[ 3rd POV ]


Some time had passed and Aiko had stopped crying Laiya released her from his arms.

”Feeling better? ” Laiya asked.

Aiko suddenly got embarrassed since he saw her crying like a little kid just moments ago which ruined her confidence as the older one but still she suppressed her embarrassment to answer.

She began to wipe out her wet and teary eyes then replied.

”Mn, Im feeling a lot better now thanks to you Sir Laiya. ” Aiko replied then wiped her still wet eyes again.

Laiya smiled and waved his hand ”Don worry about it, ” Laiya said, ”you
e always helping me since I was little after all, you
e free to visit me when you have troubles Ill be sure to hear you out. ”

Aiko looked away in embarrassment before responding with an ”Mn… ” while smiling happily

Laiyas heart skipped a bit when he saw how cute Aiko reacted.

Laiya chuckled. ”You really are cute when you smile Aiko. ” Laiya genuinely which made Aiko flustered turning her face red.

She didn know how to respond so she decided to change the topic.

”W-We should go now! Sir Laiya. ” she hurriedly said and guided Laiya walking tensely as if she was a robot but this time without tripping.

[ MC PoV ]


Aiko gave me clean clothes to wear. So I took off my training clothes and wore what she brought me.

After I finished changing I picked up the bottle of water and handed it to Aiko.

”Here drink this Aiko. ” I said handing her the water bottle.

”N-no way its for you Sir Laiya I brought it for you I can accept it ” Aiko refused rigorously and pushed the water bottle to me. ”You have also trained a lot today, so you should drink it. ”

I sighed ”Don be silly considering how much youve cried youve probably lost more body fluids than I did, you need to hydrate your body if you don want to pass out ” I said and put the water bottle in her hand.

I convinced her with that so she reluctantly accepted the water I handed her.

”Jeez you really know so many things Sir Laiya, it sometimes makes me wonder if you are really a 4 years old kid, ” Aiko mumbled before she hastily gulped the water bottle.

Seeing Aiko hastily chugging down the water with her red and delicate lips as her throat moved each time she gulps making gulping sounds and the water that flows in her neck that spilled from her mouth really is hot that it made me somehow aroused.

When she was done drinking there was still a quarter of water left in the water bottle.

”Thank you very much Sir Laiya… ” She said looking down embarrassed for drinking the water that she brought for me like a dead thirsty person.

”B-But don worry I will definitely fill it up with water again just wait here for a minute Sir Laiya I will be back quickly. ” she hurriedly said but as she was about to go I grabbed her hand and stopped her.

”Don worry I don need that much water Im still a kid after all, so this much would suffice, ” I said and grabbed the water bottle that she was holding.

”Wha- n-no sir Laiya you might want to reconsider… Some of my salivae might be in that water bottle… you might not like it… ” She said shyly before raising both her hands to me as if trying to stop me.

( What are you talking about thats why I want to drink from this bottle. ) I thought with a perverted grin inside.

”Huh? Oh, Don worry about it I don mind if its yours, I won die by it anyway. ” I said casually before waving my hand.

Making her blush without saying anything tho her arms were still raised.

Without waiting for Aikos reply I drank it.

Aiko was shocked to death seeing me drinking the water she drank moments ago.

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