take a step back.

”Im just as disgusted as you. Even knowing that bad women are on this campus makes my feelings worse. This famous campus has ugly students. And if you realize that you are not beautiful, you don have to fantasize about being beautiful. Its a good thing you
e alive. ”

The laughter of Jessica and her friends became a terrifying backdrop for Andara.

Dare to run, which unfortunately was immediately arrested by one of Tyas friends.

”Pull into the toilet; let her see her face there. ”

You can not escape from the grip of the two people who hold both sides of her arm firmly.

She screamed and begged to be released, which, unfortunately, was ignored by them.

The lecturers room on the second floor is always quiet, especially during home hours like today.

After being in the toilet, Jessica immediately pushed Andaras back in front of the sink and quickly pulled Andaras long hair up. She was forcing her to look in the mirror.

”Ah… look at that face, tsk. ” Jessica got goosebumps looking at the face reflected in the mirror. The red face and full of small and large pimples were visible there. There was even white that looked like pus.

”Let go, please. I don have any trouble with you guys. Let me go, and Im sorry if I made you angry, I beg you. ” Andara pleaded.

Annoyed, one of Jessicas friends released a grip on Andaras hair, and the others moved to fetch water from the toilet, which quickly splashed it on Andaras body.

The two people who held Andaras two arms immediately let went when another friend gave a code to get out of the way.


Wet. Part of Andaras body was damp, and her hair was splashed.

Even though it doesn smell, its wet state like this will only raise many questions in the minds of those who see it.

Suddenly Andara was shocked and fell silent with the cold water splashed on her.

Her clothes were wet. Even water had entered her body.

It made her unable to hold back tears.

”Why, why… I have never done anything wrong to you, nor bothered you! ” shrieked, leaning against the edge of the sink, terrified.

Andaras face paled. Her body stiffened, and she buried her head between her knees in extreme fright.

Jessicas friends laughed, amused seeing Andaras clothes wet.

”Feel it. Isn it good to have this hot weather, and you don need to clean anymore? We will help make you comfortable with your wet clothes. ”

Jessica stared blankly and just shook her head with a made-up expression of pity

”Oh my gosh, its wet. If you don say enough, we don have a problem helping you clean yourself, and it doesn have to be your face. After all, your presence is annoying. Ugly, wrinkled, not pretty. So, disgusted. I don want to see you, but you keep appearing like a demon. ”

The other girls had expressions of surprise, covering their mouths while holding back their laughter.

Unlike Andara, she couldn hold back her tears. Fear creeps up.

Rose, one of the other women, walked quickly and pulled Andara out from under the sink.

”AArrgghh… it hurts!! ” she shouted and dragged across the dirty toilet floor.

”Rose… her clothes are getting dirty, don be too mean, ” scolded the others, but with a happy expression to see their victims, Andaras body shook while her crying voice sounded pathetic.

Jessica laughed most contentedly.

”You are ugly, and you don need to go back to campus, do you understand? Just stay at home, be a sweet child. My eyes hurt when I have to see an ugly woman like you here. The campus is too sorry for you who came in from the start, you disgusting thing. ”

Jessicas words hurt Andara, but she couldn do anything about it. She knows that Jessica has a brother who owns this campus.

Talking to lecturers or campus officials will only look for things.

”Flood again! I think shes still not satisfied with playing in the water. ”

Jessicas other friends looked at each other, confused because Andara was already wet enough.

”Why are you still silent, flush I say. You don have ears! ”

”But isn she already wet enough, Jess? Pity? ”

Jessica smirked and looked at her friend with a matte look.

”Oh… you
e sorry, or want to take a bath with her, you see! ”

Several pairs of eyes coded to their friends not to say anything.

”Jessica, Laura was just joking, don take it seriously. ”

”Make me not in the mood. Now I say flush or not? Or you flush, ” she pointed at Laura.

Lauras face was deathly pale, and she looked scared at Jessica.

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