2 years later~

I was sleeping with my cousins Maya and Tia when I was suddenly woken up by a loud ringing bell.

*Ting!* *Ting!* *Ting!* *Ting!*….. *Ting!*

It rang for 4 consecutive times before stopping for 4 seconds before ringing for the last time.

(Urgg… That must be the time bell.) I thought still drowsy.

In this world, not all commoners have clocks in their houses since its too expensive for commoners to buy.

So every town and city has bells or big clocks.

To inform everyone of the time, the bell rings for 4 times a day and comes with unique ways of ringing.

The bell first ring at 4:30 AM its the time when everybody gets up and gets ready for work this world follows the custom of ”Early to bed, Early to rise ” after all.

Except for aristocrats, aristocrats tend to wake up later than commoners around 6 AM which also signifies their superiority over commoners.

The second time the bell rings signifies its noon its the time people take a break and have lunch.

The third time the bell rings means its

4:00 PM its the time when most of the peoples jobs are done.

The fourth time the bell rings means its

6:00 PM its the time when people have dinner and signifies the end of everybodys day.

It repeats this cycle every day.

Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation in the sides of my neck making me open my left eye just to see my cousins cute little face snuggling in my neck and oddly sniffing my scent which slightly tickles,

She has shoulder-length azure hair with short bangs that only reached the top of her forehead a pair of big stunning crimson eyes with thin iris which made her eyes look like cat eyes, accompanied by her incredibly pretty face, made her look like a cute little kitten.

Her name is Maya but I call her Kat since she looks like a cat its fun since no one knows what a cat means.

Even though shes older than me by a week according to my appraisal, she still treats me as an older brother.

As I turned my head to the right I saw another very cute girl in fact calling her very cute would be an understatement, she looked just like Kat but her beauty focuses more on cuteness.

Unlike Kat her hair was scarlet that was styled in a bob-cut with bangs that weren short and a pair of big lovely azure eyes.

She also has a stoic face which just adds up to her charm.

Just like Kat she was sandwiching me and sniffing me.

(good grief.) I helplessly sighed inside.

Her name is Tia but just like Maya, I give her a surname since she asked for one and I also thought it wouldn be fair if only Maya got one.

So now I call her Mitts as for why I call her Mitts its because shes… Wait why do I call her Mitts again?

I racked my brain to try to remember why I gave her that surname.

(Oh, I remember now! That name just entered my mind when she was rushing me for a surname.)

(But why? why is That name sounds so familiar to me? Mitts, Mitts, Mitts, Mitts, Mitts.)

I repeated the name over and over again to try and remember something about the name.

Until suddenly my head began hurting and visions appeared inside my head of a guy finding a kitten in a dumpster on a chilly and stormy winter.

Following that were visions of the guy taking care of the kitten one after another popped up inside my head until it ended.

( I see so thats why I gave her that name, ) I chuckled internally.

( It was the name of my beloved cat I gave my cat that name Mitts because she liked playing with a mitten and Mitts is short for mittens )

( How could I forget that..? )

I got mentally tired so I relaxed for half a minute.

After half a minute I recovered.

Anyway, as for why they
e sniffing me its probably because my natural scent is fragrant.

Thats because of my race half-angel.

As for what I did these past two years.

There wasn much to do, to be honest just reading books, playing with my cute cousins, and drinking some milk hehe…

Anyway, jokes aside when I turned a year old I learned how to read since there wasn much to do indoors since I wasn allowed outside yet.

I remember the first time Elrick saw me reading a book and he decided to ask me what I was doing in a joking way which I unconsciously answered ”Im reading ”

He was so dumbfounded as to why a 1-year-old old kid knows how to talk more so read after a barrage of questions he finally came up with an idea.

It was that I was a genius.

his even always bragging about it to everyone since then.

Well, its alright with me I guess since hes always bringing me new books now and then.

Anyway, that was the only notable thing that happened

Since it was still 4:30 AM I cuddled Mitts and got back to sleep while Kat was cuddling my back.

I sighed in bless

(This must be heaven…)

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