Chapter Three Hundred and One Achievements Beyond Gods

Zhongzhou, Yunning Island.

In an extremely majestic hall, Qin Ting sat on the ground, and countless dao patterns poured into his body from the void.

The magical medicine floated in the air in front of Qin Ting, and the medicinal power in the magical medicine was continuously absorbed and refined by Qin Ting and melted into himself.

In Qin Tings eyebrows, the magnificent life breath continued to stir, and the rolling medicinal power continued to make Qin Tings mana and physical body continue to grow.

And Qin Tings spiritual sense is also constantly growing.

He is the Holy Son of Xuantian, and he cultivates the most profound classics. He has obtained infinite fortunes, and has eaten countless treasures from heaven and earth.

At a young age, he was a strong man in the shrine realm, and the spiritual sense he has cultivated now is not as strong as that of a virtual god.


In the shrine between Qin Tings eyebrows, in the central hall of the shrine, another avatar of a god emperor suddenly appeared.

Wearing the emperors robe, his eyebrows are the appearance of Qin Ting, the shadow of the emperor, the dragon Qi and the Phoenix Qi entangle the whole body, suppressing the world!

The ghosts of the gods in countless shrines worship this great emperor, chanting the profound meaning of the mysterious scriptures, and honoring the emperor.

Alongside the incarnation of the previous god emperor, they will sit in Qin Tings shrine together!

In this way, the shrine that Qin Ting has built has two god emperors incarnate!

And Qin Tings mana has doubled from before!

If others see it, they will be horrified to death!

You must know that only after reaching the God Transformation Realm can there be a god emperor phantom in the shrine.

But Qin Ting not only has a god emperor phantom in the shrine realm, but also has two god emperors who sit in the shrine together!

This kind of achievement can be called unprecedented, and no one has come since!

Qin Ting slowly opened his eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

A flash of color flashed in his eyes.

Those magical medicines collected in Xuanyu Daozuns mausoleum are indeed extraordinary!

These magical medicines are medicinal materials that have grown for tens of thousands of years, and have accumulated medicinal power for tens of thousands of years!

These terrifying medicinal powers were almost unbearable even with Qin Tings physical body!

Therefore, Qin Ting stopped after refining a magic medicine, and if he continued refining it, Qin Tings body would also be blown up by the magic medicine!

But even though it was just refining a magical medicine, the benefits to Qin Ting were enormous.

Qin Tings cultivation has reached the peak of the Divine Palace Realm!

It can be said that almost one foot has stepped into the False God realm!

This kind of cultivation speed can be said to be shocking to the world. You must know that it is only a few years before Qin Ting has just become a shrine.

And other cultivators are even geniuses of the arrogance level such as Holy Son Yuxiao.

If you want to cultivate from the early stage of the shrine to the peak of the shrine, you also need hundreds of years of hard work!

It can be seen that Qin Tings cultivation speed is terrifying!

Everyone in the world said that the Son of Xuantian was a super genius at the same level as the Son of Yuxiao.

They are wrong, Qin Ting will never be on the same level as others, no one can catch up with Qin Tings footsteps.

Qin Ting is the strongest genius of all ages!

And that magical medicine, Qin Ting has not completely refined, the remaining medicinal power is scattered around Qin Tings body, constantly transforming and strengthening Qin Tings body.

Now the strength of Qin Tings body is comparable to a holy weapon!

The Holy Artifact is the most powerful magic weapon in this world, and even the False God can destroy the Holy Artifact.

In other words, even if Qin Ting stood up and let the False God fight.

Chapter 164 Even the

False God can break through Qin Tings physical defense!

Todays Qin Ting has long been out of the category of cultivators in the shrine realm in all aspects.

Qin Ting got up slowly, stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes faint.

Wouldn it be a pity that a genius like me could not become a god just for the sake of worrying about the lives of those ants?

However, creating a troubled world is not so easy.

Even the turmoil in the Eastern Wilderness that year was driven by him under the right time and place.

If you want to start a troubled world, Zhongzhou is the top priority!

Zhongzhou is the center of the world. If Zhongzhou is in chaos, other places will be in chaos!

