4 Months Later~

I was staring at the window outside for anything interesting but it was just the same scenery I had always seen since the day I came to this world.

( Damn, I can wait to explore this world I thought in excitement before sighing. )

Its been four months… yet I haven seen or heard anything from my parents since the day I came into this world.

Ive been thinking about whys that for the whole four months, but I couldn come up with a solution due to a lack of information.

I sighed.

( I shouldn have been sleeping so much back then darn it ) I cursed myself before sighing again.

Anyway, I could only guess or at least assume what happened.

The guesses I came up with were They may be on a journey, or they died… theres also a slim chance that they abandoned me but considering how attached they were with me its highly unlikely… tho the chances of that are not completely zero.

I sighed.

Well, theres nothing I can do about it right now so theres no point in thinking about it guess Ill leave it for the future.

Anyway, during these four months, I learned a lot of new things.

This worlds name is called ”Hreist ” and the language that Hreistians speak is called ”Meridia ” or at least thats what I assume I have seen different kinds of species in Hreist other than humans so there might be other languages other than Meridia.

But I don have enough information to prove that so Im simply guessing.

By the way, I can now comprehend bits of Meridia since it was so similar to Japanese.

I also learned about my current standing in society.

Just like in the middle ages back on earth, its old Europe nobility styled it comes in this ranking.









Tho I only know this kingdoms society ranking, it may be different in other places just like what I said before I don have enough information for that.

As for my standing in society, its probably affected by the super-rare gacha I won.

Cause my ”uncle ” Elrick Frease as well as my ”Aunt ” Grace Frease his wife is a Viscount and Viscountess of a small town in the kingdom of Kroniel called Noah.

They also have twins named Tia and Maya.

Apparently, My ”uncle ” Elrick and his wife Grace are the ones who are taking care of me right now.

e also treating me as if Im their own child which makes me doubt if my parents are still alive.

I also finally got the chance to check my status Using appraisal.

Tho it took me a couple of hundreds of attempts to figure out how to activate it.

I sighed.

I should have asked the goddess how to activate it Im so stupid.

Well just like the popular saying in the Army

it is what it is.

Anyway, this appraisal skill seems very convenient it may help me a lot in gathering more information.

( Well, thats enough talking ) I thought and opened my status.

Suddenly a purple screen made of light appeared in front of me it was made of light yet it didn radiate any light, weird right?

Its also the first time Im going to check my status out since I was only able to physically talk recently and figuring out how to activate it was a pain…

And the moment I learned how to activate it I was so tired that I passed out.

( So Im very excited right now… ) I thought with a delighted expression.

And so I proceeded to check it~

Name: Laiya Frease

Age: 4 months old

Race: Half-angel

Current Condition: Sealed Divinity/ Hungry/ Inpatient/ delighted

Level: 1 HP:40/40


< Current Exp: 0 / 100 >

Job Class: None

Subclass: None

< Strength: 5>

< Agility: 5>

< Dexterity: 6 >

< Magic: 8 >

< Defense: 4 >

< Resistance: 4 >

< Mentality: 20 >

< Total Power Level: 7 >

Skills: none

Unique skill: Devourer EX/ Appraisal EX/ Skill Conceal EX

Attribute: Holy magic/ Light magic

Mastery: dagger arts/ Krav maga

Title: None

Ohhh it really looks like that in the video games.

So the skills that I learned from my past lives also got transported into this world huh.

I chuckled.

Well, thats convenient.

I was smaller than my status so the first thing I saw was the bottom of my status as I continued inspecting my status I saw some rather interesting stuff.

( Ohh whats this? )I thought in curiosity. ( Sealed divinity? whats that? )

( Whats more my race.. ) in an instant, I felt surprised that I almost felt I spat blood.

( What? ) I thought in utter surprise and astonishment. ( H-half angel..? s-so cool! )

After half a minute or so I calmed my heart.

( Half angel, hows that for a race? ) I thought proudly as if bragging to myself.

( Anyway, enough of that, for now, there is also this ”Sealed divinity ” I need to know about )

I thought and apprised it.

in an instant, the status page changed and a different text materialized.

[ A Unknown Divinity Is Sealed Upon The Host, Certain Conditions Needs To Be Fulfilled To Unlock The Sealed Divinity. ]

( Divinity huh well, I got an idea of it just by the name but to have a power of a God sealed in me Is also freakin cool! )

( Its a shame I can unseal it at the moment since I don know what condition I need to do to unseal it.. ) I thought feeling down a bit before sighing.

( Oh well, I guess Ill also leave it for the future as well.. )

It seems like I got a lot of advantages from the gacha.

Tho that doesn mean I can relax and slack off because of the advantages that I have.

There was a time when Donn and Amelia were having a spar and I was watching them through the window from afar just like now.

I thought before Amelia was just a flimsy young lady but the fighting intent that she released was nerve-wracking even I who was a few blocks away from her was still able to feel the bone-chilling pressure that she released.

And Donn, I knew that he was quite strong based on his well-toned muscles but what I didn know was he was crazy strong! No his a monster!

It wasn even a spar between humans and if my calculations are correct some people are even far stronger than them.

Its all because of something called stats its just like those in games the stronger your stats are the stronger youll get even a fly with high stats would be able to kill a trained knight.

So slacking off this early would be stupid since even a goblin can kill me if Im not careful.

So it all comes down to how hard you work to get stronger.

Since real power doesn come to those who were born the strongest or fastest or smartest.

No, it comes to those who would do anything to achieve it.

Oh, I almost forgot I also realized after observing countless people in this world that this world is hella strange.

Not only because the people in this world have better looks than in my previous world.

Take that midwives and maidservants for example they were commoners but they were still beautiful.

They also have colorful hair and eyes its just like those in the Animes that Ive always watched.

( Ive always wondered what it would be like to get reincarnated in an anime world.. so to think that Ill get the chance to get reincarnated in a world thats very close to anime.. is really just unbelievable ) I thought in awe before sighing.

Still though its getting boring always staring at this window.

( I wanna explore the world now! )

I complained.

As I was starting to get bored to death the door suddenly swung and a beautiful lady barged into the room.

It was none other than Grace.


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