After Giann opened the door his vision went dark once more.

”Wh-where am I? ” I asked but I cant speak this words as if something covered my mouth.

As I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was…


”What the hell?! ” I exclaimed but those words still can come out of my mouth of course I was sucking but even if i wasn I can still talk.

As I observed my body I was shocked.


My eyes widened and the gentle woman looked at me with gentle eyes and said

”Your quite amusing little one. Just like your father. ”

”Father? ” I wondered.

As I tried to remember what happened I only remembered when I was talking to Amused Abyss I can only remembered blur images before that.

Forget about those my head is going to twitch if I still keep remembering those.

”Your quite weird aren you. You
e not a crybaby like your big brother. ” The woman

said with little astonishment with her eyes.

”M-ma-mama! ” I strugglingly said.

”AAH! My babys first is MAMA! Hooray! ” Mama screamed with joy and danced while holding me.

”To celebrate my BABYS FIRST word Mama will show you a very special show tonight! ” Mama said with a proud expression.

The door suddenly bursted and a tall muscular man with grayish hair appeared holding a black sword and shouted

”What happened?! ” the tall muscular man shouted with panic.

And one young boy with grayish hair appeared also holding a wooden sword.

”Who dares cross our family?! shouted the young boy.

”Mama! ” I strugglingly said.

Eh? They both dazed.

”My baby just said his very first words and it was Mama! ” Mama sneered and sneered at the the tall muscular man.

”Show off. ” the muscular man said.

”What did you say? ” Mama glared at the muscular man.

”That jealous man there is your Father, Rain and the young boy there is you big brother, Smoky. ”

”P- Papa! B- Bwig Bwother! ” I shouted!

For some unknown reason I saw like a pink arrow shot the twos heart.

”Ugh! My heart is bumping so hard! ” Father shouted.

”I cant take the cuteness anymore! ” Big Brother Smoky shouted.

So cringe!

I opened my little mouth with awkward face.

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