However, there are countless talented people in Zhongzhou, and there are countless peerless masters in charge. It is not easy to set off a catastrophe in Zhongzhou.

However, the more this is the case, the more excited Qin Ting is!

Heaven and earth are the chessboard, all living beings are the chess pieces!

Qin Ting was deeply intoxicated by this feeling…

However, the most urgent task at the moment is to integrate Xuanyu Daozuns mental method and Xuanyu Sutra into the Code of Gods.

The Xuanyu Sutra is the key for Xuanyu Dao Zun to go from a loose cultivator to a great cultivator in the God Transformation Realm.

After integrating the Mysterious Jade Sutra into the Code of All Gods, Qin Ting will be able to bear the eight major classics of the world!

Such a feat, I am afraid that even the gods cannot do it!

Chapter 302 Evil

God There is no time in cultivation, and Qin Tings retreat lasted for three years.

In the past three years, Qin Ting not only successfully integrated the Mysterious Jade Sutra into the Code of Gods, but also sorted out his own cultivation.

For a long time, although Qin Ting has closed many times, he has never closed for a long time.

Therefore, although Qin Tings cultivation base is tyrannical, he has not systematically sorted it out from beginning to end.

Now taking this opportunity, I finally adjusted my mana, physical body, spiritual sense and other conveniences.

Qin Ting let out a sigh of relief, he felt that his current state was better than ever!

If you encounter those five False Gods again, hehe, I am afraid that those five False Gods will not even have a chance to escape!

Qin Ting got up and walked out of the hall.

The maids outside the hall saw that the young master who had been in seclusion for three years was leaving, and they all said, ”Congratulations to the young master! ”

Qin Ting nodded slightly, indicating that he did not need to be more polite.

Bu Kun, Liu Yuanhao, and Elder Liu who heard the news also came to meet Qin Ting.

Qin Ting looked at the three of them slightly, and found that they had not seen each other for three years, and their cultivation had made a lot of progress.

Especially Liu Yuanhao, who is now at the pinnacle of the shrine realm, and the cultivation base in his body is extremely deep. It seems that half of his feet have entered the realm of the shrine.

Qin Ting nodded secretly, this Liu Yuanhao is worthy of being the son of luck, with a Yanyun spirit body.

This kind of improvement in cultivation is enough to be comparable to those top geniuses!

Liu Yuanhao was also extremely grateful to the son who avenged his great revenge. Since he surrendered to the son, the son has not only bestowed him the three thousand flame scriptures of the False God-level mind.

Moreover, in Yunning Island, there are countless treasures of heaven and earth for him to cultivate, so his cultivation is a thousand miles in a day, and the progress is extremely fast.

Such a great favor, really like his reborn parents.

Whats more, he was treated like this when he didn make any achievements, and he felt a little uneasy in his heart.

When Qin Ting saw Liu Yuanhao, his heart suddenly moved.

Liu Yuanhao was a native of Zhongzhou, and he was born into a big family. Naturally, he knew many secrets of Zhongzhou that others didn know.

Maybe, the opportunity to set off a catastrophe in Zhongzhou is in these secrets of Zhongzhou…

Qin Ting suddenly said: ”Liu Yuanhao, you come with me. ”

Liu Yuanhao was stunned for a moment, but he didn expect that the young master would call him, so he hurriedly followed Qin Ting to the hall.

Guessing in my heart, does the son have something for me to do?

Thinking of this, Liu Yuanhao secretly swore in his heart that he must do what the son ordered!

When he arrived in the main hall, Liu Yuanhao couldn wait to ask: ”Young Master, do you want to tell me something? Please also ask Master, Yuan Hao will do it well! ”

Qin Ting looked at the resolute expression. Liu Yuanhao couldn help being a little dumbfounded.

I not only plundered all of this persons luck value, but also destroyed the Wu family who regarded him as their home. I didn expect this person to be so grateful and loyal to him now, which is really good luck…

Qin Ting smiled slightly , said softly: ”I don have anything for you to do, but I want to ask you something. ”

Liu Yuanhao looked solemn, and said solemnly: ”Master, please, my subordinates must know everything and say everything. Qin Ting said lightly, ”

I didn know much about Zhongzhou not long after I first arrived in Zhongzhou. You were born in Zhongzhou, and you came from a great family. Do you know some secrets of Zhongzhou?

