It was just a normal day. I just finished my homework as I was about to open a game in my computer suddenly my vision turned black.

As I opened my eyes I can feel my body but I can move

It was so frightening as I saw the abbys and it feels like it was looking back at me.

I tried to shout if there was anyone with me inside this dark abbyss.

But after shouting several times

nobody or not a single sound replied back at me.

Did I get drugged or I just did unconscious.

”Crap! I forgot to delete my browsing history! My sister will definitely be grossed out if she sees it! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ” as I screamed thinking of my little sisters reaction.

So cringe!

”Your quite amusing for a human. As soon as you lost consciousness the first thing youll worry about is that your sister finds about your browser history. KAKAKA! ” a loud creep voice howled in laughter.

”WATAPAK!! Sheet of paper! What the fudge was that! ” I shouted.

”Hahahahaha! You really are amusing!

The answer why you
e here is that I have a game!

”A game? Who the fudge are you anyway? ”. I questioned at the abbys

”A very amusing game at that! As for who I am you can say that I am a very fun loving person. For other terms you can call me… Amused Abyss. ” the Abbys replied.

”Did you just came up with that name in the spot or what? ” I questioned cringely.

”I did not! ” Amused Abbys replied with a angry but embarrassed voice.

Seriously so cringe!

”Forget those trivial matters, as for the game. You will be transported to a virtual reality game on Earth, Divine Domain! For your objective, eliminate the Demon Emperor. For your reward, lets leave it a secret for now. So fun right? Hahahaa! ” Amused Abyss laughed once more.

”How about my body in the real world? ” I asked.

”Don worry about that. A small fragment of you consciousness will control your body. Now get going if you dont understand some rules. A guide will appear to you in the game. ” Amused Abyss explained.

A door with a deadly aura appeared rising from the Abyss.

I was so creeped out just looking at the sight.

”Are you sure this door doesn lead me to the world of the dead? ” I half heartedly joked.

”Do you want me to? ” Amused Abyss asked with a little anticipation.

”No thank you! ” as I opened the door and hurriedly entered.

After I left…

”Crap! I forgot to mention something important! Crap! I cant remember FUDGE! Screw! Im just gonna enjoy the show! Ahahahah! ” Amused Abyss howled once again in laughter.

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