So very Cringe!

[Level of Player is currently Assessing!]

[Level Appraised! Showing Current Stats!]

[Player: Giann, NPC]

Level: 10



Strength: 20

Intelligence: 15

Endurance: 18

Agility: 15

Luck: 1



Summon Wheel Tier 1: Summons any randomly creatures to fight alongside the player for 10 minutes. Cooldown 1 hour.

Dashing Link Tier 1: Player can teleport to enemies within 10 yards. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Isn it a little too OP?

Wait. Summon Wheel?

No wonder when I was sparring with Mom I always summon random creatures to the point where I summoned a fudging worm!

Wait if it said randomly. So theres a slight chance Ill SUMMON A FUDGING DRAGON! Just like Mom!

Giann always remembered that very night where he witnessed a tier 5 dragon and a tier 5 phoenix.

Just thinking it gives him goosebumps.

As for Dashing Link, that was a technique he learned bloodingly learned.

There was a time where his Dad teleported out of nowhere and almost struck his Gianns nuts. But of of sheer luck he dodged it.

Just thinking it makes his nuts quiver in fear.

Hmm? As he saw his Level and Tier.

As expected, Im still too low leveled.

As he saw his name in the top and was stunned at the word next to it.





An fudging NPC?

The pros and cons of being an NPC is unfairly even.

Being an NPC is a perfect cover! But! He cannot attack players without attacking him first.

Isn NPCS only have a limited words to say?

But family talks a thousand words.

So weird? If there is an NPC. Surely there will be players.

As he was dazed in questions.

A Loud Voice surrounded his ears.


Players are entering already?!


In a dark domain a figure of a black shadow was sitting on a castle.

”Looks like we have some visitors, Giann! Hahahaha! ” the shadowly figure howled in laughter!

Authors Note :

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