*R18 Harem* Reincarnated with a {devourer skill}

May Your Life Be Filled With Blessings

y a status system has been established so its convenient now. ”

”Anyway, Weve talked too much theres not much time left. ”

Without any hesitation, the man answered ”Alright, Ill pick the latter. ”

God flicked her fingers and a gacha machine materialized out of thin air,

”Here take this token and play it, its a token with a guaranteed rare and has a higher chance to get the super, ultra, and secret ones. ”

God then passed the golden token to him.

”Hmm… ” He stared at the token before putting the token in the gacha machine.

I don feel like theres anything special though he thought while he turned the crank.


Then a golden-colored capsule came out of the gacha machine which he held.

”Ohh… Its a golden capsule. ” He said with a faint of excitement in his eyes.

This is definitely not rare. Maybe its an ultra-rare! Or even a secret one… He thought.

”Well, every capsule is a golden capsule. ”

”Way to spoil my mood… ”

”Well come down why don you try opening it. ”

”Ahh you
e right ” he then proceeded to open it.

The moment he opened it a piece of paper was inside, it was like a fortune cookie and the thing that was written on it was…

”Devourer… Whats that? Is it a hit? ” He asked

”…How lucky it is a hit and its a Super-rare. ”

The man looked at the golden capsule and then at the gacha machine before talking.

”But in this normal-sized gacha machine, it won be surprising to get a super-rare. ”

”No its super-rare alright even if the gacha machine looks like that Inside it you could fit two football fields moreover, there are only two super-rare ones…. ”

”….You said it has a higher drop rate for the good ones but it can even be could a lower drop rate…. ”

”Well normally there is only one super-rare but because of the higher drop rate it became two ”

The man sighed ”That is simply unfair, thats almost impossible to get… ”

”Thats why Im surprised. ”

”Alright… Anyway, what does this devourer skill do? ” The man asked.

”It is a skill just like its name it devours anything in the physical and spiritual realm well, you will learn more once you try it. ”

”Ill do so. ” He said while nodding.

(Even just by listening to her tone, I could tell its Op.) he thought

”It is, and there is also a bonus skill called {Skill Conceal, and Appraisal} for super-rares ”

(Hmm will that makes sense, with a skill this powerful it would cause a lot of trouble if people find out) He mused.

”Well your wrong and at the same time right yes I gave you the {Skill conceal} to hide the {Devourer} skill but the freebie was actually the appraisal, I gave you the {Skill conceal} since you just need to have it since the {Devour skill} would cause you a lot of trouble without it. ”

”Youll know once you use it, ” The Goddess said.

The man was pleasantly surprised to get another two skills without doing anything but quickly recovered.

”A-are you sure? is it really free? ” The man said warily.

”Of course, it is are you even listening to me? ” The Goddess said slightly irritated.

”Ah, S-sorry.. ” The man apologized ” Its just its way too good of a deal.. ”

The Goddess smiled ”Don worry about it just consider it as a parting gift ok? ” The Goddess said cutely.

The man became slightly flustered by the cuteness of the Goddess but quickly recovered.

”Y-yes thank you ” The man gave his thanks.

”…Anyway its about time. ”

”Really? I feel like we haven been talking that long ”

”Thats true, but you might not feel it youve been here for five years. ”

”Eh… That long? ”

”Yeah, so you better get going. ”

”Then Ill be off also I thank you for giving me a second chance to live my life. ” He said as he bow.

”Then Ill accept that, ” The Goddess smiled

”May your life be filled with blessings. ” She said elegantly while she raised her hand.

The man smiled and nodded at her as a last farewell then a bright white light enveloped his body turning him into light particles that made him disappear leaving God all alone.

”Good grief… I wasn expecting for him to get a super-rare one but he somehow got it huh… well I think its a good thing hell need it anyway. ” She sighed and opened a portal leading to a room similar to a room of a hardcore neet.


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