” I was interested in the secrets of Zhongzhou, but I didn take it to heart, I just thought that the young master was curious.

Liu Yuanhao thought for a while, and said, ”When I was young, I read a lot of files in the secret room of the Zhu family. I don know what secrets the son wants to know? ”

Qin Ting whispered: ”Zhongzhou is the world. The center has been quiet for a long time, I want to know if there has been turmoil in Zhongzhou? ”

Liu Yuanhao thought about it carefully, nodded and said: ”Although Zhongzhou has been quiet for a long time, although there have been annexations between countries and forces, it has swept the entire Zhongzhou. But there was no war. ”

”But 10,000 years ago, there was a catastrophe in Zhongzhou! ”

”Oh? ” Qin Ting raised his brows, quite interested, and smiled: ”Tell me. ”

Liu Yuanhao said solemnly: ”The dossier in the secret room of the Zhu family records that 10,000 years ago, a great devil appeared in Zhongzhou, claiming to revitalize the devils way and share the world with the profound way! ”

”Then The catastrophe swept the whole of Zhongzhou. That great devil is known as the Heretic God, and his cultivation base reaches the sky and the earth. He is the pinnacle of God Transformation, a powerhouse close to God! ”

”The Heretic God is leading, countless demon monks gathered under the Heretic Gods command, I don know. How many sects and dynasties have been bloodbathed by demons! In just a hundred years, half of Zhongzhou has been occupied by demons! ”

Chapter 303: Secrets of Zhongzhou Demons


Qin Tings eyes narrowed slightly, and he was no stranger to the word magic.

One way of cultivation, there are three thousand avenues, and the magic way is also one of them.

In the impression of the world, the way of magic is evil, but it is not.

At first, the magic way was just a kind of practice method. It was about freedom and freedom. It was a way of doing things that was free from the restrictions of secular ethics and samsara.

Its just that most of the magic tricks are hurtful, and they often need the blood of mortals as a guide, which is quite cruel.

In addition, there is no restriction on the cultivators original mind in the magic way. The cultivator cultivates the magic way, and the progress of the cultivation is too fast, and the state of mind cannot keep up, and it is easy to become lawless and go crazy.

So by now, magic has long been synonymous with evil.

And the cultivators of the magic path are also punished by everyone!

In ancient times, because of the fast cultivation of the magic way, countless monks joined the magic way, and the world almost became the world of the magic way.

Later, the monks of the other Taos who practiced joined together, called themselves Xuan Tao, and worked together to kill the Demon Tao, and then kept suppressing the Demon Tao cultivator.

Therefore, although the demon monks still exist, they have long ceased to be a climate. The demon sects on the bright side have long since disappeared, and the rest are all hidden demons.

Unexpectedly, there was a demonic counterattack in Zhongzhou 10,000 years ago. It seems that the evil god is indeed powerful.

Liu Yuanhao continued: ”After the demonic way occupied half of the country in Zhongzhou, the major holy places in Zhongzhou finally couldn sit still, and the holy places such as Yuxiao Palace, Tianfu, Baiyujing, Danxia Palace, and King Kong Sect took action.

” It has already become a climate, and coupled with the evil spirits, the ancestor of the devil, the major holy places in Zhongzhou have also been beaten and retreated. ”

”Even the old headmaster of the Yuxiao Palace at that time, a generation of spiritual monk Feng Zhenren, was seriously injured and died. And the masters of other holy places also suffered heavy casualties. ”

”So several major holy places went to Linlang Wonderland together, and I hope the real Jade Emperor can take action. ”

Qin Tings eyes narrowed, the real Jade Emperor…

He once had close contact with the real Jade Emperor . However, this real Jade Emperor is indeed a person with a cultivation base that reaches the sky, a powerful person close to God, and his strength is unfathomable.

However, Linlang Wonderland has never been concerned about world affairs. It is a place blessed by gods. Even if Zhongzhou is occupied by magic, the status of Linlang Wonderland will not change.

