[Fanged Sword,Lvl 10,Tier 0, Elite Rank{One handed sword}]

Class Requirement: Swordsman

Requirements: Strength 20,Endurance 15.

Strength +15

Endurance + 5

Agility + 2

Thank Goodness I managed to have strength.

The Python Jade dropped 5 items. The other items was good. But the most eye catching eye was the Jade Pythons jade scale. It was tough like a Black Iron Red Oxs skin.

I might make a shield out of this.

What the weird thing when he arrived in this world was that he had no class restriction.

Either he held a saber of an assasin, a shiled of a Tank, and a staff of a mage. He could still use it freely.

In most games, classes were tight strict.

If a Swordsman use a shield of a tank it would mostly reject the Swordsman but for Giann it was a different story.

As Giann finished organising his loot wondered into the deeper reaches of the jungle.

As he wondered through the forest, he heard a scream of a woman.

He dashed to the source of the noise but he slowly went after being near it, just to be cautious.

As he saw a team of 5 humanoid players with names with a green dot on the side displaying they were still Lvl 3, struggling to get up and run from a giant sabertooth tiger with a big sharp red horn on its head.

”This is all your fault, Hidden Cloud! If it wasn for your non stop boasting about where you found your weapon we wouldn have been found by a freaking Lvl 14 Red Horn Sabertooth Tiger! ” an assasin shouted in extreme rage.

”Shut yer trap! ” in anger replied a Swordsman who was Hidden Cloud.

As the Red Horn Sabertooth Tiger approached them slowly as if it like were enjoying the looks in their faces.

This would be the time where a mysterious figure appear and save them right?

Hahaha! Dream on! Im not risking my life who I barely don know. Even If I wanted to, my skills are in a 7 minutes cooldown. Plus, that thing is 3 level above me!

Unexpectedly, Hidden Cloud who was cowering in fear shouted ”We cant let that thing scare us to death. Even if we die we might just die in glory! ”

Unfortunately, the morale of their group still didn change.

As Hidden Cloud first stood up he was naturally the first target.

The Red Horn Sabertooth Tiger pounced at Hidden Cloud who was helplessly weak.

He was reduced to white particles. As he dropped a black colored sword.

Seeing this the other 4 players ran as fast as they could.

As the Sabertooth continued on its killing spree, Giann hurriedly picked up the black sword and ran away.

The game mechanics are really the same with survival games on Earth as you die you really drop equipments but it seems on this game you only drop one.

As Giann scanned the attributes of the black sword his eyes popped out.

The Fudge?! A Spirit Weapon?!

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