3rd POV


”Wha- sigh… How do you even get up there every time? Im sure I always put you in your crib ” Grace sighed as the boy looked at her direction curiously.

”How can a 4-month-old child even climb such a high crib well, whatever come here Laiya~ its dangerous in there. ”

Grace sighed helplessly as she was accustomed to the boys bizarre behaviors but still, she couldn help but wonder as she gently picked up Laiya from the window.

–+–+–+–+– MC POV

Ohh! Here it comes this is the only thing that stopped me from getting bored to death these past two months its the only thing that I look forward to each day.

I raised my hands toward her to signify that I want to be carried, which made her chuckle.

”Ara already hungry? ” She said teasingly before chuckling ”Then Come here so I can feed you~ ”

She carried me gently and unbuttoned her top clothes.

I couldn help but drool as she pulled down her bra revealing her stacked breasts to let me suck on.

I wiped the drool on my face and began to get ready to eat.

( He…hehe… well then, Itadakimasu~) I thought with a perverse grin, well thats what my expression should be but due to how immature my face was instead of a perverse grin it showed a delighted cute little boy

If Grace could see my inner-self right now she would surely throw me out the window with a disgusted face…

I licked and sucked her nipples like there was no tomorrow while enjoying the softness of her tender melons by squeezing them with my small hands.

( Damn why does milk taste so good? its the best milk Ive ever tasted in my whole life.) I thought in awe ( Is breast milk even supposed to be this sweet? ) I wondered.

”Ara~ aren you a hungry little glutton now now theres no need to be so impatient Im not going anywhere until you
e satisfied ” she assured me with a gentle smile as she caressed my head.

”You really are Klyties child, ” Grace said happily before feeling down a bit.

( weird ) I thought.

As I was enjoying myself I realized something.

( Wait a minute am I NTR
g Elrick? )

Is this even considered NTR?

( Hmm well, it feels like it.. )

W-Well, it does feel strangely nice it gives a strange satisfaction…

Is this what NTR
g someone feels like?

I wonder..

I really need to be careful not to be NTRd in the future.

But the one who NTRs hehe just kidding, or am I hehe…

After sucking to my hearts content I slept~

*Sigh* What a carefree Life~


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