Why is it so dark and wet out here? This place is the opposite of the place I was before.

Then suddenly a bright light filled my vision

”••••••••••••! ” I saw before my eyes a giant person in my perspective that is, saying something I think shes speaking? the language she spoke was unfamiliar although I can speak three languages fluently on Earth the language she speaks was still unfamiliar, even in my previous world

Though it was much better, it sounded better than any language Ive ever heard, it sounded similar to Japanese which I learned but better.

I immediately realized that I have been reincarnated into this new world.

Wait… doesn that mean Im going out of my mothers womb… thats kinda weird huh… anyway it took me a while to be completely out.

Now that Im out I need to look for clues about what world I am in.

As I was being examined by the midwife? I suppose I noticed that the design of the room based on the walls and stuff that was inside, that I am in an underdeveloped world probably near the middle ages? the design and patterns everywhere looked like old Europe Which gives a fantasy RPG kinda vibe ohh… my inner-gamer self is tingling I can wait to explore this world!

However, its just annoying since I can even move my body as I please its uncontrollable I think its because my cerebellum the part of the brain that is responsible for the bodys movement is underdeveloped considering that Im still a newborn infant.

As I mused something poked my nose as I looked up I saw a beautiful lady staring at me with her beautiful glittering emerald eyes that were full of affection she was the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen in fact if I wasn considering that she was my mother I would have easily fallen for her.

As she took back her finger that was poking my nose I or my body unconsciously tried to reach and touch it, her hands were so soft.

I have touched a girls hands before but I didn know they were this soft or is she an exception?

”••••••••••••••••• ” She was saying something to me as she touched my arms I looked at her face to just have even a slight idea of what she was trying to say.

As I look into her eyes I could tell that she was deeply sad about something but she was trying her best not to show it I tried to reach her and comfort her at the very least, but I couldn reach her with these tiny hands of mine.

As I was trying to do that the door swung open and a bunch of people came in, my attention was easily taken by another two beauty is this world full of beauties or something cause my previous world-famous models would pale in comparison to these two.

Suddenly a handsome man walked in this direction and hugged the pretty lady that was holding me he is I assume is my father ” he started talking with an affectionate tone and from the way he acted and the way he talked I could easily tell that he loves the pretty lady that was holding me very much.

Not for long he stopped talking and hugging the pretty lady to pick me up from my ”mothers ” embrace, which made me a bit irritated.

Taking me away from a very beautiful ladys embrace how rude tsk.. I clicked my tongue in annoyance in my mind of course since I still can physically do it.

He started began to talk to the other people that were inside the room from his tone and expression I could tell his bragging…

This man… I face slammed myself and sighed how troublesome.. honestly… I thought in annoyance…

…But why do I feel happy deep inside..?

Am I happy?

Am I proud? of someone being happy and proud about my existence? Me?

I sighed again How troublesome really..

Its been a while since these rowdy bunch had started conversing and I was trying to understand their language the whole time but still no luck.

the only thing I found or at least assumed is that these guys are my ”fathers ” close friends judging by the tone of their conversations and expressions.

Also, Im feeling sleepy…

Guess Ill sleep for the time being.. in my current state I can keep awake for too long.

And so closing my eyes my consciousness immediately sunk into the darkness and slowly faded making me fast asleep in seconds~~

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