2 years later~

I was swinging my wooden sword earnestly in the garden.

The garden was very beautiful, filled with lush and green grass, beautiful flowers, and trees surrounding it.

Just like every day after dawn I moved my sword freely while feeling the pleasant light of the sun falling into my skin, this practice lasted for three entire hours, before I stopped.

Amelia has been giving me pointers on how to wield a sword but her main weapon is daggers so there wasn much she could teach me.

She insisted that I should wield daggers instead as she was proficient in dagger arts which I rejected.

I was sick of wielding daggers since it was my main weapon when I was still in the mafia I also have a lot of experience of wielding daggers so I don really need any training for wielding daggers right now.

And besides this is a fantasy world of swords and magic I want to experience wielding a sword for once since it was one of my dreams since I was a kid.

Oh, by the way, all my stats are five times stronger than that of a human child thats why Im able to practice 3 hours straight without breaks.

Currently, I probably have the strength of a trained 15 years old.

”Good work Sir Laiya. ” A beautiful older girl dressed in maid clothes came immediately after I stopped and wiped the accumulated sweat on my face after three intense hours of training.

”Yeah Thanks, Aiko. ” I said with a soft smile

She smiled at my reply ”You don have to thank me Sir Laiya is my duty after all, ” She said in a well-mannered way benefiting of a maid. ”Oh, I have also prepared clothes, clean water, and snacks for you Sir Laiya. ”

”Thanks, then lets go. ”

”Understood. ” She bowed and then lead me to a shade of a tree where a blanket was placed with snacks and clean water on it.

”Wha- ”

But before we could get there Aiko tripped on the ground making her skirt fly to her back giving me a fall view of her out-of-this-world buttocks.

Haha… Seriously this maid is going to kill me…

—— { 3rd POV }

”Kuh. O-ouch… ouch… ” Aiko groaned in pain while caressing the side of her knees where her wound was located to appease the pain.

”Good grief are you alright? ” Laiya said scratching his head and extending his hand forward.

”Ah don worr- ” before she could finish what she was about to say, cold air blew from behind her and her cheeks immediately began to flush in red realizing her blunder.

She instantly pulled down her skirt and turned in Laiyas direction completely flustered

She kneeled before Laiya making her wounds ache in severe pain as it was pressed on the rough ground as she vigorously apologize.

”P-please forgive me For staining your eyes with such a disgusting sight caused by this lowly servan- kuh… ” Aikos words forcefully broke due to the stinging pain she felt caused by her wound but still, she continued.

”I shall accept any kind of punishment you want! ” She exclaimed in complete fright at what she had done.

”Huh? what are you talking about? ” Laiya said with a disagreeing tone making Aiko flinch in fear.

”I-I.. ” Aiko racked her brain up but still couldn come up with anything to say as her mind was in complete panic. ”I- ” before she could continue Laiya interrupted her.

”Shouldn I be thanking you For showing me such an incredible sight? ”

”Eh..? ” Aiko said in confusion as her cheeks started to become red

”And what do you mean disgusting? Theres no way that your body could be disgusting someone who says otherwise should be hanged for It, ” Laiya said and tried to pick her up from the ground. ”and I can prove it. ”

Aikos face and ear became burned in red as Laiya finished talking especially when he said that she had an ”incredible sight ” down there.

”Now stop being silly and stand up so I can treat your wounds, ” Lychee said and helped Aiko to stand up before healing her wounds with { holy magic }

Aiko was almost driven to tears at Laiyas kindness. Normally people would make fun, laugh, or scold her due to her clumsiness, she would always fail jobs that are assigned to her even the simplest ones.

Maybe it was because of her worthlessness that her parents decided to sell her to a slave merchant.

This thought was on her mind for a long time now.

Even though she didn know her parents.

And most of the girls specially the older ones that she met throughout her life would always bully her telling her how ugly and disgusting she was most of them would even go as far as to physically abuse her which in turn caused her self-esteem to go down the drain.

In truth they were all just envious of her beauty, even at parties even though shes just a maidservant every mens eyes would be on her no matter what the status causing the wives or the maiden in the love of the clueless men to be furious which cause them in taking out their anger on her.

Aiko staggered to stand up even though she was completely healed as the traumatic and unpleasant memories of her past that she buried deep inside her started to flash in her head which caused her to be emotional and was barely able to hold off her tears from gushing.

Laiya was good at reading people so he could easily tell that something was wrong with Aiko.

He didn really know what to do so he decided to hug her hoping to comfort her.

Though because of their height difference Laiya was only able to reach her breast part but the strength behind it was equal to a trained 15 years old boy.

Aiko was surprised by the sudden hug Laiya gave her and became flustered.

”E-eh? Don worry… anymore Sir Laiya… Im alright n- ”

”Don worry Ill release you once your alright, ” Laiya said interrupting Aiko.

”You know, its not healthy bottling up negative emotions like that, sometimes its better to let them loose than keeping them inside, its alright to cry if you feel like crying thats just how humans are. ” Laiya said gently as if he was talking to a child while burying his face in Aikos breast enjoying their softness.

Aikos last resistance to not cry shattered and tears poured from her eyes like waterfalls he wondered for a while how can a 4 years old kid be so responsible that for a moment he made her feel like she was a child before him but that thought immediately got washed out from her head as her stacked up emotions erupted and started to overflow which made her cry like a little kid.

There there ” While Aiko was crying her heart out Laiya caressed her back since he couldn pat her head while enjoying her stacked breasts softness.


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