Grace who heard that twitched while black lines appeared on her forehead.

”Hoh~ can you say that again~ ” Grace gently said with a smile completely different from the air around her gives off.

Elrick who know where this conversation was going like it always wents became silent. Even though he supported her big brother very much he didn have the balls to oppose and infuriate Grace. In short, he was a simp.

”Oh? You didn hear it? Well, that makes sense your an old hag after all. ” Noah chuckled in a taunting manner.

Grace chucked creepily before handing Noahs son to Donn.

Grace chuckled full of ridicule. ”Thats so rich coming from someone way older than my great grandfather. ”

”Oh? Haven you heard of the saying age is only numbers, besides you look so much older than me whos older than your great-grandpa. ”

When they were both about to go at it and fight like cat and dogs Klytie give Noah a rather robust hand chop on his head that would most likely will instantly kill Noah if he was a normal human that is.

”Kuh- Oww! That hurt… ” Noah groans in pain while scratching his head. Although the hit didn injure him or anything that didn mean it didn hurt, it was a hit to a vital spot after all.

”Hey stop it you two. Noah, its the birth of our son give it a rest would you, and stop openly fighting in front of our son that will put a bad influence on him. ” Kytie scolded Noah.

”Hmph fine but why was I the only one that got hit and scolded? ”

”Its cause You
e the one who started it. ” Klytie said which made Grace chuckle tauntingly.

”Tch ” Noah clicked his tongue in annoyance.

Amelia who was silent all this time was examining Noahs son with donn and was mesmerized by how adorable Noahs son is and how pretty his big and clear emerald eyes were.

(I wonder if this was mine and Noahs son how would it look like?) She thought but soon realized her blunder which caused her to blush heavily yet she tried her best on putting a poker face she then glanced at Noah to differentiate them.

Noah realized Amelias gaze.

”Doesn he look adorable?~ Amey? ” Noah said calling Amelia the surname that he had given her Amey while patting her head though it earned a pout from Amelia nevertheless it made her happy.

”H-Hey I told you not to treat me like a kid anymore Im not a kid anymore… ” Amelia squirmed while protesting to Noah but her voice became less audible at the end as Noah ruffled her hair more.

”Don get mad I know ” Noah smiled and chuckled ”Its just I like spoiling you ” Noah said and stopped ruffling her hair.

”Stupid… ” Amelia said with such a low voice that won be heard unless you get close enough to her while her ears and cheeks were flushed in red as she pouted yet after all that she still tried her best to hide it with a poker face nevertheless, Noah heard it.

Grace, donn, and Klytie chuckled at Amelias cuteness except for Elrick it was because he was kinda dense.

But Noah wasn he knew for a long time that Amelia likes him, and he like her too who wouldn be, only a crazy person wouldn want to be with her! It was his genuine thought.

But he was the one who basically raised her which made him her nonbiological father and besides, he had a wife and a son he didn want to rush it he couldn afford to miss up he wanted to take these things seriously, and to think hard about it.

But the only thing he can come up with was to marry Amelia and let her be part of the family he knows Amelia won disagree with it as well as Klytie as they have talked about this and she agreed rather quickly. (does she want me to make a harem or something?) He thought but first they all need to survive this war,

Noah looked at the window (Ill make sure to annihilate those demon pests from the face of the earth) he thought coldly he was a good friend but terrible enemy.

But little did he know Klytie had planned it all along to let Amelia join their family, since she considered Amelia as a close friend she didn mind sharing Noah with her since she knows how madly Amelia loved Noah, polygamy was not illegal after all, more so now that she knows she will have to sacrifice herself to win the war for there child and everyone, to live peacefully, And it was her job in the first place.

But she kept it a secret from Noah cause she was sure that Noah would disagree.

Noah was the type of person who could ditch the whole world for the ones who are close to him.

Also, she didn want Noah to be lonely once shes gone so its better to accept Amelia in the family that way once shes gone Noah wouldn be so lonely and heartbroken.

”He is cute, but he doesn look like you, ” Amelia said like it was the most natural thing to say.

”Wha- even you Amey… ” Noah said in dreary

”Hmph fine say what you all want but Im sure when he grows up he will look exactly like me. ” He harrumphed.

”Don worry big brother Im sure he will! ” Elrick supported Noah.

”Fufufu ” Klytie giggled ”Don worry dear Im also sure he will. ” Klytie cheered for Noah as well.

”So, have you decided what would be this little ones name? ” Donn asked

”Laiya… ” Klytie thought for a while murmuring something before answering ”Laiya! What about Laiya ”

”Hm? Isn that your favorite fruit? ” Noah asked.

”Yeah thats right doesn his big emerald eyes remind you of Laiya fruit? ” Klytie said proudly.

Noah couldn think of Laiya fruit even how much he looks at his sons eyes he thought maybe it has something to do with Klytie being such a glutton but even so he agreed he didn want to hurt Klyties feelings. ”Err… Y-yeah of course. ”

”Hmm really? ” Klytie got suspicious by the way Noah answered.

”Of course! Right guys? ” Noah desperately asked his friends for help which Elrick immediately understood.

”Yeah, I also feel that his eyes really capture the looks of a Laiya fruit. ” Elrick supported Noah in his bullshiting.

”I personally think its a good name ” doon said genuinely since he actually like the name.

Amelia nodded to show her support with only Grace left not joining them in their fraudulent.

Elrick looked at Grace with puppy eyes as if begging her to join.

Grace helplessly sighed (Oh Fine…) She thought. ”Totally, ” Grace said and looked at Elrick as if she was asking for payment later in bed. Elrick blushed.

”See?. ” Noah assured Klytie.

Klytie gleamed in happiness and replied with an ”Mn! ”

Noah smiled ”Then Laiya it is. ”

”Thats a nice name, ” Donn said while patting Noahs shoulder.

”Yeah, ” Noah said as he sat and held Klyties hand and Klytie rested her head on Noahs shoulder.

”Laiya Frease.. ” Noah chuckled before smiling ”Im sure hell like it. ”


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