As the cold night approaches.

Giann was currently held by his Mama.

As they went both outside the house.

”Giann your Mama will give you the show of your life. ” Mama smiled brightly and touched Gianns little nose.

As Mama finished speaking. We floated and flew to the stary skies.


”HOLY FUDDGGEEE! ” I inwardly screamed.

As soon as we reached a fixed altitude..

”Giann. This very night is your very first birthday and today is your first words. You
e are one of the most happy moments in my life. ” as Mama hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks.

My heart softened. I never thought of receiving this motherly love in my life. When I was young, my real mother left us brother and sister and our sickly father. Our father sacrificed his whole life to nurture us to the point where his sickness killed him.

Eh? Why am I crying? As I felt warm tears flowing through my eyes.

”Dont cry. Your Mama and Papa and Big Brother will always protect you. ” Mama said with a caring expression.

”Tier 5 Summoning Magic! Soaring Crimson Dragon and Azure Phoenix! ” as Mama chanted and a red portal appeared on the right side where we were floating.

A 15 feet crimson scaled dragon soared from the portal. As the dragon was soaring, a blue portal appeared on the left side.

A beatiful azure phoenix came out with glittering azure bright feathers showing them in a glorious position like a peacock as the phoenix shrieked in a relaxing sound.


As my eyes beamed with mesmerising light.

”Azure Phoneix and Crimson Dragon perform your specialty. ” Mama commanded this two mythical creatures.

The phoenix and dragon nodded in unision.

The dragon released a fiery aura and was suddenly ignited with dazzling crimson flames like a beast from the sun.

The phoenix became much more beatiful and its feather became more dazzling and it was also ignited in a icy aura like a beast from the Icy Tundra.

As they flew up from the sky separately and as soon as they arrived at their destined destination they suddenly flew to ones direction in a frightening speed. As they collided they suddenly turned to a crimson flame and a azure feathers as they both unified. The flames and the feathers flew in a dazzling pattern and it formed a heart shaped figure.

” Happy Birthday! Giann! A son of one of the Quenn Summoner, and the Greatest Sword Saint, Rain! ” Mama exclaimed.

A dragons roar and a phoenix shriek joined mamas voice.


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