”Sorry. ” the girl replied with a nonchalantly. Alya stared at her with a bored expression and sighed.

”Whatever. Who are you and what are you doing here anyway? ”

The girl walked forward and smiled lightly.

”My name is Nyx, Im a two tailed cat and a shadow user. What about you? ”

”Whats a shadow user? ”

”You don know what it is? ” Nyx was shocked. Was she born yesterday or what?

”If if did, would I ask you about it? ”

”Don be so rude. And you still haven told me your name. I don give information to strangers. ”

Alya huffed frustratedly. She had no one else to ask, and the old man was long gone. reluctantly she spoke.

”Alya. Now I told you my name, will you answer my question? ”

Nyx smiled brightly and answered her.

”Just as the name entails, its someone who can control or use shadows. Its my skill. You look like a flame user to to me. ” She replied with confirmation in her tone. She then stared at Alya, Who looked like her brain had been turned off. She exhaled deeply.

”Do you know anything about the world did it just the magic part? ” Her voice was low, but audible. Alyas deadpan expression quickly turned to that of annoyance.

”How would I know anything huh? I just got here! ”

Nyx twitched at her sudden outburst.

”How was I supposed to know? ”

Alya growled, clearly not enjoying their conversation, but Nyx still continued.

”You know, you would be lonely for the rest of your life, if you don change your attitude. ”

”As I said before, mind your business. ”

”Anyway, since Im so nice, Ill explain. This world is called Diosir, the Unbound Terrains. There are nine continents, in which one is Nyth, the continent we
e on now. ” She stopped talking when she noticed Alya was still not getting it.

”You don take in much information do you? ”

”Its all new to me, what do you expect? ”

Nyx lowered her head and sighed in frustration.

”I think you need a pen and paper for this, but I assume you don have one, since you don own a bag…or anything. ”

Then it hit her. Alya didn have any necessities. No money, no food, and no place to sleep. She was worse than poor, even worse than her previous life.

With no job, what will I do? I don even know anything about this place, or anyone…except… ”

She glanced at Nyx, who had a smug smile on her face. Alya looked away with a groan and massaged her temples. Nyx noticed quickly noticed.

”Whats with that face? ”

Alya looked up to meet Nyxs gaze. Nyx was a few inches taller, so he had to crane her head a little.

What other choice do I have?

”Umm…..Nyx. ”

”Whats up? ”

Alya struggled to say the words, so she fumbled with her fingers. Nyx just stared at Alya, waiting to hear what she wanted to say.

Moments later, with a deep breath, Alya finally opened her mouth to speak.

Well, I know we just met, and we barely know each other, so this might be too forward. But…I was hoping… ”

She paused.

”Keep going…. ” My pried as she folded her arms. She had an idea of what she was going to ask.

”I was hoping…..if you could give me some money, and a map, if you have one. ”

Nyx smiled in satisfaction.

”Was that so hard? You really are proud aren you? ”

Alya glared at Nyx.

”You really love asking questions don you? ”

”Is that the right way to talk to your senior and benefactor? ” Nyx smirked as she lowered her gaze to meet Alyas.

Alya finally kept her mouth shut, she was her only hope now.

As you can see, I don have a bag with me…. ”

”Urrgh… ” Before alya could throw a fit, Nyx raised her index finger.

”But I didn say I couldn help. ”

Alya placed her hands on her hips.

”And how would you do that, hmm? ” she mocked. Nyx mimicked her action and smiled, her two tails swayed in the same direction.

”Unlike you, I happen to know everything about this place, you could call me a genius of some sort. I can help you find, or build a place for you to stay, I can also be your personal guide…or perhaps a life coach. You also need food, clothing, and weapons. ”

Alya reacted to the last word.

”Weapons, for what? ”

”To fight monsters of course. Youll also need training. ”

”Monsters? There are monsters in this world? ” She shivered at the thought. Nyx didn notice her expression and replied enthusiastically.

”Of course there are monsters. All in different shapes and sizes. They are all scary looking, and dangerous. Each kind have different levels of strength and intelligence. Thats why you need an experienced fighter like me. If I wasn around, you wouldve been monster food. ”

Alya wasn feeling any better.

”Apart from monsters and, well…..our kind, are there other races, like humans? ”

”Mmhmm, there are, but few humans have powers like us. About thirty percent do. There are also other races, if yo want, I could name them all for you. ” She stated with a smug look. Alya rolled her eyes.

And shes calling me proud.

”You can name them on the way, lets go. ”

”Where? ”

”I don know, you tell me!! ” She yelled.

Nyx quickly remembered. She then smiled and led the way.

”You really need to control your temper. ”

”I have it under control. ”

”Whatever you say. ”

Somewhere in the north Central continent, lots of buildings and markets found. The towns streets were filled with people with different races bartering and bargaining the price of goods in the busy markets.

Just at the edge of a country, were only Humans resided, a castle stood tall and proud. The structure was surrounded by tall and sturdy stone walls, and a huge, reinforced wooden door, guarded by knights, wearing heavy metal armor. The walls of the castle was made with stone and glass. The whole place was silent, not a single sound could be heard.

Inside the walls of the castle, right on the top floor, was a large door made with metal and precious stones. And right through that door was a large throne room.

The pillars and walls were decorated with precious stones, and shiny gold curtains covered the glass windows. The ceiling was adorned with a big wooden chandelier, with lanterns fixed on it.

And right at the end, at the top of four steps, were two big thrones made with pure gold and embedded with jewels.

A slim young woman sat on the left throne. Her long wavy brown hair was tied in a bun, which showed her green eyes. Her skin was smooth and radiant, like porcelain, and her face was covered with light makeup. The sapphire blue off-shoulder dress she wore, which added to her beauty, made her look more elegant and graceful.

She gazed sadly at the figure sitting on the right, a fat middle-aged man with blond hair and blue eyes. A good crown laid on his head as he was dressed in a red royal robe. His face was plumpy and sweaty, it was unsettling to the eyes. His breathing was heavy, due to much eating and laziness. He stared at the young woman by his side, and gave a sickly grin that showed his gold plated teeth.

”My dear queen, why so melancholy? ”

”My king, there are still people that insult me. ” The queen pouted as she lowered her head. The kings smile suddenly faded and turned to that of anger.

”What?!! who would dare insult you, queen of Vinuod?!! ”

The queen started to sob as she held his hand.

”My king, have I done anything to upset the people? I have nothing but kind to them, yet they still bad-mouth me. ”

The king, who could not bare to see his queen cry, banged his large fist on the arm rest of his throne.

”GUARDS!!! ”

Within seconds, two guards rushed up to the throne room and bowed down in front of the two monarchs.

”Your majesties, how may we serve you? ” they both say in unison.

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