It is still the No. 1 Holy Land in Zhongzhou. This is the advantage of being blessed by the gods, and it is invincible!

Since the real Jade Emperor chose to take action, it seems that this evil god has also brought a lot of pressure to Linlang Wonderland…

Liu Yuanhao continued: ”After the real Jade Emperor came out of the mountain, he fought against the evil god for three months and shattered it. I don know how many dynasties have finally defeated the evil god. ”

”However, the evil god is worthy of being a peerless master at the peak of the gods, and a near-god powerhouse. Although the real Jade Emperor defeated the evil god, he was unable to kill him. ”

”Rumors The body and soul of the evil gods are no different from the gods, so even the real Jade Emperor can kill the evil god, so he can only suppress the evil god. ”

Qin Ting raised his brows: ”Suppression? ”

Liu Yuanhao nodded and said, ”The real Jade Emperor At that time, please invite the four major families of formations in Zhongzhou, the Li family, the Yun family, the Tong family, and the Kang family to jointly set up a

ban formation to seal the evil god somewhere. It is divided into four pieces of Taoism, and one family guards one piece of Taoism. ”

Qin Ting nodded slightly, the formation was one, with seal and solution, like yin and yang, coexisting with each other.

”After the evil gods were suppressed, the demons were headless, and they were soon wiped out, and they were lingering in the dark. ”

”But there is a rumor among the demons. ”

Qin Ting asked, ”What rumors? ”

Liu Yuanhao said, ”The rumors will Collecting the four fragments of the Taoist disk can lift the seal of the evil god, but these are all rumors among the loose cultivators of the devils way, and I don know how. ”

”Besides, the four great formation families all have virtual gods in charge . , the remnants of the devils way have long since become a climate, and naturally they can get the Dao disk fragments. ”

”And the evil god has been sealed for ten thousand years, without the support of spiritual energy, maybe it has already fallen. ”

Liu Yuanhao said again He said with a smile: ”It has been thousands of years since this matter, the evil spirits have long been forgotten by the world, not to mention people from other continents, even in Zhongzhou, most people already don know about it. ”

”Me too . When I was young, I saw it in the secret scrolls of the Zhu family, otherwise, I don know. ”

Qin Ting smiled and said softly: ”I didn expect such a past in Zhongzhou, you go down first. ”

Liu Yuanhao bowed respectfully and stepped back.

Chapter 165

Qin Ting looked at Liu Yuanhaos leaving back, and stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes faint.


But it can be used…

Chapter 304 A catastrophe is imminent!

Zhongzhou is the center of the world, and there are countless strong and capable people in charge. It is not easy to create chaos in Zhongzhou alone.

But if the evil god was cast out of the seal, it would be different.

The Heretic God is an existence at the pinnacle of the God Transformation Realm, and those who are close to the gods have the ability to drag the entire Zhongzhou to hell.

Moreover, the evil god has been sealed for tens of thousands of years, and Zhongzhou has long relaxed his vigilance.

Nowadays, people in Zhongzhou have almost forgotten that this incident is the best proof. Under such circumstances, they are quite sure of releasing the evil spirits.

The most important thing is that there is no doubt about Qin Ting, only those remnants of the devil who are lingering in the dark.

Who would have thought that a well-known and upright holy son would actually rescue an evil god who was enough to destroy the entire Zhongzhou…

Qin Ting sneered at the corner of his mouth, and a signal sent his entourage in.

After a while, Bu Kun, Elder Li, Elder Chen, Qin Guangtian and Qin Guangfeng, five of Qin Tings henchmen, came in.

They saluted, ”Young Master! ”

Qin Ting nodded slightly. These five powerful people in the Divine Palace were all his confidants and could be trusted.

As for Liu Yuanhao, Qin Ting did not call him.

First, although Liu Yuanhao has surrendered to him, Liu Yuanhao is a decent person and will definitely object to the release of the evil god.

Second, Liu Yuanhaos cultivation base is still in the realm of the altar, and it is of little use to this matter.

Although Elder Zhu of the Qianyuan Sect could also be used by him, he was an outsider after all, and Qin Ting could not rest assured.

