e me qualify as some designer or something.

We talk about a lot of things. I have never met Alexanders family. Turns out they are only two children. Sofie is the last born and already doing her final year in business school. Their dad passed away some two years ago, they are left with their mother who also attended the ceremony. I can wait to see what she looks like. I hope she is not as strict and bitchy as my stepmom.

Ooh, I didn tell you, my mum passed away, so my dad married Kendras mum who was my step. Ever since. They were not officially married instead it was a fling but my mum was the official wife. That is not my story.

”What about you? Why don you tell me anything about yourself? ”

It will be sad to tell someone like Sofie that I haven even started my university and I am here playing the perfect sister to Kendra while I wait for the leftover that she is going to give me as my payment.

”Well, I love being on social media and I have a boyfriend. ” that sounds so stupid. Was it j must I talk about Josh? Talking if Josh, why hasn he called me after he didn find me?

Sofia smiles and parts my shoulder. We head out of the washroom and crush on Josh from where is no washroom. I raise my brows but I don want to start this little argument with him right now. I introduce him and his lusty eyes never behave, he looks at Sofies ginger-red hair and petite body. Its good to appreciate something good, I mean, Sofie is beautiful, she has long lashes on her eyes lid and her eyebrows are nicely shaped. Sofie glares at me when she catches Josh watching her.

I excuse Josh and walk with Sofie, it won hurt to have her by my side for a while. I quickly check with the cameraman in case there are any special photos so that I can post them on Kendras wall.

”This is sweet, so you manage your sisters social media? ” Sofie asks me and I nod. This is the only thing that I am proud of. She watched as I edit everything and give it a captivating caption.

”Damn, you are good with words, I have something that I want you to manage, but after this, do you think you wi be able to work on it? ”

Don tell me that I am already getting some recommendations. I quickly nod and she tells me to talk about it after the wedding. We stand in the front line with her hands in mine as we watch Kendra and Alexander feed each other the cake. I don know why Sofie dragged me forward, I hate it. This gives Alexander an upper hand when he is doing his thing. He keeps staring at me while his other eye is likely looking at Kendra.

We sit down and as a family, they are supposed to feed us the cakes. I turn around to look for Josh but he is just on his phone, I don know what he doing or who he is talking with.

Sofie drags me to her family table and her mother Is there staring at both of us. Her mother has black hair to mean that Sofie inherited the hair from her dad. She doesn look anything like her mother. Maybe for the cat eyes.

”Mum, see who I met, She is Kendras sister. ” the lady smiles and stretches her hands at me. I quickly wipe my hands before stretching to meet hers. She has a firm grip and I shake her hands.

”Nice to meet you… ”

”Vanessa, ” I say quickly to save myself from her piercing gaze. Jeez, she can look into my soul. I don know what she can see but I hope, she doesn see that stupid soul of mine that wants his son to touch me inappropriately.

”The pleasure is mine, Mrs. White. ”

After that, Sofie sits me down and her brother walks with the cake in plates, his other hand is holding Kendras hands. When they get to us, Kendra feeds his family while Alexander takes the opportunity of feeding me the cake. I want to close my eyes but I don want to do that, it might raise suspicion. All that I am imagining is his hands on my lips as he was doing to Kendra. I quickly take the cake in and look at Sofie, I don want them to realize my blushing face, its so weird. Kendras eyes are on me, I don know what is wrong but seems like she doesn like me being with Sofie. I quickly zip my laughing mouth and place my hands on the phone.

When the dance time comes, Kendra and Alexander take the first dance, and they twirl to the song. Next is Sofie with Alexander. Mrs. White gave Sofie the first chance. After Sofie, It was Mrs white. I tried to look for Josh so that we can have a little dance but he is not anywhere near here. I look at my stepmom who is busy dancing with Kendra.

”Hey, its your turn to dance with your brother_in_Law, come here, ” Sofie drags me to Alexander whom we collide with but I quickly stand on my feet. Sofie mumbles sorry after she pushed me to his brother. Alexander smiles and I am left holding his hands.

Sofi winks at me and stands with her mother as they dance.

This was not supposed to happen, my heart is racing and if Alexander moves closer he will hear it. Good for him, he doesn move, instead, he stands still while waiting for me to move my kegs.

”Are you afraid of me? You have seen my ass a couple of times, don be ashamed to dance with me, ” he says as if its an easy thing. Does he know how its hard for me to concentrate with his images in my head all day? Fuck he must have enjoyed doing that in front of me.

”You are beautiful Vanessa, you are just beautiful, I want you to know that. Its not for any reason, its just for you to know that. I mean, look how youve got a great ass, and beautiful ocean eyes, you don care what someone says about you. Thats why I like you, know that. I know youve met my mum, she knows you and every day asks for you, hope she adores you the way Sofie adores you. ”

What? I have just met these guys today, what do they know about me? Nothing, he is just giving me propaganda, he wants me to feel like I am special. I know his family adores Kendra, she is like a snake and her word can lure you into thinking that she is special.

I want to say, thank you, but Kendra quickly walks in and separates us. Alexander winks at me and Sofie grabs my hands leading me to her mother who is standing next to me.

”Mum, you want to have a dance? ” Sofie asks her mother and I am left wondering why her mother would want to have a dance with me.

Her mother doesn reply instead, she grabs me and turns me around. Okay, this is not what I expected.

”You know, if you love someone, its okay to tell them how you feel. Don let anything hinder you from doing that, okay? ”

Fuck! Does she know that I… No, she doesn know that, its just an illusion. She lets me go and I am back to Sofie who takes me to the table and we get ourselves some food. We watch as everyone is enjoying before my stepmom joins us. She calls for me and I have to join her, Sofie waves and joins her mother at the other table.

”I will poke your eyes out, its either you stop looking at your sisters husband like that. What were you talking about? ”

Jeez, can she wait until we head home? Will she reprimand me every time? I know its wrong, what I did. I was not supposed to be with him like that. Plus this was a stupid feeling, I need to keep my head focused. Lets forget about him, he has a good body, yes but that doesn mean that I will get to ** him, I am Vanessa that is me and I will never get a portion of him.

”We were talking about nothing. ”

The next thing that I heard was the stinging on my cheeks. Yeah, I deserved that. Thinking that I will get to fantasies about Alexander is so stupid. I am done with that. I walk to the washroom and avoid her. You might be asking why I don talk back at her, I don need to. I am used to it. No one saw her raise a hand at me so I am good.

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