Back in Nyth, the sun was setting. The sun just above the horizon was a beautiful scene to behold. The mixture of red, orange and purple never looked to good together. The wind swirled through the grass, causing it to rustle.

Walking through the field of grass were two figures, a girl with two tails led the way, while the girl with one tail slacked behind.

The red head at the back sighed tiredly and groaned.

”Are we there yet? ”

”Do you see any towns or buildings here? I think I just answered your question. ”

”But….. weve been walking for hours. When will we get there? ”

Nyx sighed in frustration.

”You talk too much. ”

”Speak for yourself. ”

Nyx could only roll her eyes as she continued forward.

”So, how did you come into this world? Im surprised you don know anything about it. ” Nyx knew she wasn just born yesterday, and even someone who lived a sheltered life would still know something.

”Reincarnation. ”

Nyx knowingly hit her forehead with her palm.

”Of course, I shouldve known…duh. ”

”Wait, you believe that? ”

”Uh huh, its possible. Ive heard of someone who did. Its extremely rare though. ”

”So the old man wasn joking? ”

Nyx looked back, confused.

”What old man? ”

”Oh, nothing. ”

Minutes passed and it was nightfall, when they reached a forest, not like the one that Alya saw earlier. The forest was filled with weird looking trees and bushes. There were sounds of strange animals howling and growling in the night, and Alya didn like it one bit. She felt that the forest was giving an eerie vibe, and backed away.

”Are we really going in there? ”

”Mmhmm. ” Nyx answers with no expression.

”Isn there another way? ”

”Unless you can fly, then no. ”

”But its so dark in there, what if we wait till dawn? Well be killed if we aren careful. ” Alya was terrified. Now that she knew about monsters, she didn want to move an inch from where she was. Nyx sighed, grabbed her hand, and smiled reassuringly.

”Then well be careful. Don worry, I can protect us. ” She pulled Alya with her and entered the dense forest.

Minutes passed and luckily there were no signs of trouble. Alya stuck to Nyx like glue as they walked through the forest. The howling and growling got louder and louder. Alya was more scared by the second.

”Are we almost out? ” She asked quietly as her lips quivered.

e already at the center of the forest, don worry. ”

”Just the center? ”

”Don … worry. ” Nyx repeated and tried to pet her head, but Alya quickly swatted it away. Nyx rubbed her hand dejectedly.

”What were you trying to…. ”

Just before Alya could finish, a loud growl boomed in their ears. Alya was very terrified, she forgot what she wanted to say and held Nyx tightly.

”What was that? ”

Nyx found out where the sound was coming from and pushed Alya behind her.

”Stay close. ”

Alya could only nod and stayed quiet.

Seconds later, a silhouette of a large creature slowly appeared through the trees. Its growling didn stop as it came forward. The moon shone on its fur, which was grey in colour.

Alya and Nyx couldn see it clearly until it came to a stop. The moon shone directly at his body and face.

It had the body of a wolf, but with eight legs and six glowing yellow eyes. Its fangs were so long, and looked strong enough to bite ones head off. And with the size of a full grown elephant, it was truly a gruesome creature. Alya was shocked to see such a creature in real life, she shivered in fear.

e going to die.

Nyx, however, was as calm as can be. She smiled and sighed in relief, which made Alya confused.

”Good, this will be easy. ” Alya stared at Nyx in shock.

”How will this be easy? Itll snap us in two if we don run. ”

”Running away is futile, they are very fast. ”

”So what do we do? ”

”Just stay back. ”

The monsters growling got even louder, it was ready to pounce. But before he could do so, Nyx swiftly jumped and landed on his back. The creature was stunned for a moment, his prey was more agile, than him.

e not supposed to be in this part of the forest. Where is your pack? You knew my level, and knew that I could easily win, but you still came anyway, and worse, all alone. ”

”You really are a stupid one. ”

The monster got angrier by the second. The next moment, he tried to shake the girl off his body, but was all in vain. The girl was holding on to his fur, and her grip was strong. This made him so angry and frustrated, that he decided to hit a nearby tree to shake her off, but was still in vain.

Nyx smiled mockingly and held on tighter.

Alya watched behind a tree, and she was awestruck. She had never seen anything like this before. A young girl was winning a fight against a large beast, and was teasing him on top of that.


Second passed and Nyx was still on the beasts back. The beast was too exhausted to continue and slowly, he collapsed on the ground. Nyx smiled as he stared at the back of the beast.

Unfortunately for you…..

Suddenly, Nyxs nails started to elongate to the point that that were as long and as sharp as normal claws. She stared at the back of the beast and dug her claws into the monsters neck. The beast let out a painful growl as blood to gushed out quickly.

In seconds, the monster stopped moving, and his heart stopped. Nyx retracted her claws and got down from the lifeless beasts back.

Alya still couldn believe what just happened and rubbed her eyes to confirm. Nyx noticed her expression and laughed.

”You didn imagine it. ”

”But… how? That monster was huge, and how did you do that thing with your nails? ”

Nyx gave a smug smile.

”That was just a low levelled beast, a sixth class, to be more accurate. ” Alyas jaw dropped.

”Low level?!!! ”

”Mmhmm. ”

”Theres no way that thing is low level You
e joking…..right? ”

”Why would I be joking? ”

Alya was shocked to the core. Nyx just told her that it was low level. But she still couldn believe it. It was so huge, and strong. Each tree it smashed into, almost fell to the ground. But that was nothing to Nyx. Alya gazed at Nyx with admiration, she now saw her in another light. She held her hands and smiled, tears could spill out any second.

e my hero. ”

”Nyx was taken aback by her sudden gesture and slightly blushed.

”Seriously, it was nothing. ”

Alya shook her head in denial.

”Nothing?! You saved my life! ”

”Well…if you put it that way, I did protect you from imminent danger. Haha…. Im great aren I? ” She raised her head up high with a proud smile on her face, then placed her hand on her hips. She mentally patted her back.

”Can you teach me how to do that thing with your nails? ”

Nyx was still as proud as ever. She enjoyed the praises and attention she got and grinned.

”Of course I can, but only if you call me master…no….big sister. ”

Alyas happy mood quickly changed.

”Why would I call you that? I barely even know you. ”

”You don need to know. You owe me. ”

”How old are you anyway? ”

”Nineteen….so it counts. ”

Alya thought about it. She didn have a family in her past life, she was alone. And she never once thought of having a sibling, she was to busy trying to survive to think of anything like that. But thinking of Nyx as her sibling, was not so easy.

Maybe it won be so bad. Maybe she just wants to be called that. ”

With a huge sigh, she nodded her head.

”Sure, whatever. ”

Nyx smiled in satisfaction.

”Good, lets go. We still have to go through this forest. We haven even touched the center. ”

”I thought you said we were close. ”

”I lied to get you off my back. ”

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