Alya woke up late in the he afternoon. The sun didn shine as bright as before.

No ounce of sleep could be seen in Alyas beautiful red eyes. She quickly got up from bed, wore her sandals, and ran towards the door.

As soon as she opened the door, Alya felt a hard knock on her head. The impact was so strong that she fell to the floor.

Alya massaged her forehead and angrily looked up to find Nyx at the door, with her fist in mid air.

Nyx stared down at Alya with surprise. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she silently gulped. She was clearly scared of the girl on the floor glaring daggers at her.

”….. ”

”What the heck?!! ” Nyx flinched for second then quickly ran towards her.

”I am so sorry, I was about to knock on your door, I didn know you would open it. Again so sorry. ” Nyx tried to help her up, but she pushed her away and stood up herself.

Nyx stared at her forehead with surprise. There wasn any bruise, not a single scratch. Nyx had hit her forehead so hard, one must surely get a bruise, or a painful headache. But Alya was just fine. She unconsciously touched her forehead with her palm.

”Is your head made out of wood? ”

Nyxs sudden gesture caused Alyas face to turn red with anger. She didn like what Nyx was doing one bit. And what was more annoying, was that Nyx had completely forgotten the incident that happened and continued to rub her forehead.

”What the heck are you doing?!!! ”

”Weird…..not even a small bump. ” Nyx continued to poke her head, then suddenly, it strangely got warmer. Nyx was confused.

Huh? Whats going on?

Nyx growled furiously and swatted Nyxs hand away. Nyx suddenly pulled out of her trance, and remembered what was currently going on. She stared at Alya, who looked like a raging bull, due to the height difference, Nyx had to look down. But age didn matter, she was terrified of the fuming red head.

More sweat trickled down her back.

Before Alya could pounce on her, Nyx waved her hands in panic.

”Im sorry, I don know what came over me. But if you hurt me, I wouldn be able to show you around town. To make it up to you, Ill buy you anything you want. I have money with me right now, so there wouldn be any problem. ”

Her ears perked up. She glared at Nyx, as she folded her arms.

”So….you want to bribe me huh?. ”

”Of course not! ” She said in panic.

Alya unconsciously placed a hand on her hips and thought about it. Seconds later, she pointed at Nyx with a stern look.

”Fine then, but Ill never forget about this. And if something like this ever happens again….. ”

Alya sharply glared at her. The temperature suddenly got higher to the point that Nyx was sweating buckets.

”O….of course. Ill be more careful next time. I promise. ”

Though Nyx could feel the heat rising quickly, Alya seemed to be unaffected. Nyx noticed and came to a conclusion.

Her ability is slowly manifesting itself.

Alya was unaware of what Nyx was thinking. She then scoffed loudly.

”Lets go then. ”

Nyx was brought back from her thoughts and nodded her head submissively.

”Right… but first I need to quickly change clothes, their now sticky. ”

Nyx quickly ran to her room, not wanting to anger the red head again.

In minutes she came out from her room and wore clothes that were similar to the last one. She remembered to take a lot of money with her. She quickly led the way, and Alya followed.

Then, Alya remembered something.

”Hey, what about the guy that helped us out. ”

Nyxs face dulled slightly.

”I gave him the money, so he left. ”

”Oh. ”


As soon as they left the house, Alyas mood brightened. She gazed at the people working, while the children played with each other on the streets.

The town was still very lively. Nyx showed Alya various places, like the cafe, library, school, and shops that sold different kinds of things. Nyx also introduced her to the people they met on the way. All were kind and friendly, most of the women were very talkative and mostly complemented Alya on her unearthly beauty. Though they weren wrong, Alya could only blush and bashfully denied them.

What Alya was mostly interested in, was the market. She ran to almost every stall, and Nyx could only sigh as she bought anything she asked for.

More than two hours passed by, and Nyx could barely see her feet walk in front of the other. She was carrying lots of bags filled with the things that Alya bought. She was exhausted, but Alya still pranced around, like a kid, with nothing in her hands. Nyx sighed tiredly as they continued to stop at different stalls.

They then passed by a clothing store. Alya halted as she stared at the clothes on the show glass.

I need clothes too, how could I forget?

She smiled and immediately ran inside. Nyx stared hopelessly at the girl and chuckled.

She does need clothes….

Nyx followed her trail and entered the shop.

Nyx spotted Alya, who was busy searching for clothes that would fit her.

Nyx shook her head as she dropped the things they bought on a wooden table and walked towards her.

”After buying all those things, its now you remember clothes. ” Alya ignored her words and kept on searching for clothes. Nyx rolled her eyes.

Nyx then spotted a familiar woman. A middle-aged woman with brown shoulder length hair with hazel eyes and brown bear ears on her head. She had porcelain skin and a slim build. A pair of round glasses rested on the bridge of her nose. She wore a long black short-sleeve dress with a white lace collar. She also spotted Nyx, her eyes showed a sense of familiarity and smiled brightly.

”Nyx dear, its been a while. its so good to see you. ” The woman bowed slightly, her voice was soft but clear and friendly. Nyx beamed and mimicked her gesture.

”Its good to see you too. Sorry…..I was quite busy these past few weeks, so I didn have the time. ”

”I understand dear, Im just happy you hadn forgotten me. You came at the right time, I have a lot of new dresses for you to try on. ” The woman clasped her hands together in extreme excitement. Nyx rolled her eyes and smiled.

You still haven changed huh?

”Anyway, I brought someone here with me today. ” Nyx turned to Alya, who was behind her, still searching for clothes.

Alya wasn interested in their little reunion, so she continued to search for clothes. Until she felt Nyxs gaze on her back. She turned to see Nyx smiling at her, then gestured for her to come forward.

”Alya, come over here. ”

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