Deep in the darkness, a void, surrounded by nothing, where time stood still, a girl was floating in the middle, her eyes closed from unconsciousness. There was nothing but silence and darkness surrounding her.

For what seemed like hours, the girl opened her eyes. she scanned her environment, but saw nothing. She tried to feel something like a wall or floor, but there was none.

”Aren I supposed to be dead? ” Alya ashed herself as she struggled to move.

”What the….. ”

Panicked, she tried to move around, but all was in vein. her body felt so numb, like there was nothing there, she didn feel comfortable. After minutes of struggling to move, she finally stopped, since it didn help. She looked around once again but still found nothing.

She was muddled on what to do.

”Where am I? ”

Suddenly, a bright light appeared, meters away from where she was. Alya quickly noticed it due to it being the only unusual thing there she felt both fear and relief. She felt curious about what would happen if she touched it.

It could be her only way out.

She shook off her fear and stared at the light as the only day of hope left and tried to move towards it. She struggled once again to break free.

After much struggles, she managed to move her right arm,later followed by her left arm and legs.

Thank goodness.

SOhe then slowly moved her floating body towards the light, which was not easy. The closer she got, the harder it was to move.

After a long time, she finally reached it with a worn out expression on her face.

Alya quickly noticed that the light looked similar to some kind of portal. Alya stared at the portal in awe.

”This is stupid, but…. ”

She hesitantly placed her right hand through the portal. She suddenly felt a rush of warmth on her hand. Seconds later she pulled it back and found nothing unusual going on with her hand. With a deep breath, she slowly went through the portal.

Minutes passed, and all she could see was white, completely different from the last place she was. Her body felt unusually warm.

She started to have a funny feeling deep down in the pit of her stomach, and could feel the apple she ate slowly come up to her throat.

I think Im gonna throw up.

With no place to vomit, she tried to swallow it back.

Suddenly the place became brighter to the point that Alya had to close her eyes.

The light suddenly faded, and Alya slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was lush green scenery.

The bright blue sky had no clouds. Grasses and strange looking, but beautiful flowers covered the ground as far as the eye could see. The sun was bright, and the wind blew gently across the field of grass.

A forest could be seen about a kilometer away. There were sounds of different creatures in every corner.

Alyas jaw dropped in awe and disbelief. She just stood there with her mouth agape.

She used her time to take in her new surroundings. Her lips slowly curved up into a smile as she twirled around.

”What is this place? ”

She then stopped and laid on the ground.

”Heaven? ” She asked herself as she stared at the clear sky. Seconds later she nodded her head in affirmation.


She sighed deeply and rolled on the grass like a child. She smiled at the thought of dying and being lucky enough to be here after sixteen years of suffering. How she would love to rub it in a certain someones face. If only she was still alive on earth to do that. she then stopped rolling and laid still.

She needs to suffer.

She smiled coldly as her hands balled into fists. in the middle of her thoughts, she suddenly felt something attached to her lower back. It began to sway back and forth. Alyas anger turned to that of fear as she slowly turned her head. She gasped in shock to find something unusual stuck to her lower back.

”A…..a…a tail?! ” she yelled at the top of her lungs. She stared at the fiery red colored fox tail in awe.

Her tail was long and fluffy, and the sun shine on her tail, causing it to shimmer. The fiery red colour led to an orange hue at the tip of the tail, just like a blazing fire.

Since when do people have tails in heaven?

She tried to hold her tail but it evaded her grip. She sighed frustratedly.

”How do tails work? ” she asked herself as she tried to hold it again, but the tail still moved out of reach. Feeling more frustrated, she slowly spun around, trying to catch her tail. If people could see her, they would imagine her as a dog. After a minute of spinning, she got dizzy. she reluctantly gave up and collapsed on the ground, with her tail right between her legs. She pursed her lips and huffed in frustration.

She tried to sit up and touch her tail, but was too exhausted to move. She laid back down on the grass and stared at the sky once again to trail back to her thoughts.

Then it hit her.

Wait, if I have a tail, doesn that mean I also have…..

She quickly sat up and placed a hand on her head.

Her guess was right, she felt two fluffy ears on her head. One of them twitched and she abruptly pulled away. she slowly put her hand back on her ears and tugged them gently.

”Just how do I look like? ”

She spotted a small lake a few feet away. she quickly ran to the lake and stared at her reflection. Her eyes bulged at what she saw.

Her once brown hair was red, with a few streaks of orange and yellow, like a sea of fire, reaching just below her hips. Her pale, unhealthy skin was now warm, smooth and healthy. Her brown eyes were now red with a touch of orange. Also her small chest was now slightly modest, and her lips were blood red and attractive.

I look stunning.

She noticed that she still looked like a sixteen year old, then stared at her chest in disappointment.

It still feels small, I still haven eaten enough food.

She also noticed her clothes were different. Her shabby clothes were replaced with a red sleeveless wrap top, with white thigh length shorts, black knee high sandals and a long black coat.

”Weird, where exactly am I? ” She stared at her reflection once more in confusion.

e in Nyth, the northern continent. ”

A deep and abrasive voice boomed in her ears. Alya quickly turned around but found no one behind her. Confused, she narrowed her eyes and looked around, but still found no one.

”Whos there? ” she asked,waiting for the person to respond.

”Im up here. ”

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