Alya looked up to find a tall old man with a long white beard and a lot of wrinkles on his face wearing a long white robe. He stroked his beard as he slowly descended. Alya was left in a daze. Feeling and oppressive air around him, she took a step back.

”Who are you? ” She asked as she took another step back. the old man stroked his beard and smiled.

”No need to be cautious, my name is Xyros, I don bite. ” He paused for a moment then continued.

”As I said before, this is Nyth, not heaven. Most of your kind reside here. ”

Alya raised her brows in confusion and shook her head abrubtly.

”Wait, what do you mean my kind? ” She asked, clearly not understanding what he was saying. The old man chuckled with an amusing smile on his face.

e a nine tailed fox are you not? ” he inquired while she stroked his beard. Alya had read about those creatures, nine tailed foxes have nine tails. She stared at her tail and raised her brows, thinking the old man clearly doesn know how to count. With his old age and all those wrinkles covering his eyes, how could he? She then sighed softly and corrected him.

”Old man, I have only one tail. Nine tailed foxes have nine tails don they? ”

”They do, after evolving. ” he answered calmly.

”Evolving? ” Alya stared blankly at him, not understanding anything he was saying. she was surprised that she was still listening to the old man. Xyros, the tall old man, noticed her expression and sighed.

Im too old to be explaining this.

”Let me explain thoroughly. Nine tailed foxes are born with one tail, and need to complete stages to get the others. There are eight stages in a nine tailed foxs life, one must complete each stage to evolve. It will s a long process, and each stage could take years, even decades to complete, and an evolution could also take a long period of time. Each stage is also very difficult to complete, each one more difficult than the last. If not careful, could cost you your life. ”

Alya could not take in this weird information at once. Now she was more than confused. Not only did she turn out to be a nine tailed fox, but needed to complete stages, which would be a waste of time for her. She still wondered how, and why she got here in the first place, now she had to do something that could kill her again.

This man must be crazy.

”Im not doing that. ”

She then changed the subject and asked with a quizzical look on her face.

”How did I get here anyway? Aren I supposed to be dead? ”

”Young lady, you did die, but you reincarnated here as a nine tailed fox. ”

Alya sighed and stared at the ground blankly.

Thats one question answered.

”Ok, then why do I have to do those things you said? ” The old man exhaled deeply and stared at the sky.

”Much like every other world, its all about survival, the weak perish and the strong live on. There are others who didn want to evolve and stayed the way there were. Unfortunately, some of them were either killed or sold as slaves. While others were lucky to live as merchants, or are protected. If you want to live, its necessary for you to evolve and become strong, and not someone who depends on others to survive. ”

The old man then stared at Alya with a. serious look. Though it was hard to know, with all those wrinkles. Alya was still not thinking of doing it.

Is this man still blabbering?

”Look sir, I understand your concern, but I think I can handle myself, I don want to die again. ”

”But you want to be rich and powerful don you? ”

That sentence struck a nerve in her brain.

”Of course. ”

”Then I suggest you do what I told you. ” The old mans lips curved up to form a weirdly dangerous smile that caused the hairs on the back of Alyas neck to stand.

Who is this man?

”So, what do you choose? ”

Alya froze on the spot, she stared at the ground and pondered for a while to weigh out the odds. Moments later she looks back at the old man in front of her.

”Its your choice. ”

With that look, it felt like more of a threat.

Alya then imagined her mother, laughing without a care in the world. Not even aware of her daughters death, if she even thinks of her at all. Alya then sighed and clenched her fists.

”Ok then, Ill do it. ” She stated with determination. She did not want to suffer a second time, or depend on others anymore. She would succeed and live her life to the fullest, something she could only dream of in her last life.

The old man smiled in satisfaction, as he clearly saw the fire in her eyes. He clasps his hands together.

”Very well, good luck on your journey to greatness then. ” He said quickly, then disappeared in an instant. Alya blinked at what just happened, which caused her eyes to twitch furiously.

”Hey, is that it? What the heck?! At least tell me where to start from! ” Alya yelled at the top of her lungs while searching for the Xyros.

Heartless old man.

”Why are you yelling? ”

A feminine voice muttered behind alya suddenly. Alya looked up, but found no one.

Oh, I thought there would be someone floating in the sky again.

She then turned back and spotted a girl, who looked a few years older than her, hiding behind a large berry bush. Her voice was barely a whisper.

The girls black cat ears led to a greyish hue at the tip, and her two tails had the same pattern. Her honey toned skin, long black curly hair and misty grey eyes were the perfect combination of fierce and attractive. Her lips were painted a dark red and she wore a grey turtle neck with black shorts and sandals.

The girl thought that Alya was some crazy person. Though she couldn meet Alya in the eye due the glares she threw at her.

”Mind your business. ” Alya sneered in annoyance.

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