”Dad,Mom,Big Brother Smoky, and Shion.

Im leaving. ” Giann said directly.

”What. ” they said in unision with a surprised tone.


Shion looked at her brother with a sad face as if she understood him.

”Why leave, Giann? ” Mom asked calmly.

”Mom, Its time for me to go see the world and challenge the inevitable. ” Giann proudly pounded his chest.

Mom ran to him while holding Shion and hugged him and chatted with tears.

”I guess its the time. ” Dad sighed and turned and looked at Smoky.

”Accompany your brother as you will go to the Empire and join the Army. ” Dad said to Smoky.

”Copy that, Dad! ” Smoky saluted to his Dad.

”Good boy. ” as he placed his hand on Smokys shoulder.

As they finished their farewells, Smoky and Giann rode their horses and took off.

As they traveled the vast valleys heading to the Empire.

As the night approaches, Giann and Smoky

set up their camp.

”Big Bro Smoky, thanks for going with me. ” Giann gratefully said.

”Its fine. Its also the perfect time for me to challenge my Tier 3 Promotion. ” Smoky sighed.

”Wont Shion be lonely? ” Giann asked.

”Mom and Dad got that covered. I will visit them once a week. How about you? ” Smoky replied while laying on the ground.

”I dont know. Im still weak. I dont know when but pls give them my regards when you go visit them. ” Giann sighed.

”Copy. Sleep now well leave in first light. ” Smoky said as he covered his hat on his eyes.

As the sun rised up, they already left their camp and arrived in Lightwing City in the Light Empire.

As they both arrived players and other NPCs filled the street.

Many vendors shouted their goods yet none of them made Giann lay his eyes on the goods.

As they continued going to the Army Camp,

a item displayed on the street caught Gianns eye.

It was a black cloak.

It wasn the appearance cared it was the attributes.

[Concealing Cloak, Concealment Accessory]

Hides the Players name and level.

Requirements: None

With this I can hide among players.

As he looked at the price hes eyes nearly popped out.


I can even rent a room of a 3 star hotel for 10 months!

While Giann was popping his eyes on the cloak.

Smoky went up to the store and bought it.

”Here! Youll need this where you will be going it is a good concralment item. But be careful, when a enemy with great Observation Skill this cloak will be useless. ” Smoky warned Giann while passing the cloak.

As Giann was about to thank him his brother intervened.

”You don have to thanks its natural for me to help my bro. Speaking of help, Dad and Mom gave me this so I can pass it to you. ”

said Smoky and handed a leather purse to him.

Mom and Dad thought.

As he saw the contents of the leather purse he saw 10 Gold laying there.

His eyes popped out and his jaws nearly dropped.


”Haha.Dont be too shocked Mom and Dads wealth will go beyond your wildest dreams. ” as Smoky chucked.

Giann ran up and hugged his big bro and said tearly ”Thank you. ”

”Just come back to us safely. ” Smoky hugged him back and with a tear on his eyes.

After the two brothers spoked their goodbyes.

Giann went and bought a horse and equipped the Concealment Cloak and rode off to a dark gloomy jungle.

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