6 people are gathered in a small room with a tense atmosphere before a man decided to break the silence.

”Why is it taking so long? ” A handsome man in his early twenties with crimson hair and eyes as well as glasses asked with anxiety as he paced back and forth near the stairs.

”Thats normal ” a beautiful lady with long blue hair flowing through her back a pair of stunning sky blue eyes and a very curvaceous body, sitting near the red-haired man replied, ”So could you just shut up and take a seat you
e making me nervous as well. ”

But the red-haired man was relentless ”But w-what if something happens to Klytie and the child what should we do, Grace… ”

”Nothing will happen Elric ” Grace glared at her husband in annoyance ”get a grip will you, I hate to say this… but look at Noah see his pretty calm even tho he is the father. ”

Elric glanced at the handsome man in his early thirties with red hair and sharp crimson eyes with a pair of earrings in his left ear that made him look like a bad boy he was sitting on the couch with closed eyes and crossed arms.

”Big brother…? ” Elrick glances at Noah with worried eyes.

Noah opened his left eye before speaking ”You
e really worried huh? Relax, ” Noah wryly smiles ”I have faith in Klytie and our unborn child so don worry too much I am sure that theyll be okay. ” Noah said as he once again closed his eye.

After hearing what Noah said Elrick shut up and sat down on a chair next to Grace but his anxious look still didn fade.

Truth to be told Noah was the most anxious one of them all. He was afraid that if he didn calm himself down he might panic from distress.

A very beautiful woman in her early twenties who was sitting far away from Noah with aquamarine hair that was tied Into a long ponytail with bangs and has a pair of sharp and dangerous scarlet eyes and a voluptuous figure snorted as she got ticked off for some reason.

”Why can you just be honest with yourself Amelia? ” A handsome, tall, and muscular man with long brown hair and black eyes who seemed to be in his late thirties said while grinning at the jade-haired woman Amelia.

”Hmph ” Amelia snorted at him ”Why don you mind your own business, Donn? ” She glared at Donn releasing a faint of killing intent.

”Good grief you still didn change even now… ” Donn helplessly shook his head while putting his hand on his head and sighed.

Inside the delivery room~~~

”My lady I can see the babys Legs, ” the midwife said with excitement ”Just a little bit more just one more push! ”

The incredibly beautiful lady with long salmon-colored hair a pair of clear and beautiful emerald eyes a beauty mark under her lips and a voluptuous frame gave a guttural grunt as she obeyed the midwifes pleading.

After so much hardship, the baby was finally born into this world.

”It is a boy! It is a boy my lady. ” The midwife exclaimed as to inform the lady.

Klytie was too tired to say anything but extreme happiness could be seen in her eyes.

The midwife quickly checked the baby if there were any ailments but she did not find anything except for a relatively captivating Golden tattoo on both of the babys upper arms ending on his elbow.

*Tattoo pic*

”….. ”

The midwife was in a daze as she wondered as to why a newborn baby had a tattoo embedded in his body but was woken up by her ladys tired voice.

”Is there something wrong with my child…? ” She asked with a tinge of anxiety.

”No my lady your child is completely healthy but… ” The midwife paused for a second before replying again ”you should take a look at it yourself and I shall inform everyone for your safe labor. ” The midwife quickly showed the boy to her mother before dashing out of the room to inform everyone.

Meanwhile, a mother was holding her child gently while staring at her child affectionately with a smile full of happiness.

”You look like a little puppy. ” She said while she teased the boys delicate and soft nose as a tear slid down from the side of her cheek.

The sight of the mother and child was like straight out from a painting.

She chuckled slightly ”Its as what Grace told me the thought of being a mother and being called one is exhilarating becoming the mother of my loves child fills my heart with satisfaction and great joy I can already feel the desire to watch you as you grow build your personality, make friends find the one you love guiding you till the end of my life… I can only imagine how fortunate I would be to be able to do that… ” As she said that her lips curled as if her words were being pulled down to the very back of her throat as if her own mind was against in talking any further as it would hurt her more but even so she steeled herself and struggled to say what she wanted to say and what he has to say.

Klytie teased her childs cheeks.

”Sadly I may not be able to do that, forgive me… ” She froze to appease her emotions ”But don worry I will be always with you in here. ” She touched the boys tattoo.

”I have passed my divinity to you use it as you see fit and live an honest and fulfilling life. Also, remember that your mother always loves you. ” As soon as she finished talking the tattoo on the boys arms vanished she used a spell to hide it cause it will be an ordeal if her friends ask about it.

As soon as she finished what she said the door swung open and everyone was there to greet her as well as the one he loves.

Noah immediately rushed to his wife and held her dearly.

Everyone kept silent for them to enjoy their moment.

Noah pushed klytie away holding her shoulder

”Are you okay? ” He asked softly and anxiously.

”Don worry I am alright as well as our son, ” she said as he held her husbands cheeks.

Noahs eyes shined brightly as he heard the word son ”So its a boy? Yes Yes! ” He celebrated and hugged his wife tightly again.

Everyone chuckled seeing Noahs reaction except for Amelia who was only smiling.

Noah in the middle of nowhere hugged Klytie tightly with force and passion. ”I… The fact that I got to spend all this time with you made me very happy and thankful for meeting you I just want you to know I love you ” Noahs words were full of affection and sincerity that it caught Klytie off guard.

Amelia who was at the side watching could only smile bitterly.

Klytie blushed ”And I was happy too. ” She said as she held the back of Noahs head and buried her red cheeks in Noahs neck to hide her flushed cheeks.

They stayed like that for some time before separating Noah let go of Klytie and proceeded to gently hold his son with Klyties permission.

He couldn help but melt at how adorable his son was.

”Why are you so soft and adorable I just want to squeeze you, ” he said as he rubbed his cheeks in his sons face.

Klytie couldn help but chuckle at how her husband acted.

Noah rushed to his friends that were watching and showed his son just to brag

”Hey isn he a cutie just look at how adorable his little hands are Im sure the ladies will be all over him once he grows up! ” Noah said triumphantly as he showed his sons delicate small hands.

All of them were smiling wryly at his bragging except for Elrick he was the type of little brother that always sticks with his big brother and strongly idolizes him.

”Yeah good for you. ” Donn smiled and pat Noahs shoulder.

”He is big brothers son, after all, Im sure he will grow as strong and as good-looking as you! ” Elrick exclaimed while pumping his fists.

”Right right he is my son after all- ” As soon as he finished what he said Grace swiftly snatched his son.

”Oi! ” Noah protested.

”Ahh, what a cutie! ” Grace exclaimed and teased the boy with her face as if she didn hear Noahs protest.

”Hmm? ” Grace inspects Noahs son thoroughly ”he looks completely like Klytie though. ” Grace commented.

”Indeed he doesn look like Noah at all I think that he got his looks from his mother. ” Donn supported Graces commentary while poking the boys tummy.

”Wha- what are you guys saying he definitely looks like me ” Noah retorted at their claims

”Well, seeing his emerald eyes and the moles on his face undeniably make him look more like Klytie ” Grace said while holding the little boys hand.

”Ung… I-Im sure that, that will change once he grows up. ” Noah stubbornly said which earned a chuckle from Klytie.

e right big brother Im sure with time hell look exactly like you! ” Elrick being the big brother worship trope he is supported Noahs belief causing Noahs ego to boost.

”See? Even my little brother agrees. ” Noah proudly said.

”Yeah yeah… Of course. ” Grace sarcastically said.

”Hey whats that supposed to mean!? ” Noah angrily said.

”Oh, nothing. ” Grace shrugged it off.

”Tch annoying woman. ” Noah snorted.


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