Slowly he pulled the sword out from the ground.

As he pulled it completely he opened his eyes!

What the Fudge! All I needed to do was relax?! Ha?!

Dying from curiosity he checked the Dark Reapers attributes.

Is the Game Broken?

[Dark Reaper,Lvl 10, Tier 1, Growth Type Spirit, Special Rank, One handed Sword]


TIER 1?!

I only just binded the freaking Sword!


As he continued reading the rest of the info

he didn know whether to laugh or cry.

[Requirements: Player needs to be Lvl 20 and completed Players Tier 1 Promotion.

Strength needed: 1000

Endurance needed: 900

Current Holder: Giann]

What the hell is wrong with this game?!

Strength 1000?! Can I really have that kind of attributes?! Endurance 900?! The fudge?!

The estimated ammount of strength in lvl 20 are around 500.

Yet the requirements are double than that!

When Giann saw the remaining Points to add his attributes wer only 10 points he cried!

The fudge man? Giann criedly added the 10 points to his Strength.

I only inflicted 50 damage to the Jade Python cause its neck was its weakspot.

Maybe I can equip this when Im around Lvl 25 or 26.

I really am that weak.

Giann pondered for a moment then a light bulb appeared on top of his head.

I can only do that.

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