Priest Of Revenge

Theseus\' Quest Part 1

”Where am I? ” Eros asked as he found himself floating in plane made of blinding bright light. He didn know how long it has been since he was there, all he know that it was long enough to be compare on a humans life cycle. He was also unaware where he was being taken, but all he know was that it was far.

He fell in the ground, his face hitting the solid surface beneath him. Eros sat and rubbed the spot to where he hit his head. His head was tiled upward when he opened his eyes, what welcomed him stunned him for a moment. The sky above him looked different from what he had saw all throughout the years of his life—it was something that someone would not witness in their Earth if they weren using a high-tech telescope. Bright lights twinkled above the violet-shaded night sky, he could also saw not just one but two moons hanging from left to right and a shadow of a nearby planet was also observable between it.

No matter where he was, Eros knew that he was taken somewhere far away. The safety that he had felt when he was taken by the voice that spoke to him vanished, instead it was replaced with uneasiness and fear for this incomprehensible situation.

”Hello? ” he asked, trying to contact the voice who had spoken to him earlier, but to no avail he got no response.

He turned around and tried to observe his surrounding, he was surrounded by a black wall in three sides, the only option that he had was the path in his front. What Eros didn know was that he was in a labyrinth.

He looked up once again and saw something similar to comets falling from the sky not just one but a thousand of it descending towards the labyrinth. The fear that he felt intensified on the sight, Eros wanted to take the mysterious straight path but his instinct told him that it was dangerous to do so, so what he did was to wait. He sat in the ground and counted as he calmed himself.

1001, 1002, 1003…

Two minutes had passed when the voice finally started speaking. But this time he didn address Eros alone, instead his words seemed to be as if he was talking to many people.

”Greetings! Heroes of the 107th Summoned ” he exclaimed. ”I am the being responsible for taking you there. I have no exact name, but others called me Atlas. I know some of you had an inkling on the situation where you came to be. All of the participants inside the Labyrinth was selected based on their desires… you
e here because you wanted something so badly that you called upon my curiosity. ”

Eros shivered when he heard the voice. He wasn sure but at that moment despite not knowing where Atlas was, he could feel his eyes lingering on his body.

”I could guarantee that I could give what you want. But for you to have that you have to do something for me. ”

He scoffed when he heard it. Stupid why did I even fell from it, he said to himself. Of course, those kind of offers have something suspicious on them.

”And that is to save the world of Asheim from destruction… but to do that you have to beat the series of trails that I made. Because only those who faced the Trials would have a greater chance of defeating what defeated the first 106th Cycle of Summoned. ”

Somewhere in the labyrinth a man with blond hair was biting on his nails, shoulders shivering as he felt the black walls closing around him. He looked up and shouted, ”I wanted to go back! ”

He didn even know why he had accepted to offer to begin with. He was dumb, he should have known that the thing he wanted wouldn he given to him for free.

The voice came to a halt and said, ”going home was not an option. You would either play the game on your accord, or we would force you to play with it. ”

The blond guy grabbed on his hair as he hugged himself. The realization that he messed up finally came to him.

Eros gulped as he felt the gravity of the voice when it talked about forcing them to play the game. This Atlas was not joking when he said that he would forced them to play. He didn want to know what method he would used to force them to do it.

”Before we start the trials, the System would designate a hero-css to each of the player, this aren random as this was what the System thought to be most suited to you after analyzing your physique, intelligence and mentality. But if you feel like you don like your hero class, you would have the right to change it later on. ”

”Hero class transformation begin! ”

After Atlas boomed, a new voice can be heard inside the Labyrinth. Eros took a step back in shock as he listened to the mechanical female voice.

”Initializing hero class transformation. ”

”Hero class transformation started. ”

”100% before to complete. ”

A gauge appeared in the sky, it looked like the one Eros had seen in the loading screen of a game that he had played before. The bar was slowly filling up. It was now at 10%.

He stared at the gauge in anticipation, waiting for it to be completed.

”50% percent to complete. ”








”Congratulations! Hero class initializing complete. All Summoned Heroes would now be transformed to their suitable class. ”

Eros looked up and saw the sky above opened in holes, from it a burst of light came down from all directions of the labyrinth. From where he stood, he sa saw the sky opening just on the exact spot where he stood. What in the world is that!

He didn have much time to react, as the burst of searing light fall down upon him.

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