Minutes turned to an hour and the girls were still in the forest. The environment was was silent due to how late it was. The duo hadn gotten any sleep, and Alya, who.was still not used to the place, was getting impatient.

She glared at Nyx, who led the way. And Nyx could feel Alyas gaze drilling holes in the back of her head.

” ”We
e lost, aren we? ”

”Of course not! Ive gone through this forest many times, I know the place like the back of my hand. ”

Nyx furrowed her brows. She was puzzled on what to do, she had never been lost in this forest. She was too familiar with the place. She then summed up to a conclusion.

”Somethings definitely wrong here, we shouldve reached a town by now. ”

”And what would that be? ”

”I…..I don know ”

Suddenly, they both heard the snap of a twig. The girls ears twitched slightly. Both girls quickly turned to the source of the sound. They were on high alert.

The source of the sound was from high up in a tall tree.

”Hmmhm. ”

A deep chuckle reached their ears. They looked up and found a guy resting on a huge branch. He looked not much older than Nyx. The moon shone on his silver hair, which caused it to shimmer. His long white tail with black spots held a nearby branch. His obsidian eyes stared at the two girls amusingly.

”Who the heck are you? Are you doing this? ” Alya glared at the mischievous looking guy, who snapped another twig with his long and slender fingers.

”Doing what? ” his voice was calm and clear. Nyx frowned and banged her fist on a tree behind her. Some of the bark of the tree broke at contact. Alya was surprised at her strength.

”Is this some sort of joke to you? ”

”Look kitty, Im not doing anything. Ive just been watching. You guys are boring to watch though. This is the fourth time you passed this place. ”

Alya sighed in vexation.

So we are lost.

Nyx didn notice the scowl directed at her. She glared at the guy.


”Aren you also a cat? ”

”What does that have to do with our current situation? ”

”The guy suddenly growled in distaste. ”

”Im a leopard, not a cat. ”

”A leopard is still a cat. ” Nyx replied.

”Im not in the mood for this, so if you could continue on your way, thatll be much appreciated. ”

”So, how to we get out of here? Kitty here got us lost. ” Alya glared at the black haired girl beside her. But Nyx wasn too happy with her new name. She turned to Alya.

”Don call me that. And we
e not lost. ”

”With our current situation, I think otherwise. Unless you want to keep walking in circles until you die out here. ” Alya smiled coldly, while Nyx huffed in annoyance.

”What was I saying again… ”

”Leave me be. ”

”What? ”

The guy closed his eyes and sighed.

”Get out. ”

”We can if you don tell us where to go. ” Alya replied angrily.

”Huh? Just head towards another path, find a way on your own. ”

Alya was getting impatient, she then turned to Nyx, who just shrugged and held her shoulder.

”Lets just go on our way. Im sure Ill remember the way out in no time. ”

Alya shook her head and folded her arms in disagreement.

”No way! Im tired of walking around in circles. ”

Nyx was tired as well, but she didn want to admit it. Anymore of this, and Alya could go mad. She had no other choice.

”What if we pay you? ”

Alya then stared at Nyx in shock.

”What? ”

The leopard guys ears perked up, opened his eyes, then turned his head in Nyxs direction.

”How much? ”

Nyx smiled.

That was easy…

Alya held Nyxs shoulder. She was surprised at her sudden proposal.

”Nyx, what are you doing? ”

”This is just a simple trade. We pay him money in return for his services. ”

Alya frowned in disapproval, then pulled Nyx behind a tree and whispered in her ear.

”Have you forgotten? We
e broke. You wanna scam the guy or something? ”

Nyx frowned.

”Not at all. Im an honest person. ” She felt insulted.

”So why did you say that? ” Alya was confused, but Nyx stayed calm.

e not broke….well, you are, but Im not. I have money, but I didn bring any with me. When we get to town, Ill pay him. ”

Before Alya could say anything else, Nyx walked up to the tree where the guy was on.

”How about ten silver coins. Is that enough? ”

”No. ” The guy replied, not giving it a second thought.

”Fifteen then. ”

”No. ”

”Are you trying to rob me? ”

”Im okay with thirty. ”

”What?! Thats too much! ” Nyx was dumbfounded. The leopard didn think of lowering the price. He frowned as he broke off a thin tree branch.

”If it is, then don disturb me and be on your way. ”

Nyx looked solemnly at Alya, who slowly came forward and stood behind her. Nyx still had to help her. She knew Alya would soon collapse if she didn eat and rest soon.

Such is the responsibility of a big sister.

Nyx gave Alya a reassuring smile, then sighed deeply.

”Fine, thirty silver coins. ”

”You made a wise choice. ”

With the new agreement, he jumped from the high branch and landed on all fours. His long tail swayed back and forth as he stood straight.

It was easier to see him up close, though the moon was their only source of light. He was tall, with warm Ivory skin, like Alya. He had an athletic build. He wore a black T-shirt with black baggy fit trousers and boots.

He walked forward and stopped right in front of the girls.

Due to the difference in height, the girls had to slightly crane their necks. The guy then pointed his index finger to his left.

”Huh? ”

”That way. ”

”Oh.. ” They both say in unison.

The guy then led the way, and the girls followed without question.


On the way, there was silence. It was already midnight.

Alya could barely hold herself up as she slacked behind. The next moment, her tummy rumbled loudly. Nyx and the leopard could easily hear it and looked in her direction. Alya slightly blushed.

”Sorry, the last thing I ate was a rotten apple. ” Alya may have looked healthy, but her empty stomach hadn changed in the slightest.

Nyx stared at Alya with concern and stopped in her tracks. She searched for something she could give Alya to eat. Luckily, she spotted a large orange berry bush and ran to pick some berries.

”Nyx, what are you doing? How are you sure its not poisonous? ” Alya quickly ran to where Nyx was and held her shoulder. She really thought she was stupid to just pick something from a weird forest.

”Its not, its edible. ” The leopard answered the question and walked to where they were. Nyx then plucked the gold coloured berry, which was the size of a grapefruit, and handed it over to Alya.

”Eat up before you collapse. ”

Alya nodded and took a bit out of it. The berry tasted just like a normal strawberry, but the taste and texture was even better, and it was also cold on the inside.

”Nyx also plucked one for herself, and another one for the guy. She gave the guy one, and ate the other one. Alya quickly finished the one she was eating and plucked another one. Then suddenly she remembered something. She pointed her small and delicate finger at the guy.

”I forgot to ask, whats your name? ”

The guy turned to Alya for a moment, then looked away.

”You don need to know. ”

Alya rolled her eyes and continued to eat. She didn care about his attitude. She was more focused on eating.


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