The sun rose early in the morning, and there were various sounds of life. The trio used the rest of the night to eat and rest, And were out of the forest by sunrise.

The guy, who was leading the way, stopped in his tracks and turned to them. The girls stopped as well.

”So, wheres my money? ”

Alya nervously turned to Nyx, who smiled.

”As you can see, I didn take anything with me. My things are in town. ”

Confused with what he just heard, he looked carefully at both of them. And as she said, they didn have a bag with them. He felt so stupid, he mentally slapped himself on the face. Before he could yell, she raised her index finger.

”But….we made a deal, so I will do what I need to do. The town is just a mile away from here. Come with us. ”

He had no choice, he had to follow them, he needed the money. With a heavy heart, and a long sigh, he gently nodded.

”Fine, I was on my way to town anyway. Lets go. ”

”Nyx held Alyas hand and happily followed him. She was relieved that there was no fights the end. She then stared at Alya, who was silent throughout the journey. Her eyes looked dim and foggy, she still looked tired.

”Don worry, we
e almost there. ” Alya just nodded her head Nyx dragged her along.


Before they knew it, the trio reached a small town filled with their kind… beastkin. Lots of people were already outside their homes, living their daily lives. They looked happy and peaceful, like they didn have a care in the world.

The people had different physical traits, some had scales, while some had fluffy tails. The scene was all new to Alya, but she loved it. In the market, there were cramped wooden stalls owned by energetic vendors. The stalls held different things, from food, fruits and spices, to jewelry, clothing and weaponry. The smell of grilled meat and spices only made her more enthusiastic. And sounds of animals and people were loud and lively.

She was awestruck as she gawked at the things she saw. Some of the items they sold in the market was unknown to her. Though the buildings looked similar to the ones she had seen in books.

Nyx smiled as she stared at the awestruck Alya. She looked so cute as she ran to every stall they passed, just like a child. Nyx chuckled as she dragged her away from the stall she was in.

”Aren you tired? You should rest first. ” Alya sulked as she was dragged away from the market.

”But…..I can rest later. ”

”Don worry, Ill show you around after you eat and sleep. ”

”Ahem! ”

Nyx turned to see the white haired guy, who was getting impatient.

”So…? ”

”Im coming! ”

Sheesh! why is he in such a hurry?

They passed a few buildings, until they stopped at a house in particular. The house was two floors high, with a chimney on the red brick roof tiles. The brick walls were painted white with a timber frame, glass windows, a wooden door, and a small garden. The stone path that led to the door was adorned with bright coloured flowers and bushes. Alyas eyes widen in awe.

”Woah! Do you live here by yourself? ”

”Yeah. Come on, lets go in. ”

Nyx dragged Alya to the door and took out a key from her pocket. Before she could place the key into the keyhole, she turned to the white haired, who leaned next to the door.

”You stay here, Ill be back ”

”Mmh. ”

With that said, she unlocked the door with the key and pushed it open.

”Lets go. ”

Alya nodded and followed Nyx into the house.

As soon as Alya placed her foot on the wooden panelled floor of the house, she stared at her surrounding in shock.

The first place she saw was the living room. The interior looked completely different from the ones she had seen in her past life.

”There were no appliances like a TV or an electric fan. There were wooden chairs, a small wooden table and a wooden chest. The soda in the middle was covered with colourful cushions. And a warm fireplace was sited at the front of the room.

”This is nothing like my old living room. ” Nyx laughed at the way Alya gawked at the fireplace.

”This is just the living room, I haven showed you anything yet. Cmon, lets head upstairs, you can stay in the extra bedroom. ”

”Extra bedroom? ” She asked, shocked.

”well, yeah. Whats wrong with that? ”

Alya was dumbstruck, she didn have anything close to this. She was somewhat envious of Nyx, but not enough to hate her. She shook off her misery, it was all in the past. She turned to Nyx with a smile.

”Nothing at all. ”

Nyx smiled and dragged all once again.

”Cmon, lets get you settled, so that I can make breakfast. ”

”Ok. ” Both girls giggled as they ran upstairs.

Seconds later, they reached the top of the stairs which led to a narrow hallway. The hallway held four wooden doors, two on each side. Nyx walked up to the first door on the left and opened it.

”This is the door to your new room. ”

Nyx grabbed Alyas hand and they both entered. It was a normal sized room, but it looked like a Queens room in Alyas eyes.

A wooden table was placed in the middle, with two chairs right next to it. There was a small closet and a mirror sited at a corner. And right beside the window, was a bed.

Alya stared at the bed with longing in her eyes, she walked towards it and knelt right next to it. She then touched the bed to feel how soft it was and smiled.

”Can I really stay here? I mean…. we just met, and….. ”

”What does that have to do with anything? You are a person in need. I am a generous young lady, I wouldn think twice about helping you. Even if you have a bad attitude. ”

Alya furrowed her brows. She didn say anything, but that didn mean she agreed.

”If you want to repay me, call me big sister from now on. ”

Again with the big sister thing….

”Is that how you go to girls begging for them to call you big sister? ”

Nyx folded her arms and glared.

”Im not desperate. ”

Alya looked away from Nyx and stared at the white bed sheets. They felt so soft on her palms, unlike her last bed, which was as hard as a rock, with loose springs on every side.

She thought of how she had many sleepless nights because of that bed. Sometimes she preferred to sleep on the floor.

She barely had anything, but now, she had a big room, with a nice warm bed. She could also eat three-square meals a day. With these thoughts in mind, she smiled warmly. She was so happy, tears could fall out any second.

Nyx could see the warm smile on her face. She then crouched down to her level.

”You should smile more often, it fits you. ”

Alya gasped in surprise and instantly glared at Nyx.

”I smile plenty. ”

Nyx scoffed and lifted herself up.

”Whatever you say. ”

Alya ignored what she said. moments later she spoke.

Hey Nyx… ”

”Hmmm? ” Nyx answered. After a long pause, Alya finally spoke, with a small smile.

”Thanks. ”

”No problem. ” She smiled.

”Ok then, why don you rest for a while? Let me go make us some breakfast. ”

Alya nodded her head and slowly stood up. She then removed her sandals and climbed the bed. Nyx helped remove the bed cover so she could stay beneath it.

As soon as Alya was comfortable, Nyx quietly walked towards the door. She held the doorknob, then turned to Alya, who was still not sleeping.

”Go to sleep. ” She smiled warmly and opened the door to leave. Alya looked away from the door as it closed. She sighed tiredly as she slowly closed her eyes. Soon after, she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, a certain white leopard was leaning against the house as she tapped the wall with his fingers in frustration.

”How long are they going to make me wait? ”

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