*R18 Harem* Reincarnated with a {devourer skill}

May Your Life Be Filled With Blessings


”I permit you… to drop the bomb… over! ” The soldier valiantly said before leaning his back on the wall lighting up a cigarette and smoking it he then raised his head to look at the distant sky as a sigh escaped his mouth.

”Darn it… Maybe Im just meant to be lonely… ” He said before looking ahead there he saw a group of fleeing terrorists his lips suddenly began to curve.

”Heh… Ahahaha! Sayonara bitches! ” He wickedly laughed.

Not before long white light instantly engulfed his vision ending his life in an instant.


Everywhere was glowing white.

A place where you couldn see what was ahead.

”Hey, do you want to gacha to the place that you knew or the place that you don know? ”

God who had the figure of a little girl asked just the same thing she asked before.

”Yeah… Id like to ask about that first, did you also give me a gacha before? ” The man curiously asked

”That wasn me it was another God the one who turned it. ”

”What was the result then? ”

”I don know I was not the one who turned it before but based on how your life had been it was probably uncommon,

In other words, it was not normal. ”

The man looked at the supposed God dead in the eyes before talking ”I only have a faint of my memory that I can still remember and I can tell it was awful… ”

God looked slightly surprised for a second before regaining her normal expression.

”Im surprised you remember that much normally people won be able to remember that much, anyway thats uncommon alright, it could be uncommonly good or uncommonly bad, but you did change it from a bad one to a good one. ”

”Thats right… ” The man murmured and held his head as if trying to remember something before proceeding to ask

”well, what if its rare? ”

”If it was rare in you
e previous world you might have been a president of a multinational company making a ton of money or maybe a very handsome and popular celebrity.

If it was super rare its possible that you wouldve been a child of a pretty big oil tycoon and theres ultra and secret ones. ”

”Woah… ” The man was taken aback.

”So does that mean that everyones standing in society is determined by this Gacha ”

”No being her and turning the gacha is special that only the ones that are chosen by a god can do does that answer your question? ”

The man nodded.

”In your case since your cause of death was a noble yet lonesome one, Ill guarantee at least a rare gacha as a service. ”

”My cause of death…? ” He held his head to try and remember his death but he didn remember it.

”Don fret it would be impossible for you to remember that far unless you
e a

God or a celestial being you were only able to remember little detail about your previous life because you have a stronger soul essence than normal. ”

(I see certainly I can even recall what my name was… my cause of death I wonder what it was. He thought.)

”You were a captain of an elite special force of a certain country in your previous life you Rose from the ranks and became a high ranking military official and in a highly important operation that threatened the whole world, you were betrayed by your team and everything went terribly wrong you did everything you can for the mission to still succeed, and in the end, the mission did succeed though it cost you your life. ”

”Hm… Well, I guess its not a bad way to die… By the way, you can read my mind can you? ”

”Umu I can but do not worry it is not in my character to pry on other peoples personal stuff ”

The man just shrugged it off cause he knew there wasn any reason to hide any of his memory and his thoughts he can even remember his memory clearly and there wasn anything he can do about it.

I got high hopes for my next life, this time Ill live my life to the fullest he optimistically thought.

”So do you want to gacha in the place that you knew or do you want to turn the gacha for a place you don know? ”

”Where would it be for the latter? ”

”I think if I said its your usual fantasy world youd easily understand ”

”Does that mean there are monsters and magic…? ” He who looked always calm suddenly became excited and more interested he may look very manly with his muscular build and all of his tattoos but the truth was he was a big nerd inside.

”Umu by the wa

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