Bu Kun and the others looked at each other in unison, and Qin Ting suddenly called them together, and they must be supported by something important.

Qin Ting smiled slightly and said softly: ”I called you here today because I have something for you to do. ”

Bu Kun and the others looked solemn, and said solemnly: ”Please instruct your son! ”

Zhongzhou, Kang family.

One way of practice, there are three thousand avenues, one of which is the formation method, which is quite famous.

In Zhongzhou, there are four great families of formation, the Li family, the Yun family, the Tong family, and the Kang family are equally famous, and they are the four holy places in the hearts of the formation monks!

The Kang family is one of the four great families of the formation, and it is also a big force in Zhongzhou.

There are countless strong people under the door, the three powerful gods are in charge, and the ancestor of the Kang family is a virtual god!

Among the many first-class forces in Zhongzhou, it is also outstanding, ruling over a dozen great dynasties, and the territory is not counted.

The Kang family was built in a mountain range, but outsiders could not find the exact location of the Kang family at all.

At this time, the Kang family was surrounded by a large formation.

As an aristocratic family of formations, the Kang familys family protection formation is very mysterious and advanced. Not only is its defensive ability top-notch, but it also has the effect of illusion.

If a cultivator with poor cultivation rashly steps into the Kang familys territory, he may get lost in it and die!

Such effects can even be regarded as a weakened version of the small world.

This is also the reason why the Demon Dao cultivator has not acted rashly so far. On the one hand, there is an old man of the Kang family, the False God, who is in charge, and he is courting death when he goes.

On the other hand, there is this big formation, and even the specific location of the Kang family cannot be found, so naturally, it can only be done in vain.

Within the territory of the Kang family, there are 100,000 mountains and countless spiritual mountains, which are peaceful and quiet.

Each spiritual mountain even has auras that gather into clouds, which will last for a long time. In the dense forest, there are countless spiritual fields, planted with various spiritual medicines, and one after another divine light flew through the air, shuttling like weaving.

There are continuous formations in Lingshan, and it is obvious that the strong men of the Kang family are setting up the formation.

The void is constantly being shaken by the formation, but the outside world is not at all different. That is because the protection of the guardian formation has isolated the Kang familys territory from the outside world.

In the center of Lingshan, there is an extremely majestic palace.

There, is the palace of the ancestor of the Kang family.

Inside the main hall, a white-haired old man is cultivating with his eyes closed. This old man is the ancestor of the Kang family, the False God of Megatron!

The ancestor of the Kang family suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a look of uncertainty in his eyes.

His heart, for some reason, was always a little uneasy…

The ancestor of the Kang family got up slowly, looked at the thriving Kang family, and shook his head slightly, it seemed that he was thinking too much.

Now that the situation in Zhongzhou is stable, those magic monks are just lingering.

Although he sealed the evil god back then, and even that evil god was terrifying, but now that tens of thousands of years have passed, even the ancestors of the Kang family have let go of their vigilance.

It has been 10,000 years, and that event should be completely over.


The ancestor of the Kang family frowned slightly, and his mood could not calm down for a long time.

He always had a feeling that a catastrophe was imminent, as if a cataclysmic catastrophe was about to happen…

Chapter 305 Terror came

to the Kang familys territory, outside the mountain gate.

Suddenly, several figures slowly appeared in the void, and the leader was wearing a purple robe, and his eyes were dimly looking at the majestic mountains of the Kang family.

It is Qin Ting!

And behind him, were the five powerhouses in the divine palace realm, including Bu Kun and Elder Li.

Qin Ting stood with his hands behind his back, smiled lightly, and said lightly: ”The Kang family really lives up to the name of the formation family, and this great formation of protecting the clan is somewhat mysterious. ”

Bu Kun, who was dressed in black, stepped forward and whispered. He said with a smile, ”Its a pity that in front of me, its still a turkey! ”

Qin Ting smiled lightly and put on a ghost mask, which seemed rather strange.

And Bu Kun, Elder Li, and other five powerful people in the shrine realm also put on masks one after another, hiding their true faces.

Qin Ting smiled slightly, and

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