[ 3rd POV ]


( A-An in-indirect kiss!? ) Aiko thought in shock. ( N-No Sir Laiya is just a kid.. ) Aiko thought ( S-So it doesn count yea.. yeah! it doesn count… ) She thought convincing herself.

( Whats more someone as low as me doesn deserve that. )

Aiko not knowing what to do just stayed silent.

(Hm Its quite sweet. ) Laiya thought.

[ MC POV ]


After I finished drinking the water Aiko brought me to the last drop of course hehe… I also eat the sandwich that she brought me.

Aiko is the one who has usually taken care of me since l was little she is a very beautiful older girl with a long black hair with bangs, enrapturing purple eyes, and a very curvaceous frame for her age since shes just 18 according to my appraisal, she also had a mole under the left side of her lips and in the upper part of her right breast which just adds up to her charm and sexiness

Though she is very clumsy she still gets the job done… Sometimes.

Anyway, about what Ive been doing these past 2 years Ive been training my body for the past 2 years to prepare myself in going to Yonora forest.

Yonora forest, its a forest located northwest and about 6 kilometers away from Noah.

Yonora forest is the perfect place to grind level and test my [Devourer skill] since its quite near from Noah and the monsters that appear out there are not that strong unless you go deeper which is also great once I get stronger thats the reason why I chose the Yonora forest to grind levels.

when I was done eating Aiko gave me a lap pillow she would always give me a lap pillow after training since I would always ask for it after training so it became a norm.

Though she still gets shy she would give me a lap pillow without me asking after training now its probably because Im still a kid that she can handle it so better make the most of it before I grow up.

But still, these thighs are so dang thick I could fall sleep on them~

I sighed in bless on Aikos thick and comfortable thighs.

I looked at the distant sky and looking at it filled me with nostalgia and all of a sudden my head started hurting as fragments of memories about the day I died that Id forgotten came flashing in my mind.

The pain was so intense that I had to bury my face into Aikos thighs to somehow ease the pain even just by a little bit, I have experienced pain quite worse than this but still, I can get used to it in fact you can you just learn to accept it.

”Wha- ” Aiko flinched in surprise before blushing.

”Is there something wrong Sir Laiya..? ” Aiko said blushing.

”Yeah, my head hurts a… little… ” I said while struggling to not leak a groan.

”Should I call Lady Grace!? ” Aiko exclaimed in worry.

”No need its not that bad I just need a little rest. ”

”But- ” before she could finish what she was about to say I interrupted her.

”Seriously its fine. ” I looked her dead in the eyes while keeping my composure.

Seeing my composed face made her think that it was alright not to worry that much.

”Alright.. ” She said slightly reluctant.


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